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Apr 30, 2016
Straw That's Breaking The Camel's Back...
So, as I'm writing this, "The Taming of the Wu" is airing. I'm writing this instead of watching. I only just finished watching "Good to the Bone," just now... a full week after it aired.

At the beginning of this season, I dropped everything to watch Grimm as it aired.

And now it's going one step further... I'm actually seriously considering dropping Grimm. :( Never, never would I have thought, a year ago, after watching Chupacabra, Wesenrein, and Tribunal, that I would ever say those words - I was convinced that this was a great show that I would watch until the end and mourn when it was gone. So what changed?

Is it the aimlessness with which this season and its main plot are progressing? Eh... not really.

Is it the Nick/Adalind romance? No, I actually like the romance, although I do think that it came ...Read more
Mar 08, 2016
This whole Juliette/Eve thing is still making my head hurt. First I thought that Juliette was dead (like in ashes dead) and Eve was some phoenix thing they created from those ashes. That was weird but ok. But now I understand that Eve is Juliette without any dying. So Juliette went crazy and she was tortured so much that she forgot who she was, and now she is Eve. WHAT!! So is it ok to brainwash people? This is like some cult stuff...

Ps. Sorry if my grammar is not good. I´am from Finland and I don´t write in english very often.
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Nov 09, 2015
Nick and Adalind: Co-parenting Grimm Style!
Co-parenting amicably with a former foe can be stressful. Tiptoeing around the volatile nature of their history together, Nick & Adalind have captured the heart and soul of 2 people struggling from the brink of mutually assured destruction to the first - successful - attempts to fix a broken relationship.

* fanvid made by Batool BRK

I feel it's a more relateable dynamic for Nick and Adalind are realistically awkward, tentative and messy, like any 2 adults caught up in an unwanted pregnancy trying to keep things as civil as possible for their baby.

At the end of the day, Nick and Adalind are in love with the same person and they're genuinely grateful to the one that made the person they love possible. And yet they are barely getting used to the fact that this person exists, that he is safe and that they are the mom and dad of the ...Read more
Mar 19, 2015
Three major revelations coming for Nick
I read an interview with David Giuntoli and he talked about what is coming up in the back stretch of the season and he mentions both his mother and Trubel will make an appearance and it sounds to me that guilt is his major reaction to Juliette's condition rather than anything else which is a huge relief to me. But he also says in the last five, there are three major revelations about Nick that are basically as huge as him finding out he is a Grimm. So, here are my guesses,

1. I latched onto this idea fairly early in her introduction, but I sort of suspect that Trubel is actually Nick's sister. The age difference makes sense since he seemed to be about ten or so when Kelly dropped him off with Marie and as we have learned, Kelly is not quite as hard assed as ...Read more
Dec 21, 2014
Wu's Impact On The Greater Universe
Where does Wu go from here, and how will it impact everybody (and everything) else?
Nov 21, 2014
Nick's Grimm Abilities
Now, let me preface with, I haven't actually minded quite as much as I thought i was going to with Nick not having his abilities. I have liked how they played it with Trubel, heck, I like that there is even a scientific explanation for Grimm abilities. But, my episode description for next week just came up and Nick apparently still isn't a Grimm then. I know what Juliette has to do and it appears Nick is against it, but, that will be episode 6! My feelings are very conflicted over this situation.
May 27, 2014
Speculation: What Do We Think Will Happen In Season 4?
Thought I'd just start a quick thing, to keep Grimm in our heads until September/October/whenever they plan to start the next season. :)

What do we think will happen in the first episode? What do we think will happen beyond, in the season?

(I'll be putting my own thoughts in a comment. I wanted to leave the post as open-ended as possible).
Apr 08, 2014
General Poll: What Do You Look For Most In a Martial Artist Hero?
I'm posting this in the Grimm Community because a Grimm fanfic is what got me thinking about this, but it applies to any show with any old-school (i.e. not with guns) fighting for people's lives.

I'm going to do this in several polls, because I don't know how to do a single "rank these things" poll. The goal is to have a ranking of the most important attributes by the end. :)

I can think of 5 important attributes for a fighter-hero to have, just when it comes to fight scenes. Those attributes are (in alphabetical order):
  • Agile (self-explanatory)
  • Fast (self-explanatory)
  • Skilled (trained and knowledgeable in martial arts)
  • Smart (able to think on your feet)
  • Strong (self-explanatory)
What's the MOST important of these to have?

Edit for clarification: I think I phrased my post header badly yesterday. I should never have used the term, "martial ...Read more
Mar 16, 2014
Grimm: Let's Discuss Adalind's Baby, And What She Means

Ok, so there's actually quite a lot to talk about. Off the top of my head:

- Is she born evil? I think there's a lot to be said for both sides of this argument.

On the one hand, as a user commented in the "Mommy Dearest" review, one of Grimm's biggest ongoing themes - if not the biggest ongoing theme, is that a person's choices determine whether they're good or bad, not the circumstances of their birth. So she can't be inherently evil, because according to the show's biggest theme, there's no such thing.

On the other hand, she's the daughter of a Hexenbiest and a Royal, and more importantly... a great deal was apparently done to her in utero. A woman was killed so that Adalind could bury her hands and feet in a field of flowers - that then all died ...Read more
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