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What are everybody's theories surrounding Nick's new "condition" in S3? Speculation about what exactly is happening, and what it all means, is welcome. :)

Spoilers! (up to S3E3, "A Dish Best Served Cold")

Here are the facts we know for sure (as of E3). I'm listing every fact I can think of, including the ones that I don't personally think are relevant, in case others disagree:
  • The "dying" thing (where he goes completely grey and cold and has no discernible pulse or breath) happened three times, that we know of, since he was cured from being a zombie.
  • It's unknown how long he was "dead" the first two times. The third time, it was for less than a minute. Because Juliette was there to wake him? Or is that just how long it lasts?
  • Twice, he was asleep. Once, he was awake, and sitting. All three times, he was in his home, and Juliette was in the vicinity. Apparently, nobody else has seen it yet. And apparently *sigh* Juliette has still not consulted Rosalee.
  • He doesn't seem to have any awareness at all when he's "dead" - he loses that time.
  • He always says he feels fine afterwards, although the second time, he said his face hurt.
  • According to the doctor, he's in excellent physical shape, except that his heartrate is bizarrely slow... even while running a treadmill uphill at ~20 mph.
  • [ETA after it was pointed out in comments]: When Nick used his super-hearing and heard that somebody was killed in the bar fight, he broke a coffee mug with one hand. (according to the comment, he also went deathly pale when hearing this... because of what he was hearing? Or because he was using his super-hearing?)
As I was watching S3E3, I think I noticed something. To illustrate what I saw, here are a series of headshots, from the time Nick woke up from being "dead" in PTZD, right up until he "died" again in "A Dish Best Served Cold":

Is it just me, or, when you take into account differing lighting conditions, does Nick look increasingly worse as time goes on?

And then here he is, immediately after "dying" in E3:

This is better than he's looked since the last time he "died."

I think this is something Nick now needs to do. As time goes on, his batteries get tapped, until he needs to recharge. Why? I don't know.

  • What does this mean? Bigger picture - does this mean that Nick is now less human than he was? Was he ever that human to begin with?
  • How different is this, from what happens to regular people who were attacked by the Baron?
  • Not really a question, but... why hasn't Juliette consulted Rosalee? Is it just because the writers don't want her to? (Because that's the only reason I can think of, and I hate hate HATE it when writers think it's ok to mess with their characters for the sake of the plot. Ok, sorry... getting off the soapbox.)
  • Do you think that, in this universe, there will be any precedence for this kind of thing? Or is Nick the very first? (Personally, I can't think how there can be any precedence... how common could it have been for a Grimm to be accosted by that one guy who makes zombies, and then cured?)
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