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so the monsters are afraid of grimms based on myths

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    [1]Apr 11, 2012
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    or there is something that wasnt revealed yet?

    i noticed even when the main character never killed a monster for no reason they seem to think grimm will kill them on sight

    so far the grimms only have 'good eyes' but nothing was revealed so far

    i didnt see any hints showing a reason for them to fear the grimms unless i missed something

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    [2]Apr 13, 2012
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    Hard to say, the only other Grimm we've met was granny. And while she was HARD CORE, we don't know how indiscriminantly she was killing the monsters.

    Seriously though, a geriatric woman with stage 3 or stage 4 cancer doing super Kung Fu and killing a monster that was wielding a scythe... that's hard core.

    It's possible some saw it to just without warning. And let's face it, looking at humans (alone) 100-200 years ago we were quite violent. Imagine monsters that could roam free without worrying about Telephones/Videos/Emails/etc... they might have been quite violent "in the day" in which case the Grimms probably had a field day killing all of the violent monsters.

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