Season 1 Episode 12

Last Grimm Standing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2012 on NBC
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An underground fight club where monsters participate in blood battles is tied to a murder that Nick and Hank are investigating.

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    In my opinion, the thing that makes it poor everything after Eddy is captured. Not freaking out in the cage, finding himself locked up. The fighting, with all the smart remarks. He showed no real credible fear. When Nick offers to take his place. Neither get dirty, or even break a sweat. I understand it's a fantasy show, but still. Can we get a little realism here?
  • Last Grimm Standing

    Last Grimm Standing was a superb and very entertaining episode of Grimm and I enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, the acting was great, and the ending was awesome! It was interesting to see this series do this type of episode. I felt bad for Juliet who was left home alone, probably yet again. There were some minor revelations and definitely more questions. I look forward to finding out more and watching the next episode to see how things will turn out!!!!!!!moreless
  • Grimm Fight

    I thought it was a lot better than last week episode, I guess when I see more of the Nick and Monroe duo seem to be better episodes. We also get a little information about Renard when one of them called him your highness, still have no idea who he really is though. Anniversary dinner with Juliette she seems to be having second thoughts on the whole relationship. It was fun watching the battles a lot of action I haven's seen in awhile. Good show...moreless
  • Last Grimm Standing

    This was the first episode that was really 'off' for me. It felt clunky, as if the fight scene was lengthened at the expense of the dialogue and story movement. It wasn't all bad, the thing with setting up the police captain and the prients totally worked, felt like no corners were cut there. What was the bit about Monroe removing the 'splinter' if they weren't going to use it? Why the horses? Isn't this show about Grimm tales set in modern times? So why not, I don't know, flatbeds? Humor could have been injected there a la redneck-style. Just sayin'. Why was the character of Monroe cowering now when before he been practically having to achieve Zen nirvana just to not wolf-out? And what's up with Nick is suddenly Buffy? Where was the training? It would have worked with both the characters of Nick and Juliette to have Nick dragging in all this contact fighting training equipment without much explanation, like "ooo honey, just thought I'd tighten up." Then you could see her thinking 'tighten up for who?"

    I get it, you want NICK to be the main guy. The fans are taking to Monroe. You are a hit. Don't mess with what's workin'.

    You do need a stronger female lead, and I think you know it. Why not think Star Trek and give Monroe or the police captain an interesting long burn sort of love interest, and then have Nick sample the grimmverse?

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Nick Chinlund

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    • Nick: Hey, what's up?
      Juliette: Some very exciting laundry.
      Nick: No wonder you called.
      Juliette: I'm going to the grocery store so I wanted to check in with you about our anniversary dinner. You do remember that, right?
      Nick: Dinner, when have I ever forgotten dinner?
      Juliette: Uh-huh, okay. So you're saying you want peanut butter and jelly tomorrow night?

    • Nick: So how long'd you think it take us to do ten miles?
      Hank: Depends on how fast we drive.

    • Eddie: Hey, man, I just wanted to say thanks for saving my life back there.
      Nick: Yeah, however long that lasts.
      Eddie: Here it comes.
      Nick: Bring it on!
      Eddie: Don't say that.

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