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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2013 on NBC
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    Grimm "Endangered" Review: Close Encounters of the Wesen Kind

    More Adalind evildoing, please. Less Juliette being Juliette.

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    Nick investigates a series of event that suggests that there are aliens in Portland, possibly within the Wesen community. Meanwhile, Juliette remembers her more romantic memories of her time with Nick before the coma.

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    • A clever twist on the alien abduction theme...

      This was a pleasingly good episode with a very clever take on an old well worn fantasy/scifi/horror theme of abduction and cattle mutilation and glowing aliens.

      I am not a fan of filler type episodes normally, but this one work perfectly. In fact the the Juliette storyline was more like an annoying distraction!

      This episode touched on some nice themes. Wesen on Wesen violence. The value of rare species - good and bad and also that doing the right thing is sometimes doing the wrong thing. I obviously refer to Nick letting the Gluhenvolk family go even though technically a farmer had been killed. Good call!

      On story lines it was nice to see Rosalee and Monroe getting closer together. They make a very nice couple!

      Certainly better than Nick & Juliette...moreless
    • Endangered

      Endangered was a surprising and very entertaining episode of Grimm. It was cool to see a Grimm spin on Extra-terrestrials. It was interesting to learn the truth of what was happening. I liked how events unfolded and came together. Juliette started to remember more and sought to remember more. It was intriguing to learn more about the keys. There were lits of revelations. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

    • Okay weak though

      I love Grimm and am glad its on a better time slot so it can be appreciated by lotsa folks. BUt I must say I found this episode to be kinda weak story was limp, acting not much better. And the obvious plot gaps and police procedural lapses are becoming annoying . Why is Nick all of a sudden gungho on finding the meaning of the key he's had for months now.

      Am glad Juliette is getting her memory back and her appearance is kept to a few choice scenes.

      I think Captain Renard is a gorgeous hunk of a guy and I always like seeing him and hearing abt the Royals.

      The Investigation of the murder was ridiculous in my opinion how come the County police didnt secure crime scene and it was till Nick got there that he found a crucial piece of evidence, Also after the second attack the County police again left the crime scene unattended for the Ufologist to trespass and find the trail of the alien wesens. And last but not the least Nick just let a murder suspect off the hook just like that! Granted he's an endangered specie and all.

      I'll be glad when Hank returns though.moreless
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      • Monroe: Bottom line, my dad was very old school, okay? Very old school.
        Rosalee: Your dad still hunts?
        Monroe: Well, let me put it this way. I don't ask and he knows better than to talk to me about it. But they're not getting any Meals on Wheels, I'll tell you that much.

      • Rosalee: Oh, right, Nick and your parents under the same roof. Yeah, that would be a problem.
        Monroe: I mean, bottom line, I don't want Nick to kill my parents. Not that they wouldn't give him plenty of reason.

      • George Lazure: Hey, look, you can level with me. We're all on the same team, really, protecting the people. Was the victim probed?
        Wu: Nobody was probed... yet.

      • Monroe: A Grimm is someone who can see into the heart of darkness. Someone who sees things other people don't understand.

      • Wu: What is it about cows and aliens?
        Nick: I got nothing.

      • Monroe: Oh, hey, Nick.
        Nick: Hey.
        Monroe: Ah, I see you two have a book open there, which more likely than not portends some kind of catastrophic disaster, which in turn, can only mean my date with Rosalee has been put on hold.

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      • Wu: The Truth is Out There… east of Portland.
        Referencing the TV series The X-Files, which ran from 1993 to 2002. "The Truth is Out There" is the phrase shown at the end of the opening credits, and is basically the motto for the whole show.