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Grimm S03E19: "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

Grimm's hiatus schedule has been more than a little ridiculous since the show started the second half of Season 3, but at least the writers can usually figure out how to rope us back in—not that the cliffie at the end of "The Law of Sacrifice" left much room for boredom. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the introduction of Theresa Rubel, the Grimm who doesn't know what a Grimm actually is, I'm willing to give Grimm the chance to make her worth my while. The show hasn't done me (too) wrong yet. 

But can we just take a moment to talk about how dumb everyone was in this episode? The ruse to rescue the wee baby Diana from the Royals was clever and perfectly executed, but the follow-up leaves a lot to be desired—and now Adalind is going to whoop everyone's ass, all because no one bothered to let her into the cone of silence even a little bit. Part of that was strategic, I'm sure: The fewer people who know where the baby actually is, the better. However, Nick, Renard—everyone, really—they KNOW Adalind. They know perfectly well what she's capable of, and they saw how destroyed she was by the loss of Diana. Did they think she'd just get over it? Like, really

I'm all for deliciously devious Adalind action, but I cringed at the implications of what VIktor asked her to do and how readily she jumped at the opportunity to screw over Nick and Renard—and all because she thinks the Royals have Diana. Adalind is willing to do anything to get her daughter back, or to at least be reunited with her. It's just shocking how dismissive everyone was of Adalind's maternal instinct, especially since at no point did she ever give Monroe, Nick, or the others any reason to doubt her dedication to her child. They made their assumptions based on her past—which is somewhat fair, I guess—but man, people change, and Season 3 has put a ton of emphasis on the idea of people, cultures, and destinies changing. How many Wesen has Nick encountered who've worked really hard to rise above their biological or cultural instincts? What about Nick himself? What about Rosalee's hellraiser past? Or Renard's less-than-noble Royal roots? Everyone on Grimm is trying to be better, despite having reasons not to be. That no one could see that same change in Adalind is a little surprising. 

And now they're all going to suffer for it. I feel a little bad; mostly for Adalind, and maybe for Rosalee and Juliette, who were all "I told you so" to their dumb, dumb menfolk. And on that note, we should also probably talk about the amazing face Juliette flashed when Nick brought Trubel into their abode. It was pure, "Really? Another F*ing stray?"

At best, Trubel will serve as baggage to cart around for the next episode or two: deadly enough on her own, but too new to the world of Wesen and Grimm to understand the whens and whys of how it works. At worst, she knows more than she's letting on and totally playing Nick for some to-be-revealed-later reason. That bit at the end of the episode was just a little too ominous for my comfort, unless Grimm was going for more of a "Teehee, teenagers are such trouble!" vibe. In which case: no. 

With just three episodes left in the season, Grimm seems no closer to resolving any of its marvelous messes. That's mostly why I'm concerned about Trubel—there's already so much going on in the stories that the show has been meticulously establishing all season. We didn't even get any Monrosalee wedding-planning this week! There's still time, though, and Grimm has always been pretty successful in the mad dash to the finish.


– Adalind desperately making the rounds to literally everyone was so heartbreaking, and how about that exchange with Renard? "I hate you." "I don't blame you." "Help me." "I don't know how." 

– Do you have any predictions percolating for the homestretch of the season? 

– Was Zombie Nick ever actually dealt with or did that whole story just fade away? 

What did you think of "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"?

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