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Friday 8:00 PM on NBC (Returning October 30, 2015)

Grimm S03E21: "The Inheritance" 

Josh, the devoid-of-Grimm-superpowers freak in his family, inadvertently raised an interesting point during his mad hunt for Nick in "The Inheritance." When his Grimm father realized he was dying and needed to bequeath his trunk o' awesome and his coveted magical monster key to another Grimm, he turned to Nick because Nick was the only one he could find. We know there are other Grimm out there, and Josh's father also probably knew that Nick wasn't the only Grimm willing to take on the inheritance, but Nick was the one he could most easily track down. 

Even though meeting Josh and his father was ultimately a positive experience for Nick, the fact that he was so findable harkens back to Aunt Marie's warnings about building a life in one place and Kelly Burkhardt's good-intentioned absenteeism. This time, it was just a fellow Grimm looking for one last ally in Nick, but Nick's lack of mobility, or even some sort of alias or secret identity, makes Nick and his loved ones a target. While it's true that he doesn't exactly broadcast his night job to everyone, we've learned that honestly, if you're a Wesen or a Grimm in Portland, you'll probably know Nick when you see him, and if you wanna call some friends and organize some havoc-wreaking against Detective Burkhardt for whatever reason, well, feel free—he's not going anywhere. 

We've seen Nick and his associates targeted before, repeatedly, but this is the first time in awhile that Grimm has openly acknowledged the ease with which Nick can be found and his prominence in Grimm/Wesen circles—even with regard to individuals who've never actually interacted with him, or who are particularly active in this secret world. 

I like to think this means we're gearing up for something crazy, particularly with Trubel's observation (and OMG that name is so annoying, why can't we just call her Theresa?) that there's something kind of freaky and mysterious about how three Grimm were randomly brought together to be in the same place at the same time in Portland. 

"The Inheritance" featured quite a few callbacks to the Season 2 and early Season 3 storylines that were relegated to the back burner during Adalind's baby drama and homicidal European road trip. The Verrat—hench-Wesen to the Royals—returned to Portland, as did the mysterious map-making keys that the Royals want to get their hands on so badly. Renard put Wu in charge of tailing Adalind, and there was much holding-of-the-breath and wondering what the hell Renard was thinking in tasking the dangerously-close-to-knowing-the-truth Wu with stalking Renard's pissed-off Wesen baby momma. 

Speaking of Adalind, she's back in the full-evil groove with the disappearance of Baby Diana, and it's delicious and sad because things really didn't have to be this way. I eye-rolled at the fact that she's once again going to get to Nick through Juliette (or try to, anyway) because it's been such a good season for Juliette to not be a hostage, weak link, or otherwise sucktastic damsel—and also because Adalind and Juliette's begrudging truce during Adalind's time with the Burkhardts showed that Adalind had a lot of the potential to grow and evolve. 

There's certainly still hope for Adalind; after all, her new thirst for carnage is driven by a terrible loss and a lot of misinformation painting a very wrong picture in her mind. But like I said, it didn't have to be this way. 

However, Grimm's theme for most of its third season has run with the belief that nothing has to stay in a fixed position—from Grimm/Wesen relations to Wesen cultures and traditions to the personal choices that the individuals who inhabit this world make and live by. After years of aloofness, Kelly is finally experiencing something that sort of resembles a relationship with her son. Despite her apprehention, Adalind took to motherhood like a natural. Monroe and Rosalee, after quietly defying Wesen stereotypes for a long time, have decided to go public with their beliefs and get married. 

With only one episode left, Season 3's various threads are beginning to come together, and to form a cohesive picture amid all the chaos. "The Inheritance" excelled at giving that chaos focus as we head into the season finale. Earlier this year, I was concerned about the potential disruption to Grimm's momentum with all those WTF breaks in the second half of the season, and I'm not about to say that they were okay because WTF, but... in the end, Grimm's momentum is just fine. 


– Every time anyone calls Trubel for anything, I feel like they're summoning a pet. 

– Damn, that Renard is FINE. 

– Lol @ Rosalee losing her shit at wedding vendors. 

– "One key closer... to who knows what." It's true. The key thing has been going on since last season and we're still no closer to having any idea what they mean or what they're for... and yet somehow, it works. 

– What are your predictions and/or wants for next week's season finale? I really hope the Juliette stuff isn't annoying and that Trubel gets a new nickname that doesn't make my eye twitch anytime someone uses it. 

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