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monsters in portland
Feb 14, 2015
Grimm "Trial by Fire" Review: The "Human" Torch
"Trial by Fire" saw the return of the Bauerschwein/Blutbad conflict and a callback to one of Nick's earliest cases.
monsters in portland
Feb 07, 2015
Grimm "Marechaussee" Review: Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
A Wesen bounty hunter brought Wesen council drama to town, and Wesen council drama is the best kind of drama.
Feb 04, 2015
Speculation: Fallout From "Wesenrein" And "Tribunal"
One of the great things about "Wesenrein" and "Tribunal," is that it has so many potential far-reaching consequences. So I just wanted to write about them, see what others think, and see what your own theories are. :)

Apologies in advance for the length. Also, for somewhat rambling. :)

Note: as of this writing, the most recent episode to air was, "Till Death Do Us Part," S4E11. I have seen previews of the next episode, so those are coloring my theories a tiny bit, but most of these I've been thinking about since Tribunal, if not before.

I'm not even going to count Juliette's role... although I'm certainly not going to complain if you want to talk about it! :) But this post is already going to be too long, so I won't be going into it myself. At least not here (in this post).

One of the ...Read more
monsters in portland
Jan 31, 2015
Grimm "Death Do Us Part" Review: The Newlywed Game
"Death Do Us Part" followed up Monroe's ordeal with the Wesenrein and Juliette's horrific Hexenbiest manifestation with... not a lot.
team grimm vs. the wesenrein
Jan 24, 2015
Grimm "Tribunal" Review: What Monroe Did for Love
More episodes like this one, please!
monsters in portland
Jan 17, 2015
Grimm "Wesenrein" Review: Nazis, Basically
That was intense... but also oddly stagnant?
monsters in portland
Dec 13, 2014
Grimm Season 4 Fall Finale Review: I Know What You Did Last Season
With "Chupacabra," Grimm essentially sent us a holiday card that read, "Seasons greetings from the whole gang! Here's a somewhat depressing ending to carry you into the new year!"
Dec 03, 2014
What Is With The Anti-Cat Bias On Grimm? :(
Apropos of nothing. :D This is just something that's been bugging me for about a year, and I was just reminded of it, so I thought I'd finally write a quick post about it, mostly for fun.

So, pretty much from day 1 of Grimm, I've noticed a certain pro-dog, anti-cat bias. Nothing against dogs, but that seems a little unfair to me. :| Of course, there have been plenty of times since S1 when canine Wesen have been portrayed in a less-than-flattering light themselves, but still...

Ok, here are the canine species (that I can think of offhand), and how I see them portrayed:

  1. Blutbaden (based on wolves). The primary example, of which, of course, is Monroe. We've also seen various other Blutbaden (Angelina, Monroe's parents, etc.), but mainly, we're presented with Monroe. Intensely loyal Monroe, who will drop everything for a friend, put ...
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