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Grimm S03E10: "Eyes of the Beholder"

Also known as "the one where everyone is a Wesen," "Eyes of the Beholder" really made me want to demand some sort of concrete answer as to just how much of Portland's population belongs to the Wesen world, because Grimm is starting to fall into this routine where it's safe to assume that any new face in any new episode is going to woge at some point, and it's getting a little bit silly. 

Juliette's college BFF, Alicia, was a Wesen. Alicia's douchey husband, Joe, was a Wesen. We had rival gangs facing off that happened to be full of Wesen. The innocent-bystander-of-the-week, Jared, was a Wesen and so was his sister, who also happened to be Hank's physical therapist/crush. Portland is a major city with a large population, so okay, fine, it has a lot of Wesen. It's just that we keep seeing these random Wesen constantly running into each other when supposedly everyone is trying to keep their Wesen status a secret. I don't know about you, but I personally don't need a shiny new Wesen every single week. I'd rather have strong stories built around the Wesen we already know. 

While "Eyes of the Beholder" was certainly an improvement over last week's mid-season premiere, my Spidey-sense is starting to tingle in a rather uncomfortable way because we have yet to hit the sweet spot that the first half of Grimm's third season nailed consistently, week after week. It's like the writers decided to save all the mediocre episodes with the weird racial undertones for January, interrupting all the good stuff to get them out of the way now in hopes that maybe we'll forget about them when the plot heats up again later on. Last week it was every Russian stereotype ever with a nod to our token Wesen historical figure, Rasputin. This week: GANGS. Roselee barfed up some exposition about Wesen drug wars because even though there are numerous socio-economical and cultural reasons for gangs to take control of any given area, Grimm apparently doesn't feel like getting as complicated and contemplative as it was when this season began, which is a shame, but I've got my fingers crossed. 

Last week's creepy cliffhanger with creepy Joe being all creepy and stalker-ish outside Nick and Juliette's home ended up being a non-issue. He apparently decided to sit around and wait all night and most of the day for Juliette to traumatize her friend—who was very clearly not interested in talking about her cute and fuzzy side—by revealing that she was shacked up with the thing that, historically, hunts down Wesen such as Alicia and Joe. Alicia freaked out. Joe thought it looked like a good time to try to murder everyone/ask Alicia to come home. Despite blowing right through Nick, Joe was momentarily thwarted by Juliette and her trusty frying pan before Nick pulled himself together and finished the smackdown. In that sense, Juliette had a bit of a bipolar episode, displaying both utter stupidity and the ability to defend herself rather than going full-on damsel. I'll take it. Juliette's ill-planned attempt to let Alicia know that she was in the know about Wesen was such an old-school Juliette moment. It was kind of sweet. Juliette is still relatively new to Grimm and Wesen, and while it's been nice to see her become a little more active in and knowledgeable about the world she now inhabits with Nick, I've always had this minor concern in the back of my mind that Juliette's increasing exposure to Wesen would result in her becoming a darker character. I'm all for Juliette continuing to be more and more of a person instead of just some romantic ideal for Nick to pine for, but on a show where so much of the story is based on folklore and fairy tales, there's certainly a place for a character who, in the face of everything, maintains some level of innate goodness. 


Nada. No Adalind action this week! For shame!


Monrosalee were presh and indulged in some frisky cello time before Juliette barged in, requesting an impromptu lesson in how to treat your Wesen friend like a closeted gay person. And Rosalee was sad about that time she was a drug addict, but then Monroe went all supportive-boyfriend on her ass and ugh love them so mu-uh-uch. 

But do Hank and Zuri have a future? I'm not so sure—what do you think?  


– That diner was so retro and awesome and I can't help but feel like I've seen it used somewhere else. #Help

– Not much Zombie Nick action this week. Sadface.

– Not much Renard either. Double sadface. 

What'd you think of "Eyes of the Beholder?

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