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Grimm S03E18: "The Law of Sacrifice"

For a second there, I was sincerely worried that Momma Grimm was gonna bite it. I mean, we had the simliarities between Kelly and Adalind and their relationships to their children, and then we had Renard basically asking, "Hey, you'd die for my monster baby, right?" as Momma Grimm felt ongoing pangs of guilt for the effect absence had on Nick as he grew up thinking she was dead. The baby was still unnamed at the episode's halfway point, and that was my theory: Kelly Burkhardt was going to pull a big damn hero routine and the unnamed baby Hexenbeist would be called Kelly in her honor and it would be a big emotional moment for everyone. And in the end, I was wrong. 

I ain't even mad. 

"The Law of Sacrifice" had so many WTF moments and such a big, surprising pay-off that it felt, at times, like a season finale (and don't think I'm not worried about the fact that it felt like a finale even though we still have several episodes to go before summer vacation omg plz don't blow it, Grimm, this season has been so gooood). 

The titular law of sacrifice enabled Grimm's good guys and gals to win while simultaneously losing. Kelly didn't go to prison for murdering Adalind's mom a bazillion episodes ago, Renard and Adalind (and the wee baby Diana) got to live, the newly named baby didn't have to go live with her sucky super-villain relatives. Winning, all around. 

But then there are the catches: I'm not entirely sure how Kelly's freedom was granted. I'm sure Renard had a huge say in it, but now Adalind knows who offed her mother and that could easily drive a wedge between their tentative partnership. Adalind and Renard will no longer be hunted by the Royals, but their child is now in the care of a flighty Grimm, and while Renard knows that Diana is safe, Adalind thinks the baby is with the Royals and she thinks Renard is the one who gave her to them, and that's going to be messy. Maybe he'll bring her into the plan; it's not like Kelly didn't basically tell Adalind what was up during her little spiel in the interrogation room, but honestly, it would be safer for the baby if as few people as possible know where she is—including her mother. 

The Kelly/Adalind, Diana/Nick parallels were strong in this one. 

The law of sacrifice is also an Old Testament biblical concept; God's decree to Adam and Eve, post-Eden, was that they would sacrifice the firstborn of their herds as atonement for their sins. With so much attention paid to Diana's "specialness" and the repeated assertions that she's much more than just a baby Hexenbeist, there can never be too many biblical allusions. It's been implied a few times that Diana is some sort of Wesen messiah, and in Christianity, if I'm correctly recalling Sunday school from 20 years ago and a broad Wikipedia overview, the notion of animal sacrifices—the law of sacrifice—was voided by the death of Jesus: the ultimate sacrifice. As both Adalind and Renard's firstborn and the possible Wesen messiah, the hugeness of Diana's importance can't be ignored... and yet, so much is still unclear. She wasn't even properly named until this week! (And what a great name for a baby Wesen messiah: Diana, goddess of the hunt, women, childbirth, and—haha?—animals.) 

That's really not a problem, and if anything, it serves to alleviate some of my worry that "The Law of Sacrifice" wrapped up too much too fast with too much season left and not enough story to tell, but really, we're still just exploring the outermost layers of Diana's potential. 

With the temporary sorta conclusion to the Monster Baby storyline, Grimm has regained its momentum and then some. I can't believe we're taking another break, though. Really? I mean, really? See you April 25, kids!


– "You find that attractive? Really?" —Nick

– Poor Hank. 

– Have we revised our Monster Baby theories at all? 

– More Monrosalee wedding planning, plz. 

– Adalind's scene outside the police station, with the woging and the screaming, hit me right in the feels. 

– Diana's sass is so amazing and she's only like, what, a few weeks old? Love it. Love her slamming the locket shut and drawing skulls with scalding hot coffee. <3

What'd you think of "The Law of Sacrifice"?

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