Season 1 Episode 19

Leave It to Beavers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • Reapers are not French

    The Reapers are definitely NOT French, and their fake French accent is terrible. I hate it when TV shows do that, hiring an American actor to play a French (or German or Italian...) character supposedly speaking in their mother tongue.
  • Pure Awesomeness

    This show just gets better and better. Loved the action scene....Nick was kicking some Reaper butt.....yeah!!! Very satisfying episode indeed! Also enjoyed the way he sent a strong message back to the other Reapers in Mannheim, Germany.

    As for why they were speaking French in Germany, I can only suspect that because of Mannheim's relatively close proximity to the French border (approx 78 km), there are most likely people there that speak French as well....not too much of a stretch to figure out why that is.
  • Characters becoming very endearing

    Monroe is so funny, I love his character.

    Juliette is hot!

    Nick has become a bad-ass grimm.

    That is all.
  • Leave It to Beavers

    Leave It to Beavers was a truly perfect episode of Grimm and I was very entertained watching because the story with the Beavers and Trolls and Reapers was awesome, the dinner with Monroe was funny and awkward and there was a lot of character development for Nick. It was great watching the same Beaver guy from previous episodes help Nick and try to help his own people in the process. Nick's action scene fighting the Reapers was spectacular and showed just how bad a$$ he is. The ending was great when Juliette showed Nick what people were dropping off and when Nick's message arrived in Germany. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Best Episode Of The Season So Far. Yes or Yes

    Great episode. Nick killing two reapers wooooooooow, looks awesome, now he became a real Grimm.
  • Best Episode So Far

    One of the best (maybe the best) episode so far but (imo) definitely the most entertaining one. It has everything to show you a really good time; action, character development, seriousness and humor.

    It was about time Nick gets to be a bit more badass and the Beavers as well as Monroe and Juliette contribute a great dose of humor as a counter point to the subtle but serious threat of the Reapers and the change in the status quo ("It has always been this way" traditions) that seems to exist in the Wesen world.

    Nick: "Monroe, name one aspect about our relationship that we would not have to lie about." ^^ Yeah, that gives one certain impressions. ^^ But I like it.

    This really is an episode I can watch over and over and it makes me giddy and smiling every time I do. I hope more like this is to come.

    There are only two things that irk me a bit.

    Why do they speak french in the german pub. Now there's nothing wrong about french people being regular in a german pub, but it would have made so much more sense to have them speak german. (I am from germany btw.) Same goes for the Reapers. At least they should have given them a good german accent with their english and not a french one.

    Also why did the Reapers beat up Salvatore? I mean he is on their side and there's no reason for them to do that. It would have been way better if the witness came forth, then they arrest Sal and then Nick gets followed by the Reapers. No need to beat up a potential ally. That does not exactly send the message: "If you have trouble with a Grimm, call the Reapers."

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