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Grimm S03E12: "The Wild Hunt"

Well... that went badly. For everyone. Of course, that's not the same as saying the episode was bad; it's more that general lack of dire straits at the end of the mid-season finale have been compensated for with a cliffhanger intended to set us up for our Olympics-required finale. Adalind is in labor (I guess?) and Monrosalee's engagement has been nothing but a suckfest for its entire 20-minute existence, and oh, Monroe flung himself between his attacking parents and a totally-unprepared-to-fight-with-some-Wesen-in-laws Nick. Man, Monroe's parents are dicks.

At the same time, though, Monroe's parents are at the center of one of the more interesting stories Grimm has going on right now. The first half of this season featured several episodes that tackled the cultural problems that plague modern Wesen families, particularly "One Night Stand" and "A Dish Best Served Cold." Wesen are just as diverse and complicated as boring old humans, with the same hang-ups and vices and occasional bouts of ass-backwards thinking. "The Wild Hunt" didn't delve too deeply into Monroe's parents' rationale for being so startlingly anti-Monrosalee (I mean, WHO DOESN'T LOVE MONROSALEE?) and for all we know, there could be a somewhat valid reason for their stance. Didn't Monroe and Rosalee touch on biological issues between Fuchsbau and Blutbad awhile ago? Like season 2? Maybe? 

This possibility doesn't make Mommy and Daddy Blutbad's treatment of Rosalee or their complete refusal to even listen to Monroe try to explain Nick before attempting to tear out his jugular (literally) acceptable or anything, but by understanding their worldview and their experiences, it's easier to understand them without immediately assuming the worst.

For a season that has reveled in contrasting the Wesen world with the human world and the modern Wesen world with the traditional one, I'm delighted to bring one of our main couples into the forefront of that storyline. At the end of the day, I fall into Monroe's mindset, where it's really none of Mom and Dad's *&^%$#@! business, but in the meantime, exploring Wesen culture and family dynamics on such a personal level has the potential to be really great.

With that said: Way to ruin a perfectly good chick-flicky awww moment, Grimm!

Perfect proposal was perfect. I just really hope it doesn't result in a super-evil monster hybrid baby or something. 

Speaking of evil monster babies... 


I'm sorry, but every time Adalind has to do some gross thing while making the most amazing bitchfaces, I cackle. Claire Coffee has the most amazing bitchfaces. 

Anyway, only six months into this party, Adalind is already in labor, complete with creepy CGI monster faces pressing against the skin of her belly and tiny little monster hands getting ready to claw on through. After sitting through a brief royal interrogation where she sucked at lying about the letter Renard left her, girl-boo met up with Stefania (HI STEFANIA!), who was totally unconcerned with the monster faces and the premature-by-non-crazy-standards labor. Throughout this pregnancy I've been assuming that all the weird shit was happening because Adalind's little bundle of joy is a Wesen, but I'm really starting to consider that maybe Adalind and Stefania did something to it during all their hocus-pocus antics earlier this season. Stefania just seems way too delighted by Adalind's current situation. My spidey-sense is tingling. 


Uhhh... a Wesen with a bad attitude and a problem with men in uniform was scalping cops, Marines, and other authority figures, and racking up nearly 30 victims. Nick and Hank began fumbling their way through the case, which has yet to really pick up any steam, and is effectively on hold until February 28, when our next new episode of Grimm hits the airwaves. CURSE YOU, OLYMPICS. 

I'm really grumpy about taking a three-week hiatus just as things with everyone-but-Nick are starting to get crazy and intense and awesome. 

P.S. What happened to Nick's zombie superpowers? We haven't seen them in awhile.


– I've gotta admit, Juliette's argument with Nick about why she should be allowed to email Momma Grimm made sense. Better to keep her in the fold than let her turn into a boring old damsel again. 

– "That's... sort of impressive." Aw. Poor Renard.

– Between the scalping and the bathtub-tannery, this was a pretty gory episode of Grimm, no? I'm not complaining. Do you think Grimm is upping its gore-game in anticipation of airing alongside Hannibal when the latter show returns?

What'd you think of "The Wild Hunt"?

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