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Nick's to Blame for Juliette's Actions

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    Everybody in the cast is playing a double role. They are modern characters most of the time but part of the time they are replaying the life script of one of the characters in the story of Sleeping Beauty. When Nick and Juliette act like idiots they are not their modern selves but trapped in the medieval nightmare, compelled to face those character's choices and repeat their mistakes.


    Sleeping Beauty = Juliette Silverton

    King, Beauty's father = Nick Burkhardt

    Queen = Kelly Burkhardt

    Bad Fairy = Adelind Schade and Aunt Marie Kessler

    Good Fairy = Rosalee Calvert and Catherine Schade

    Prince = Captain Sean Renard

    Prince's ogre mother = Renard's hexenbiest mother, yet to be cast

    King's Retinue = Monroe

    The anti-Sleeping Beauty = Hank

    In the fairy tale the King deals with the fairys in his kingdom. He makes friends with some but eventually pisses off one who takes revenge by cursing his "Beauty". In Grimm, Nick is now messing with the wesen. He makes friends with some but eventually pisses off a hexenbiest. His aunt warned him to leave Juliette and never see her again. That's the Prophesy.

    In the fairy tale the King tries to protect his beauty from the prophesy by keeping her in the dark. He burns all the spinning wheels in the castle (Nick drives the trailer with Grimm knowledge away) so that when Beauty sees a spindle for the first time she doesn't know what it is. The King never tells Beauty about the curse. Nick is keeping Juliette in the dark about his Grimm identity, about wesen, about pissing off Adelind. Ignorance makes Juliette vulnerable. And that's Nick/the King's fault. Ignorance is not bliss!

    On Beauty's birthday the King and Queen leave Beauty alone and go for a walk. The bad fairy shows up with the spinning wheel. Beauty does not know what a bad fairy is, innocently reaches out, gets pricked and faints. Nick and his mother are busy fighting Kimora when Adelind shows up at Juliette's vet. Since Nick doesn't tell Juliette what Adelind is or that he's pissed he off, Juliette can't be wary of her. She get scratched.

    The King has been the catalyst for the bad thing that happens to Beauty. He tries to fix it but can't.

    In the fairy tale when Beauty faints, the King calls the good fairy for help. Nick calls Rosalee. The good fairy can't wake her up but can modify the severity of the spell. Rosalee mixes an eye drop potion to stop Juliette's memory loss. In the fairy tale the good fairy makes another change to the curse; she casts a spell that Beauty will be awaken by a "son of a king". In the happy version, Briar Rose, the prince is a good guy and they live happily every after. But in the dark Grimm version the prince turns out to be a bad prince with an ogre for a mother. I guess we're in the bad version.

    So it's fitting that it's Catherine Schade who mixes the potion to wake Juliette and gives it to Renard. And then she delivers the news to Kelly Burkhardt (the Queen of the Grimm kingdom) that only "he", a royal in Portand can save Juliette now. (A bastard prince with a hexenbiest for a mother! OMG)

    In the dark version Beauty stays asleep for months after meeting the prince. And so too when Renard kisses Juliette, she opens her eyes but she can't remember Nick. Obviously she's still under the spell's influence. Beauty is sleep walking now. And Juliette does act very passive, which is annoying to fans. But in the fairy tale Beauty is asleep 100 years and that 's certainly how long it seems she's been unable to remember Nick!

    Its frustrating that she's not proactive but I forgive her 'cause she's still under a spell. It's Nick I'm pissed at. Given a second chance with Juliette he once more makes the decisions for her rather than tell her the truth so she can decide for herself. Nick tells her "I want to tell you but you wouldn't understand." Juliette says "Fine, glad you know what's best for me." Is that a dialogue between a daughter and medieval father or not?

    In the fairy tale the prince has sex with Beauty in her sleep. Sex without free will is rape. That makes makes the prince evil in my eyes. And Juliette is under an obsession spell. She says she wants to resist Renard but she can't. Isn't that a metaphor for being raped while comatose?

