Season 2 Episode 9

La Llorona

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • It WAS bigger than Christmas...

    For nothing could stop a tormented ghost called La Llorona, except a wesen aunt trying to protect Rafael Alvarez from the same fate of her nephew, a Balam child who now will never enjoy Halloween. And because Halloween is bigger than Christmas for wesen everywhere, Valentina achieves her little miracle, with the help of the local Grimm, saving three human children, including Rafael, for the one wesen child she lost.

    And because a small miracle befalls upon every wesen on Halloween, Captain Renard receives his, in the form of Juliette, or more precisley, a warning that will help save his life. For her world is falling apart, and soon she'll have to choose between the two she feels for.
  • A good ghost story for Halloween

    This was a very good episode of Grimm and nice that is was based on a Spanish legend. The way the detectives, with the help of the woman from New Mexico who had been victimized by the ghost, worked the case was very interesting. It was a somewhat frightening ghost as well and if I were younger probably would have been quite scary. Imbedded in the story was a nice Halloween sub story with Monroe and his very neatly decorated house and also the continuing plot line with Juliette. All in all a very good holiday story that fit the holiday perfectly.
  • Blooper

    Anyone else notice, right at the beginning the fisherman takes the lid off the bait twice, without ever putting it on in between? Also after he puts the lid on the basket it disappears from one shot to the next.
  • 2x09 - The Crying Woman

    I really liked this episode for many reasons especially for the Halloween love and the use of the legend of La LLorona. It was great how this episode expanded the mythology of the Grimm universe by showing in one episode that there are things out there other than wesen, ghosts exist, and there are 'monsters' that a Grimm can't handle. Very well done.

    I also got a kick out of the Spanish use, and the how the brief glimpse of the Spanish community wasn't an automatic gang-ghetto area (this has become a pet peeve for me lately) nor how a primarily Spanish speaker wasn't automatically illegal alien (that this never came up? Made me gleeful). So super-kudos to Grimm for showing a normal neighborhood with concerned neighbors, all willing to work with the police. Go show!
  • La Llorona

    La Llorona was a great episode of Grimm and I enjoyed watching because there was some decent character and plot development. The story was interesting and it was cool to see a Spanish or South American Folktale come to life in the series. I liked that Nick called Juliette in to translate but I wish there were more subtitles. It was interesting to learn more about the detective from New Mexico. I liked the way every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Of Ghosts and Vessens

    Really amazing episode! Guess it's not just the vessen Nick has to worry about.