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Grimm S03E20: "My Fair Wesen"

If there'd been any doubt that Nick was attempting to tackle more than he could handle in adopting the latest stray to wander into Portland, "My Fair Wesen" drove the point home with a series of mishaps courtesy of Trubel the Reluctant Grimm that kind of made me wonder how she's survived until now. It's not that Trubel isn't smart—she certainly is—but her rookie status in the world of Wesen and Grimm and her lack of common sense in the boring old muggle world made for some exchanges that were probably meant to be funny but mostly came off as, "seriously?"

I'm really in favor of Trubel and Wu being amateur-hour besties, though. He needs a friend (and the truth, dammit!), and she needs a friend who's just as new to the game as she is. Nick is an excellent mentor, what with his complete willingness to educate Trubel to help her reach her full potential, and we can count on Monrosalee to provide the essential "friendly neighborhood Wesen" angle, as Trubel has proven, she's a woman who resists authority figures out of principle. She's spent her entire life as an outsider, and despite the best efforts of Nick, Monroe, and the others, Trubel is going to be an outsider in the Grimm world for some time to come. Finding an equal to connect with, free of judgement and the disjointed dynamic that sometimes comes out of the inherent inequality of a master-apprentice relationship, could be really good for her. 

"My Fair Wesen" was a strong episode to showcase Trubel's formal debut as a young Grimm in the know, with a case that allowed her to fully submerge herself in the big damn hero routine and revealed more about her backstory without Grimm having to dedicate an entire episode to her great and terrible trauma. However, it's getting a little silly how, despite the vast and somewhat chaotic archives in Aunt Marie's trailer, the Grimm never fail to find the right passage in a timely manner; this week's research yielded case-relevant material as well as conveniently placed entries about the Wesen that killed Trubel's foster parents. Are there any Grimm who don't have tragic dead-parent-laden backstories?

While Nick babysat Trubel in the most ill-conceived ride-along ever, Adalind played Renard, and her return to evil is just breaking my heart because I was unexpectedly drawn to the Diana stuff and it didn't (and doesn't) have to be either/or when it comes to maternal Adalind vs. HBIC Adalind. In a way, going back to a conniving, self-serving Adalind feels like a step backwards, even if, at the center of it all, she's taking action for a positive reason. That she's working on bad intel just adds to the tragic angle, and that worries me, especially with her discovery of Mommy's spellbook. Best case scenario, she's got some sort of tracking spell in mind to locate Diana, which is still going to end pretty badly once she realizes that Diana is with Nick's mom and everyone lied to her. Hell hath no fury like an over-protective Hexen-mom. 

This was yet another episode with literally zero wedding shenanigans on the Monrosalee front, but with finale only two weeks away, chances are that Grimm is saving the best for last. Also, another key has made its way to Portland, meaning the crazy is about to reach a boil once the Royals find out about it. I wouldn't be surprised if Prince Viktor somehow plays Adalind against Nick in a you-get-me-the-key-I-get-you-your-baby arrangement because that's how Viktor rolls, plus there's the promo for next week's episode that I'm not prepared to talk about because it gave me a lot of Renard feelings and they mostly sounded like, "NOOOOO." So I'll just be sitting here panicking until next Friday. 


– Haha, Juliette is so over Trubel. 

– Trubel said that Juliette is lucky not to be married to Nick because that means she can walk away from his Grimm craziness at any time. Ugh, no, not this angstfest again. 

– I'm so amused by how everyone is totally over Nick's neediness. Monroe and Rosalee may have rationalized Nick's request by saying that it's good for them to see that not all Grimm are bad, but they were totally bored at being put on display yet again. 

– What are your predictions for the rest of the season? 

– Is Trubel's story as straightforward as it appears, or is there something more to it? I keep alternating between buying her story and not buying it. IDK. 

What did you think of "My Fair Wesen"?

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