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In MaryAnn Sleasman's review of "Eyes of the Beholder," she said something that got me thinking. I started to reply, but then thought that this might be its own discussion, so here it is. :)

Re: "I don't know about you, but I personally don't need a shiny new Wesen every single week. I'd rather have strong stories built around the Wesen we already know."

Speaking for myself, I don't mind seeing new Wesen so often, but that's for two reasons:

1. Usually, as in the Russian episode, they manage to use the new Wesen to further the relationships between the main cast, and/or change a perspective for a main cast member (I think Nick learned something from Mishkin, for example. They didn't come right out and say it, because they didn't need to).

2. Even in the Wesen-of-the-week episodes that are largely focused on the Wesen-of-the-week, I don't really mind, because in those episodes, Nick is, more often than not, gaining a Wesen friend. Just in "Eyes of the Beholder", he gained three: Zuri, Jared, and Alicia (yes, Alicia was already a friend, but now she's a Wesen friend. There's a difference). And I actually see this leading somewhere.

For some time now, I've felt that Nick is slowly accumulating a small army of Wesen that are truly loyal to him. Not deliberately, of course - he's doing it just by being himself, which is what makes it so great - but I really think that's where this is leading.

Increasingly, we're seeing more and more story centered around the Royals. Their conflicts, the resistance against them, and even Sean is locked into this mindset of, "who gets to use the Grimm?" I think that, historically-speaking, Grimms have always been either witting or unwitting pawns in the games between the various royal families (Nick's mom said that most Grimms have worked for various royal families to subject their armies of Wesen). I think that what we're seeing in the "Wesen of the week" episodes, is Nick, just by being himself, slowly getting to the point where he can become a player in his own right, and not a pawn.

Just off the top of my head, here are the Wesen who now have good reason to be loyal, or at least grateful, to Nick:
  1. Monroe (loyalty out of friendship)
  2. Rosalee (loyalty out of friendship, plus loyalty to Monroe, who is loyal to Nick)
  3. Bud, his wife, and... well, all of the Eisbieber in town
  4. The family of Naiads from the mermaid episode
  5. Alicia
  6. Zuri and Jared from "Eyes of the Beholder"
  7. The Coyotl friend of Hank's, and his daughter
There are more. A lot more. That's just who I could think of off the top of my head. :) Who else can you think of?

Thoughts? Could the producers be thinking that far ahead? Or are they really just Wesen-of-the-week episodes?
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