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Ok, so there's actually quite a lot to talk about. Off the top of my head:

- Is she born evil? I think there's a lot to be said for both sides of this argument.

On the one hand, as a user commented in the "Mommy Dearest" review, one of Grimm's biggest ongoing themes - if not the biggest ongoing theme, is that a person's choices determine whether they're good or bad, not the circumstances of their birth. So she can't be inherently evil, because according to the show's biggest theme, there's no such thing.

On the other hand, she's the daughter of a Hexenbiest and a Royal, and more importantly... a great deal was apparently done to her in utero. A woman was killed so that Adalind could bury her hands and feet in a field of flowers - that then all died - so that she could insert the flowers into the dead woman's body, all to produce this goo, which she was instructed to spread on her belly. Once on her belly, the goo would take the shape of varying symbols of death, before being absorbed into her uterus. Adalind was instructed to do all of this by a very creepy woman with an unknown agenda, who insisted that it was "very good for the skin... and the child."

And then, of course, there was the appearance of the Wildesheer, which apparently fortells of something horrible that will change the world. And then Adalind's baby is born. In the very next scene.

How can you not call her "demon baby," after that? :)

So far, though, in terms of the baby's actions... well, you could look at it either way, I think. Just looking at what she did after being born (not counting her actions while in utero, which may be a whole other conversation - have away!)...

So far, we've seen her:
  • sleeping
  • telekinetically using her mother's hair to grab Meisner's hand while... staring him down? Gauging whether he's a threat? Laying a mind-control mojo on him? Innocently looking at him? Who knows... but I, personally, thought it was creepy. Not because her eyes were glowing purple - we're almost used to such things by now. No, it was creepy because an adult was looking out of a newborn's face. At least, that's what I saw. And that is creepy.
  • causing Meisner to hallucinate her in the woods. This, I found both innocent and creepy. It's innocent because, when you look at her end goal, it was innocent and very childlike; she was cold, and she wanted to be warm. But it was also creepy. Not because she caused Meisner to hallucinate, but because she knew how to get warm. She knew that the reason she was cold was that there was no fire, and the reason there was no fire was that they were out of wood, and so they needed to get more wood... from the woods. And Meisner was in the woods, so he should get the wood. And a good way to get him to bring wood to the cabin, was to make him think that the wood was her. That... is not a line of reasoning that a newborn infant should be capable of.

- What will her role be? Is she a MacGuffin? Or a player? If she's a player, what side will she be on? Is she going to be Nick's enemy?

- Is she going to rapidly age? (please, please no...)

- Who is her father? Does it matter? Will that affect who she is... whether she's Eric's child or Sean's? And will it affect the plot? If so, how?

- What would you name her, if it were up to you? For some reason, I keep seeing Adalind naming her, "Sarah." Something totally non-threatening and normal like that.

Anyway, those are the questions/comments that I could think of offhand. Would love to hear what you think, on these and any other Adalind's-baby-related topics you can think of. :)

ETA: I forgot a couple of the questions:
- What's with the two-hearts thing? And how is it significant?

And, on a possibly-related note:
- How did she cause Meisner to hallucinate her in the woods?
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