A Grimm Community
Friday 9:00 PM on NBC (Returning Thanks for the Memories, premiering October 24, 2014)
One Grimm, two Princes, seven Royal Houses. In the realm of this show it is a recipe for disaster, especially when a Baron is involved.

As the ranking officer, the Prince in Portland was powerless to stop the most dangerous member of the Viena Royal family, or to foreseen the consequences of his half-brother's arrival until the Grimm was stuck in a box.

As if one bastard was not enough, Adalind is carrying royal blood, something truly dangerous for her own integrity so far, which shed some light as to the kind of sacrifices the parents of Captain Renard must have endured to make sure he would reach adulthood.

The only question is: which brother is the father of Adalind's child, Eric or Sean.


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