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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on NBC
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After a strange group of female deaths and disappearances, Nick sends Monroe undercover to spy on a hypnotic suspect. Meanwhile, a stranger shows up in Portland and tries to get revenge on Nick for the death of a reaper, but he'll have to get past Captain Renard.


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  • Oh ... Not so great ... Again.

    After the episode last week, I had much higher hopes for this one as I thought the series was improving. After viewing this, with the latest 'featured creature' being a toad-eating serial rapist, I am, to say the least, less than impressed. The writing seems very weak and shallow quite often, and I found it more so in this fourth episode than I have before. 'Nick' still can't act, and other cast members and guests make him look inept. I really hope this changes because the lead (or leads) needs to be able to carry the show. Maybe he needs some drama coaching or something similar? He wouldn't be the first actor to benefit from this experience, and he won't be the last. He could still be finding his feet, but if that's the case, he needs to get a wriggle on.

    The amount of evil beings is really quite huge, and they seem to have to handle several of them in each episode instead of dealing with one at a time. They should take a leaf from the book (and the success) of 'Supernatural' and watch how it's done.

    This episode was very 'busy', lots going on at once, and, quite literally, plenty of 'good cop, bad cop', in the form of Nick's boss. Monroe is great, the best by far and with excellent comic timing.

    I won't give up on this show yet, but I'm starting to tap my foot waiting for them to pull out something REALLY eye-catching.moreless
  • Lonelyhearts

    Lonelyhearts was a great episode of Grimm and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Nick discovered a new creature that was pretty cool and interesting. It was entertaining to watch the story play out. This was a well written episode and the actors were perfect in their roles. It was great how the owner of the Bramble House just ate the toad or frog. It was fun and I enjoyed learning the background of the creature. I definitely like the way they produce the show and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Another solid episode but still kinks to work out


    I am happy that Grimm showed up with a second good episode in a row. I actually enjoyed the majority of the episode. I liked the story. It was very interesting. A serial rapist with a spin. I've seen serial rapists on Law & Order SVU and CSI NY but never presented this way.

    The rapist was a sicko who was holding women hostage in his basement, using gas to keep them confused and defenseless. It bothered me that when Nick and Hank were in the house the first time, there was not even a hint of sound from the basement, yet the instant Hank enters the house later on, he can here muffled sound. It didn't seem probable. I suppose that when Nick and Hank were visiting the first time, the three women were too gassed up to make a fuss, but how can the rapist possibly run an inn with guests coming and going if the women can make any sounds at all at ANY time of the day? Also, the newlyweds who were leaving seemed a little suspicious to me. The woman kissed the rapist on his neck when she hugged him before leaving. I thought this might tie in somehow, later on, but it didn't.

    I have complained about it before but I have to complain again. Nick, and Hank, have a total disregard for police procedure. I know this show is a fantasy about a Grimm chasing monsters but since Nick is a cop they should at least PRETEND he knows how to follow the rules that cops must follow. Hank is no better. They should have checked the house for broken windows/glass the first time they visited. Hank used a lame excuse, that tiny shard of glass, to go into the house. It was so small and he picked it up with his bare hands. Would it even be considered legitimate evidence? Later, when Nick tracked Hank, and realized that Hank was still in the house, it didn't make sense that he would burst in on his own to save his partner. Exactly WHEN does Nick think it's appropriate to call for back up? He's lucky his partner wasn't seriously hurt. And to add to this, how could Nick and Hank forget that they'd put the tracking device on the suspect's car? That was a truly dumb moment near the end.

    On another note, it was funny when Hank was delusional because of the gas. The bed and doorknob came to life. I liked those quick scenes. I also like Eddie but I wish they would find some way to use him other than Nick running to him for help every week. Eddie is a funny character that really helps this show out but I'm already bored of Nick going to him for help. Surely there's something else he can do? Also, it doesn't really make sense at this point why Eddie still helps Nick. At least in the Lonelyhearts episode we see that Nick pays him to help, plus he's going to a bar, which is no hardship of course :-) But this is something that hasn't been rightfully explained just yet.

    The scene in the bar was really funny. I liked Nick's and Eddie's exchange over the phone, plus the way Eddie was all but attracted to the serial rapist. My husband and I laughed so loud when Eddie put his head on his hand and looked almost adoringly at the rapist flirting with the woman. That's the most I've laughed at any moment on this show.

    Another thing the writers need to fix is Nick's relationship with his deceased aunt. If it wasn't for Nick going to her motor home to look at the book of monsters, we wouldn't even know that she'd existed. It's like she wasn't there. I thought he loved her but up to this point, he has not grieved for her or looked sad about her death and it doesn't make sense.

    Another cool aspect about the episode was the captain's role being established a little more. It's clear that he's a head honcho. If a reaper has to bow before him he must be very, very important. I'm worried that he's the head of all the monsters (or whatever) and Nick will have to defeat him. I don't want this show to become about defeating the same stupid villain every single season (assuming we see more seasons). I think it's a much better idea for the captain to be one of many very powerful bosses so that Nick can just kick his a$$ and be done with it. Just my opinion. I'm sure the captain has something very bad planned for Nick since he wouldn't let the reaper kill him. I'm looking forward to seeing this development.

    I think it's time to conclude this very long review. I think that this episode was as good as episode three and that is very promising. I'm still not yearning for Grimm each week the way I yearn for other shows such as Once Upon a Time or American Horror Story, but it definitely has a lot of potential.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: The name of the creature, Billy Capra, is an amalgamation of Billy (as in Billy Goat), and Capra (the genus of goats).

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Juliette: You know, in biology, like systems tend to integrate.
      Nick: That's so romantic.
      Juliette: How about we get the shopping done and go home and integrate?
      Nick: Give me a list, get the car started.

    • Hank: He's not taking the car? Well, he's got to take the damn car. I just got beneath the car and got a grease spot for nothing.

    • Monroe: Okay. Who am I supposed to be?
      Nick: Just yourself.
      Monroe: That's a little disappointing.

    • Nick: Well, can you get closer to him? I need to hear what he's saying.
      Monroe: Check this out. I am moving in on the bar. Excuse me, pal. There is an opening directly to her left. I'm about 20 feet from the bar right now, I can be at that opening...
      Nick: Okay, I don't need to know every thing you're doing.
      Monroe: Well, excuse me for being thorough.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: November 18, 2011 on CTV
      Sweden: December 8, 2011 on TV6
      UK: March 5, 2012 on Watch
      Czech Republic: October 8, 2012 on Prima COOL
      Germany: March 4, 2013 on Vox