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In the promo clip for Jan. 3rd, Juliette appears to be taking on a Wesen in her kitchen and not only holding her own, but talking trash. Now I'm gonna hypothesize that the show is really going to have Juliette be a Grimm as well. I don't have much to go on for this besides the promo except, 1) She is a crack shot, with literally no training/or lied about being trained to Nick (much less likely). It hasn't been discussed in show, but Nick appears to have the BtVS slayer ability of being skilled with weapons instinctively without training 2) Throughout first & second seasons there were mentions of a branch of the Grimm family living in Spain. Juliette was raised by a grandparent (mother?) in Spain. No mention of her parents in any episode. Tenuous I know 3) When not being actively hexed, she didn't have that huge a problem with Wesen Volging. Nick may have thought he was going mad, but he did not have the sheer terror that many others do when confronted at first like Hank or countless victims 4) If she's suddenly a Grimm then either a parent/aunt/uncle dies or, one of Nick's lovely new powers is to create Grimms with his blood, which Juliette ingested to remove the obsession with Renard.

Food for speculation until next episode.
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