Season 1 Episode 20

Happily Ever Aftermath

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2012 on NBC
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    Grimm: The Case of the Explodey Face

    In the most on-the-nose fairy-tale-to-real-life translation Grimm has ever done, last night’s episode took on Cinderella so forcefully it’s a wonder no one was quoting Disney.

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    Nick and Hank investigate the death of a wealthy widow and finds that the trail leads to her stepdaughter Lucinda and her mysterious godfather, Spencer Harrison. Meanwhile, Juliette tries to help Nick deal with what she believes is the death of his aunt.

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    • Happily Never After

      This is a soild if not exactly one of the best in the series but what I like about it is that it takes a whole new spin on the Cinderella tale.

      What I really like about the episode is how it takes certain assumptions that we made but then flips them on our head. Lucinda (played by the actress Amanda Shell currently in the TV show 12 Monkeys which is cool since I like that show) at first seems like a character of sympathy since she is obviously the Cinderella character, she lost both her parents and it seems like her step family don't seem like nice people and refuse to lend her a hand, along with a little of the information her husband provides.

      But knowing this show, I knew things weren't what they seemed and that there was a dark underbelly in this Cinderella tale. Our assumptions get flipped when we discover it's actually Lucinda that is evil and it was the Step Mother and Step sisters that are good. I thought that was interesting because when you watch it again the episode really is about something else all together when you think of it on those terms.

      Lucinda is really a greedy psychopath that like all are incapable of knowing when enough is enough but worst of all are incapable of love and warm feelings. I'll admit her persona seemed too nice and sweet because no one is ever this nice, she's trying too hard as if it's not really in her.

      The God Father Spencer whom is the fairy godmother figure I found sympathetic as he is a carring father that did everything in his power to give Lucinda everything but most importantly a good life. But despite his efforts it just did no good in the end as he knew the terrible truth about her and the terrible reprecussions it caused her step family. I never felt he failed, it was Lucinda that failed, sometimes there are people that just can't recognize what's more important and of value.

      Lucinda's husband isn't a bad guy but we see he's not a great guy. He's kinda of irresponsible both in business but worst of all his personal life as we hear in the interigation scene we then hear his shallow standards on love and true beauty, he says Lucinda was beautiful the other two not so much, yeah your standards are really high buddy (sarcasm).

      To me there is no such thing as love at first sight because in reality love is something that takes work and has to truly be earned. But also looks truly aren't everything, as Amy Pond once said in an episode of Doctor Who, sometimes there is someone that looks so beautiful but then once you talk to them five minutes latter you discover their as dull as a brick.

      Lucinda is not as great as the husband and even Spencer has made her out at first, she hasn't worked a day in her life to earn most of her keep and she seems just really spoiled as we see in that first scene where the bed just has so much stuff, and the way she was acting seemed a bit childish which to me is a turn off. The other two sisters sure their not the most beautiful but at least both of them we see actually do work and both of them along with the stepmom had next to nothing to start with, while Lucinda had practically everything handed to her. And personally I don't care if a girl looks like a super model or not as long as they have a great persona which I'm sure both the step sisters do; (on a side note I thought the sister Taylor is pretty and kinda cute).

      And of course the guy does get dumped by Lucinda which I felt a little bad for him (I said a little) but at the same time it was just a hard lesson for him showing that there truly is no such thing as love at first sight, and looks aren't everything.

      The final conflict was decent, it was suspenseful as we're hoping that Nick, Monroe, and Hank get there on time, I honest didn't want the last sister Taylor to die, she doesn't deserve it. And of course they save her on time but the highlight was seeing Nick and Monroe use that soundwave machine against Lucinda which I thought was cool, I always love it whenever they fight off hostile vessen with non cleche weapons and methods.

      The only bad things are that I don't feel two of the sisters Tiffiny and Taylor aren't rounded out enough, I would of liked a bit more depth on them. But then again it probably would've taken away the mystery element and there just wasn't enough time so I really can't complain too much about it. The other was part of the ending when they turned in the weapon which to me was unnecessary and felt like a deleted scene.

      Overall a soild episode and remember things are never as they seem.moreless
    • nothing special

      I guess I'm just comparing to the previous episode [which was fantastic], but I found this one kind of 'ho hum'.

    • Happily Ever Aftermath

      Happily Ever Aftermath was a superb episode of Grimm and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was a twisted tale of Cinderella with a darker plot. It was interesting to see the creatures Lucinda and Spencer really were and the high pitch frequency they could emit. The estates owned by each of the sisters were beautiful and definitely fairy tale material. I liked how Nick and Monroe worked together and it was awesome to see Spencer tell the truth to Hank making Nick uncomfortable. It was sad to see Nick use the device as evidence and turn it over. In the end every thing worked out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
    David Clayton Rogers

    David Clayton Rogers

    Arthur Jarvis

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    Amanda Schull

    Amanda Schull

    Lucinda Jarvis

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    Tom Wright

    Tom Wright

    Spencer Harrison

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      • Eddie: It's a legendary liminal being.
        Nick: And that means what?
        Eddie: Well, its two distinct states of existence simultaneous within one physical body. The duality of humanity. The yin and the yang. The Ike and Tina Turner of it all.

      • Eddie: God, there is some amazing stuff in this trailer. Do you have this place insured?
        Nick: Well, that would mean having to admit that it existed, so...
        Eddie: Ah. Yes, there's that.

      • Eddie: I got it! I got the device! Am I too late? Oh, no, I can't be too late, you're still alive. That's a good thing.

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        Canada: May 4, 2012 on CTV
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