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Grimm S03E13: "Revelation"

Grimm is back! Oh Grimm, I missed you! I missed you so much even though I thought the last few episodes before your Olympics hiatus were kind of meh. 

And it's okay, because "Revelation" was the sort of purely awesome episode that Grimm needed to remind us of why this season has been generally great, and to make us forget about that weird period of mediocrity between Christmas and now. 

"Revelation" has the distinction of being one of those episodes of Grimm—or any show, really—where a ton of big, serious, important stuff happens, yet while all the realness is going down, we're laughing because there's also a lot of understated and genuinely funny humor thrown into the mix. Like Nick brandishing a knife at dinner when the Wesen at the table started acting up. 

The only glaring weak spot that I noticed (along with a few of y'all) was that Monroe randomly got all pissy about Nick only calling him when he needs help on a case; that's just not true. Grimm has long made it clear that Monroe and Nick are actually very good friends, and we've seen them hanging out just for funzies, or mutually helping one another out, a couple times. I'll chalk up Monroe's to Nick visiting at a really bad time. Dude was stressed. 

As of the conclusion of "Revelation," Monroe's ultra-traditional parents still aren't really on board with Monrosalee, but they're at least willing to work on that. Sort of. We saw that they're not SO rigid in their beliefs that they'd complete reject their son based on his life choices and OMG Grimm with the obvious parallels between progressive Wesen versus traditional Wesen and their real-life human counterparts. When did this show get so thoughtful and deep? Its like one day the writers just woke up and realized, "Hey, audiences might be more receptive to stories about hot-button topics like mixed-race marriages and alternative lifestyles since we're not actually writing those stories about humans or human societies," which is basically how sci-fi and speculative fiction came into existence in the first place. You can defy the establishment all you want when you're not technically writing about the establishment that you live in. 

Anywho, while Momma and Poppa Blutbad still aren't 100 pecent Team Monrosalee and the road for those two crazy kids is far from clear at this time, I have a good feeling. I think they're going to be fine. For all their blathering on about tradition, it's obvious that Monroe's parents care more about their son and his happiness than their narrow worldview, and that's a huge step in the right direction for everyone involved. 


Renard thinks the monster baby is his. Renard thinks the monster baby is his! Renard thinks the monster baby is his!!!

I mean... I think we all assumed it was his anyway, but it's nice to have confirmation, or at least something close to confirmation. Renard can stake a claim all he wants, but he and Adalind should probably book an appearance on Maury just to be sure, especially since the kid is supposed to be the Antichrist or something. 

Operating under the assumption that he is Adalind's baby-daddy, Renard arranged a hasty escape for Adalind when he got word that Stefania was working with the Royals to something-something-evil-and-nefarious-something-something because none of us saw that coming either, amiright? Adalind's escape itself featured some zany rom-com antics, like a pretend booty-call and the incredibly smart blonde playing dumb in front of the bad guys and then the monster baby itself slaughtering the aforementioned baddies with it's brain while still in utero. Okay, maybe not so much that last part. 

And then Adalind went into labor. ROLL CREDITS. SEE U NEXT WEEK, SUCKAS.

I was pretty excited for Grimm to return this week even after the blah episodes that led up to the Olympics and then several weeks to stew over the blah (those weeks were ultimately filled with lust for Johnny Weir's headgear and entirely too many documentaries about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding). Now that Grimm has returned, and with an episode that went a long way toward energizing the audience and reinvigorating a storyline that had seemingly stalled, I AM SO PUMPED. How about you?


– When the royal lackey smacked Adalind's preggo tummy: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? 

– "This was one of my favorite books as a kid. The Grimm gets OBLITERATED." <3 Monroe.

– "This wedding stuff is pretty exciting!" OMG SHUT UP JULIETTE.

– Nick still has his zombie superpowers right? Somewhere?

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