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Grimm S03E02: "PTZD"

Well, look at you getting all dark and conflicted and complicated, Grimm! "PTZD" may have concluded the Baron Samedi/Zombie Nick storyline, but the ramifications of Nick's time as a dazed and confused member of the undead are poised to play a prominent part of Grimm's third season moving forward—especially since the whole gang is in on the cover-up. Will this lead to Wu finally joining the In-the-Know club? Maybe? Dude was already getting suspicious of Hank and Renard being weirdoes about the bar-fight murder.

This story arc made it was easy to get caught up in the fun of the zombies. Zombies are fun. Even "serious" zombies can be quite a hoot, because zombies are just kind of silly. The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead and World War Z (the book, at least) take a very serious look at the undead threat, but still... zombies are silly. I mean, look at them. 

"PTZD," however, cranked up the srs bsns aspect of zombiefication by actually curing its Wesen-made undead and forcing the plague's survivors—specifically Nick—to deal with the fallout of what he did while under Baron Samedi's influence. 

Let's be real here: We all knew Nick wouldn't be a zombie forever. We all knew Rosalee would heal him. We all knew Monroe, Hank, and Renard would help, while Juliette stood around looked dazed. Nick's zombie days were numbered  from the start, and sure, his adventures in terrorizing the Portland area were intense and all, but the whole situation would ultimately be rendered harmless. The "crazed-Grimm" would eventually go away.

... except it didn't. 

Nick was cured, right on schedule, with Rosalee doing her potions thing and the guys jumping in for the assist and Juliette playing the part of concerned-but-capable ladyfriend, but during his lol-tastic rampage he kiiiinda sorta killed a guy. Oops.

It's always been one of Grimm's greatest strengths that despite the fact that the majority of the show's villains end up being Wesen, destined to be put down by Nick the Hero, Nick hasn't become a terribly self-righteous character. It's a threat that looms over many shows that hinge on an "us vs. them" plot, where one set of characters has been designated the "good" group and another the "bad" group, with very little variation. Giving Nick allies in the form of Monroe, Rosalee, and more recently, Renard, has helped to avoid this potential problem, and now, it appears, Grimm is taking the effort just a little bit further by thrusting Nick into a situation that many Wesen probably know quite intimately: being forced to "walk two worlds," living with the potential they might do something regretful while not entirely having control. 

Renard was quick to defend Nick's actions, despite the potentially disastrous outcome for, well, everyoneHe suppressed the evidence that would implicate Nick in the bar-fight murder and coordinated a massive web of lies among Nick's friends and allies to throw the investigating detectives off of the trail. When Nick confronted Renard, Renard justified his behavior by throwing the Wesen mentality out there: Nick wasn't in control. He acted out of instinct. He was only in that situation due to the influence of someone else. It wasn't his fault. 

Nick has never been a morally superior character, but he's always had the benefit of the doubt with regard to both the audience and himself, in that he's an upstanding, ethical, unquestionably good person and character. As the antithesis of a Wesen, he's certainly going to have a more difficult time coming to terms not only with what happened to him, but with what he did while all was all crazy for brains and lacking a pulse. 

Nick's post-traumatic zombie disorder is one of the darker and more mature stories that Grimm has taken on, and after a generally strong second season, I think we're in a good place to start it. We've been building up to this. It's time to jump in. Or dig in. Because zombies. Whatever.

Meanwhile, in the old country: Adalind got her hands dirty and Stefania enjoyed every second of it.


– Idk why, but Monroe doing wolf-y things while in his human form always amuses me. 

– Do you think Wu is going to get an invitation to the "in on it" club this season? He definitely seems suspicious of everything surrounding the bar fight.

– Okay. I'm bored with the Adalind stuff. Can she come back and be all HWIC now?

– "Cut the thread with your teeth." NO. I'm not the only one who screamed "no" at my TV, was I?

– Monroe, Renard, and Hank + Nick in the barn: most incompetent rescue OR most incompetent rescue?

What'd you think of "PTZD"?

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