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5) Bludbaden are not vampires, if you don't believe that's reason enough then you haven't watched TV for the last 7 years.

4) He's an accomplished Cellist. Not everybody knows that, mostly because he doesn't like to brag. Also, because his best friend is a Grimm, and wesen tend to be afraid of those for some reason...

3) He likes Christmas (he really, really likes it!). In fact, the only thing Monroe likes more than Christmas is Halloween, for obvious reasons.

2) He's great with children! Just ask Holly, or that little girl he saved from the bullies, or the baby he helped give birth to.

And the number one reason you should vote for him as the Most Lovable Monster is that: 1) Monroe is a hopeless romantic, Big bad wolf and all!

I pity the Verrat that dares to stand between him and Rosalee

So, what are your reasons to vote for him? How many more reasons I've had missed? Do you disagree with me completely? Share your thoughts in the comments (this one has no poll)!
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