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What if Nick is not a cop?

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    Can we have a police procedural if Nick is not a cop? I'm worried about his day job.

    Since he thinks Renard is messing with his girl how can he continue working for him? Nick may bow out gracefully in Juliette's life but that doesn't means he has to be friends with the guy who stabbed him in the back. Wouldn't he want to resign?

    And soon Nick's going to figure out Renard tried to kill Aunt Marie so there's going to be open war between the two. They can't keep working together. Somebody has to leave the police force. I'm thinking probably it will be Nick because Renard is holding all the cards on that. Nick's under suspicion by the FBI and there is evidence of the hundjager's death in Monroe's house ripe to be found.

    So can we even go back to having episodic fairytales each week involving a crime?

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