Season 2 Episode 15

Mr. Sandman

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2013 on NBC
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    Grimm "Mr. Sandman" Review: The Fly

    “Mr. Sandman” was a clunky episode, lurching around while trying to hit all of Grimm’s storylines.

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    Nick and Hank investigate a Wesen who can feed on its victims' tears... and drive them blind. Meanwhile, Rosalee tries to help Juliette regain her memories.

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    • I think it was good...

      ... I think. Hard to be sure, since I spent so much of it with my eyes squeezed shut. :)

      Pretty standard monster-of-the-week, except more gruesome (I have a thing about eyes, can you tell?) But I did enjoy the group meal towards the beginning, as well as a little more development on the "what exactly is a Grimm?" front.

      My take: a Grimm is, well, something else. Not human, not Wesen, not royal, but something else entirely.

      Remember those episodes last season when various Wesen (most notably, the shrink who was experimenting with his patients and caused some to go full Woge against their will) dropped hints that Grimms have their own sets of instincts, and Renard said that "a Grimm on his own is dangerous for all of us," and this year, Monroe flat-out told Nick that a kehrseite was "a regular person. NOT like you or me. Like

      Plus, I'd been wondering since last year... if being able to see Wesen when they don't want to be seen is the main thing that distinguishes a Grimm (genetically-speaking), then that totally does NOT explain why they are so fearsome to Wesen. After all, OTHER Wesen can see them when they don't want to be seen too! What makes a Grimm more fearsome than, say, a Huntjaeger? Answer: there's something else that distinguishes a Grimm.

      I agree with other reviewers that the enhanced senses were part of being a Grimm and just waiting for some circumstance to come along and awaken them. I think it doesn't stop there... I also think that, in addition to that and the seeing Wesen and the innate fighting skill, being a Grimm also comes with its own set of inhuman instincts, of which Nick is probably not even consciously aware. That's one of the reasons, I think, why we've been seeing him getting more, "Grimm-like" over this season; the killer instinct is starting to wear him down, especially since he isn't even consciously aware of it yet. I hope that's the case, because I think that's interesting; can't wait to see it revealed if it is. :)moreless
    • My "Answers" to comments raised here

      Nicks Upgrade: it's part Grimm and part a result of that encounter, probably. Like the potential is there, but had to be activated. Doesn't happen for every Grimm, bla bla bla. Something like that.

      Ghostly Nick: Remember that Rosalind didn't see/hear anything? It's Juliettes memories trying to surface. As such, the thing she could remember, about the voice saying something about her having to know the truth -- that was Nicks voice. IIRC, it's from just before the whole thing started to go bad. As for the floor disappearing -- not much of an idea here. Might just be a smoke screen, or it metaphors the gap in her memory.moreless
    • Power-Up Grimm!

      Great episode and brought up one question i've had for a long while.

      Are Grimms Part Wesen? Bespelled by a hexenbeast? Vanilla-mortal? Or superior through genetics and exposure to the supernatural?

      I do hope Nicks new extra-sensory ability is because he's a Grimm and not because of fly-guy.
    • Bitter-Sweet

      Intense episode. Had me on the edge of my seat.

      He had a bitter - sweet moment. Blinded, but an improved sense of awareness when he got back his sight.

      That was a nice upgrade for Nick.

      I wonder what it meant with Juliette seeing Nick as a ghostly figure?
    • Mr. Sandman

      Mr. Sandman was a superb episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because the story wad interesting. There was some character development and minor plot progression throughout. It was creepy to see what the villainous Wesen was doing. Juliette is making progress. I liked how everything unfolded. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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