Season 2 Episode 20

Kiss of the Muse

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2013 on NBC

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  • Kiss of Death

    This is another soild episode, it's not exactly a great one but I felt it was soild in establishing Juliet starting to finally have a role in the Grimm squad.

    The plot is soild it's the typical love potion or spell of the siren plotline but I feel this one is done pretty well. I liked the new wesen, I thought it was a creative idea and something different. Liked the design of her looks making her plesent and sexy looking, and almost another character in the Elf Quest comic series. This actress that plays Khloe is cute and sexy she sort of almost looks like actress Rachel Bilson. She was a soild villainess, she's the classic siren, like those creatures in Greek myth their beautiful or have the guise of a beautiful woman that imitates/emulates the person's deepest desire and lures them to misfortune. I like how in the trailer we then discover it was one of these creatures that made Van Gough go insane which makes sense.

    It's suspenseful as we see Nick mental state deterate as the desire for the Wesen increases and not at his own will, I couldn't help but be worried on how far it was going to go. Let alone this happens at the most inconvient time just when both Nick and Juliet were about to get back together. You could say this situation is just one more test of their love for each other, but her what I like is that it's the other way around as we see it's Juliet that has to save Nick's life this time.

    But I like how observant Juliet was as she along with the rest of the Grimm squad know that Nick isn't himself. I also like the fact that we finally see Juliet get all her memories of Nick back and she makes the right choice and believes in what he told her.

    This then gets her to take action and do what any good significant other should do which is to save the life of the one she loves. We see Nick over the edge and about to make a fatal mistake but Juliet intervenes and it was sweet as we see the words get thought to him and the psychological effect of the drugs wears out. Both of course hug which establishes that both are together again but most importantly that true love does come though in the end.
  • Season finale

    The script and event turnaround are loosely strung together, making the detectives look like idiots. Hank got a call from Monroe telling him to make sure Nick and the Musai should not be together, the next Hank told the officer to make sure Nick does not leave the scene, instead of holding him outside the door. Then the officer's response is 1 min slower. Then in the police station, instead of monitoring Nick after his episode in Musai's house, he was left alone and given new information. Aside from that, David Giuntoli has never been in healthy looking condition since beginning of season 2, always dark circle eye bag, afternoon shadow, no more clean cut handsome Nick like beginning of season 1. Story development wise, I like Mr Sandman the best. Hopefully they will have real good character and story development episodes coming forward.
  • Kiss of the Muse

    Kiss of the Muse was a superb episode of Grimm. I liked the wesen story line which added to Nick and Juliettes relationship as she ends up helping him. Monroe and Rosalee help out which was nice. The Muse like Wesen was a cool idea. I liked how things worked out and the ending with Captain Renard threatening the Muse wesen. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    Grimm is one of the few shows on television that I can easily enjoy. I liked how the main story line interacted with the Wesen-of-the-Week thing. Very clever. also, David's acting was great. I could really feel Nick's thoughts and emotions. :) Grimm forever!
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