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1) What does Nick's key unlock?

-There are seven keys, the Royals have four.

-They have a map on their side that points to the location of a mysterious and powerful object found by Grimm crusaders and hidden from the Royal families.

They've been teasing us with this key since the pilot, I think it is about time we find out what exactly is inside that vault.

2) What is the history between Renard and Nick's family?

-In the Pilot Renard sends multiple assassins to kill Marie because "We need him on our side." What dirt did Marie have on Renard that would compel him to silence her?
Does it have anything to do with how Renard ended up Nick's police captain? Better question: Why hasn't Nick asked Renard about any of this?

-Why did Kelly fail to mention that Catherine Shade told her that the Prince Nick was looking for was also a "bastard"? In this world bastard Princes are rare, so it seems like it would be an important piece of information. Was her not sharing an oversight, or was she protecting Sean's identity?

3) Why are the Royals so special?

-If the Royals have been ruling over powerful supernatural creatures for this long, it stands to reason they must be powerful beings in their own right.

-The Romany woman tested Adalind's baby for Royal blood, so their blood must be different from Wesen or human blood.

-Renard's woge appears to be half-human, half-Hexenbiest. If Royals had Wesen faces, I would expect the Royal half to make an appearance.

-Neither the Reaper, nor the Asian assassin in Season 1 were able to sense that Renard was Royal.

-Royals doesn't appear to have any special abilities at all, so why is everyone going to want Adalind's child?


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