    Monroe now plays the role of one of the King's retinue. In the fairy tale when Beauty faints, the rest of the castle is put under a spell too (to be there for her when she wakes up) so that when the prince finally arrives at the castle he walks right by the King's retinue to Beauty's bedroom. The Retinue are silent witnesses to the Prince's ravishing. So too Monroe stands helplessly in the spice shop door, witness to Renard's kiss and unable to stop events. Which drives me crazy. Why doesn't he try to talk to Juliette about the obsession thingy they came in for? Particularly when she comes to his house that night? This could all be solved if somebody just talked! But I guess Monroe's actions makes sense if he's trapped in the fairy tale role too.

    In the fairy tale the King never asks who this strange guy is who is going to wake his daughter some day. Another blunder in my eyes. The king could have asked the fairy who is this guy? Does he come from a good family? That might have been one good question to ask! But no, instead, the King acquieses to it all,lays Beauty out on her bed to "wait for the prince", leaving Beauty defenseless in her comatose state for any stray nut who comes up the castle path! And what does Nick do? When Monroe tells him 'I think this might have something to do with Adelind's spell' Nick can't seem to hear what he's saying. He's too far into the the King role now. When Juliette tells him she can't stop thinking about some guy and its driving her a little crazy, (she never says she wants this guy!) Nick doesn't recognizing these symptoms as an obsession spell the way he did with Hank. After all he already knows Adelind's put a spell on her and she's still suffering its affect! No, Nick nows does what the idiot King did. Says he doesn't want to know any more details, doesn't want to know who this guy is.

    He's made Beauty/Juliette totally defenseless by keeping her ignorant, made her dependent on him to protect her but when that time comes he gives up and leaves her to her fate. It isn't his story any more he says and moves out of castle. While I'm throwing shoes at the TV screen!

    In the fairy tale this is where the story ends for the King. Presumably he goes on with his life with the Queen, who also leaves the castle at this time(and Kelly Burkhardt left while Juliette is in a coma), and they never return. So I guess whatever Nick does now he's isn't part of the Sleeping Beauty story. This is good in one sense. He can make independent decisions again. He could even speak now, (he seems to have laryngitis everytime Juliette's asked him before what he's keeping from her) so I guess he could even tell Juliette he's a Grimm. Monroe could volg or however that's spelled. Anything's possible for them which is cool, but I think it's too late for Nick to have an impact on Juliette's story any longer.

    Everything Nick does now is going to affect the outcome of royal families/key storyline but the Sleeping Beauty juggernaut is going to continue on without Nick. He lost his chance in that story. I'm depressed.

    Meanwhile Juliette and Renard are still trapped in the obsession spell so Sleeping Beauty continues for them. The promos suggests Renard is going to ravish Juliette just like the prince in the fairy tale raped Beauty in her sleep. Things are only going to get worse for Juliette if that happens, cause I know what happens in the fairy tale!

    In the tale Beauty gets pregnant, gives birth to twins and finally wakes up when one of her babies suckles the flax out of her prick wound. But by then she's a 115 year old unwed mother of two without any of her loving family around her to protect her. What else can she do but marry the prince? Which is her worst decision because then she meets the prince's ogre mother who tries to kill her children and her! I guess that's when we'll meet Renard's hexenbiest mother. I told you it's a very sick story.

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    how does it end??? does she kill the ogre mother or they become a family? i mean, I read your whole comment and now you left me hanging

    lol... i did a lot of shoe trowing and screaming too, while watching this show (especially lately) so I get where you are coming from. As for the parallel between Grimm and Sleeping Beauty, it's quite interesting and clever but I just can't see Nick as her father, him being a love interest and such... anyway the end of this sleeping beauty is not written yet. they might surprise us with her going terminator on everyone's arse once she wakes up (from her "father" to the fairies till the prince) or she might just throw herself of a cliff and die in silence...

    Not having the faintest idea about where this show is going is both the greatest and the most frustrating thing about it.

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