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Grimm S03E16: "The Show Must Go On"

Sam Witwer and a Wesen carnival and Monrosalee wedding planning and twisted, cheeky use of Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London"—this episode of Grimm made me so happy, you guys. It didn't even really move the plot very far: Adalind is still running around in the woods, the circus storyline (though refreshingly different from the usual gloomy murder investigations) was wrapped up all neat and pretty, and as much as I want to doodle little hearts around Sam Witwer's face every time it appears on el television, I'm concerned about how Max the Blutbad was basically just a hairier version of Being Human's Aidan the Vampire. Self-control problems? Check. Exploited by his superiors? Check. Struggles with his "true nature?" Check. 

But the unpacking of Being Human's baggage belongs in a Being Human review (speaking of which, we recently got back to those in anticipation of the series finale); in the context of Grimm, "The Show Must Go On" was a strong episode.

So apparently if a Wesen forces himself to woge too often,  the "animal" will start to take over and the person will begin to lose control. Seeing as the carnival's entire premise was built on showcasing "monsters" that looked way too real to be made out of makeup and rubber, with Max the Blutbad as the star attraction, his heavy schedule of forced woging turned him into a ticking time bomb. So when bodies started showing up in the towns the carnival visited, the answer seemed obvious. 

...except not so much. It turned out the ringleader had a bit of a killin' problem of his own, which wasn't that surprising once you considered his complete disregard for the health, both mental and physical, of his employees. Isn't there like, a Wesen OSHA somebody could've called? 

Also: Monroe was initially horrified when Rosalee went backstage to replace the show's injured fuchsbau (and snoop around, of course), but then Rosalee stole the costume she was issued and I think he's over it. GET SOME. 

On the wedding front, Monroe and Rosalee struggled with one of the touchier aspects of planning, even for non-Wesen: crafting a ceremony that makes two very different families happy. Good luck with that. Actually, Monrosalee did enjoy a bit o' luck with that: Both fuchsbau and blutbad wedding traditions involve tying the knot out in the middle of nowhere. Monroe and Rosalee are thinking Mt. Hood, so the family drama should be minimal, though I have personally found that in wedding planning, the family drama is never minimal. 

They also asked Juliette and Nick to be their maid of honor and best man, respectively, because of course they did, and that's all well and good except Nick is having nightmares about beheading Monroe's grandma at the reception when everyone realizes he's a grimm and freak out. Suddenly, family bitching about having to ask your cousin not to wear his Duck Dynasty T-shirt seems so minor. 


Adalind and Monster Baby and Tall-and-Dreamy ran around in the woods, stole a car, killed some royals, and ran into Poor Sebastien. Poor Sebastien stayed behind to stall the next batch of royals, going out all heroic despite last week's betrayal. (Whatever, they were waterboarding him!)

Also, because I'm shallow, and because all the episode promos flaunted the fact that someone in the resistance was going to bite it this week, I was relieved that it wasn't Tall-and-Dreamy. RIP Sebastien. 


Grimm is taking a wee hiatus until April 4, which gives us lots of time to contemplate the tangle of loose ends this series has gradually presented us with. In the past, I've been concerned about the number of stories Grimm tends to have going at once, and that's especially been the case in this second half of the season, where there have been long stretches of case-of-the-week episodes that don't really do anything to move the plot forward. However, with Adalind's impending return to the States and all of the delicious drama surrounding Monrosalee's wedding, I think the pace is going to be picking up very soon when Grimm returns. 


– "Why is it always the blutbad?" Aww, Monroe. 

– From the carnival in Carnivale and the Theatre des Vampires in Interview with the Vampire and probably others that I'm not thinking of at the moment, I just love the whole idea of real monsters/magic/miracles hiding in plain sight under the cover of make-believe. 

– Were Nick's zombie superpowers dealt with? I feel like we haven't seen them in forever, but I also can't recall them ever being formally handled. 

What did you think of "The Show Must Go On"?

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