Season 1 Episode 7

Let Your Hair Down

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2011 on NBC

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  • What a Treehouse!

    Well told story, very touching, well acted, pacing was great. The only unfinished business was the guy in the "knuckle-draggers" basement. I assume someone found him. lol
  • An emotional episode

    This episode really had a pathos about it. And along with that there were a number of plot lines being played. Of course the primary story was about the discovery of the adopted girl who was also a blutbad and how she had been lost and living in the woods for nine years. It was touching to see how Monroe and Nick handled and helped her. Then there was the plot line of the three despicable brothers which played out interestingly and nicely in the overall story. Finally there was the line involving Addison and that one came to a good end as well. It was very clever and creative of this episodes writers to come up with this type plot and to carry it along so nicely.
  • Emotional

    It was nice to see an emotional story written so well.

    Best Bits: Monroe's connection with Holly was well handled.

    The return of Holly with her mother cause a little tear in my eye.

    Worst Bits: Two plot holes in the story this week - why did the next door neighbour Mr Addison

    Kidnap Holly in the first place?

    - That poor lad who was kidnapped by the drug dealer's brothers has been left in their

    basement. Nobody found him. I'm hoping they return to this story in another episode

    otherwise it would be a major disappointment.

    Overall an almost sharp episode. And Monroe continues to shine within the show.
  • Perfect Balance

    Until now I was on the fence about Grimm, but the writers found a really good balance between procedural cop show and supernatural - Nick in the woods with Monroe, Griffin in town with Wu. The story of the little girl was kind of sad but touching and well rounded. I just really envied her for that amazing treehouse.
  • Let Your Hair Down

    Let Your Hair Down was a superb episode of Grimm and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had hikers stumbling upon a Marijuana grower which was great, until he wanted to kill them, and then wild ferrell girl/blutbad with a huge Rapunzel like braid saves them. It was an interesting episode and it was fun to watch Eddie Wolf out with the girl to connect and keep her calm. It was also great to see Claudia Christian in a small role as the girls adoptive mother. This episode had some great scenes and touching moments. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!