Season 3 Episode 10

Eyes of the Beholder

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2014 on NBC

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  • Juliette's fight scene wasnt "awesome", it was unrealistically humorous...

    Im a fan of Grimm but come on, that scene was a mockery. I don't even know where to begin, it was just so unrealistic & cheesy! You people are so gullible if you took that seriously. Unless of course Juliette became a UFC fighter over night? And Nick (who actually is tough) gets knocked out way too easy for way too long by the same guy who gets beat up by Juliette.

    The episode was going really well until that Power Ranger crap happened. GET REAL.
  • Go Juliette!!

    Awesome episode where Juliette kicks some wife beating vessen butt!!
  • Juliette Kicks Butt

    I love Grimm soo much and this episode just made me love it more. Juliette and Zuri fighting the husband was so awesome and maybe Nick did "go down too easy for too long" but it was a great character moment for Juliette so it was worth it. This was just such an awesome episode :)
  • Everywhere a Wesen.

    I was surprised when Roselee said that there were Wesen Gangs (i suppose it makes sense if you have human gangs). Just when Nick told Juliette not to say anything to Alicia that she was a Wesen, she does, even though Alicia kept denying it. Until close to the end when Alicia's husband Joe turns up at Nick's home. It was really good to see Juliette kick some ass and when Joe was on the floor Juliette and Alicia were just kicking him, it did end well for Juliette and Alicia having that even closer friendship again. Everything ended well for Jared and his girlfriend Joy, but not so much for Hank, he was willing to except Zuri even though she was a Wesen, its about time Hank started to get a little something, something. Fantastic Episode. I Enjoyed It.
  • "I'm not impress!" ... I'm impress

    I give this a 9 just purely for the fight scene and the way they kick that jerk balls in. Just seem Nick went down 2 easy and for 2 long
  • eyes of the Beholder

    this was at fantastic season starter .

    would love to see more of Ray The Restaurant Owner.

    Great casting call..... maybe Mr. Mather (Jay) who played Ray can be in more upcoming episode's.
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