Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2013 on NBC

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  • more Grimm intrigue

    Did anyone else catch the Farscape reference? Username was Aeryn Sun. That was more fun for me than figuring out the Rumplestiltskin anagram. Overall, I am now thinking that Juliette is being used (possessed?) to get into Nick's trailer. I know some people rag on this show but I believe it is great for a big 4 (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) network. The old networks just don't let these kinds of shows last too long. Enjoy the ride.
  • Can't believe Nick didn't notice!!

    And I really hope I wasn't the only one! Feels real good to see some hidden messages: name guessing, weird anagram - RUPMELSTILTSKIN FTW!!!!

    [edit] somehow Rumpel's name got lost overnight?!
  • It was ok...

    I watched this on Hulu yesterday, and had to strain my memory this morning to remember what happened in this episode. It wasn't bad (I don't count an episode as being "bad" unless it strains my ability to suspend disbelief, and this episode did not do that), but it wasn't particularly memorable.

    That said, I did like seeing more of Sgt. Wu. Nice that he got a chance to shine a bit, just by doing some old-fashioned detective work. :) (btw, why is he an officer, when he's the one who does the most in the way of old-fashioned detective work?)
  • Grimm is Awesome, This Episode was Meh

    Although i love Grimm and i think it is consistently entertaining but this episode just didn't do it for me it just did not thrill me and there was not enough fighting unlike the last episode ( Which was AMAZING )
  • Lacking

    As a huge fan of Grimm, I am happy to think of this episode as a minor blemish on an otherwise superb show. Grimm, while consistently entertaining, often has the odd episode of sheer gold; unfortunately this was not one of those times.

    Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad but if it were the first episode I watched then I doubt I would make the time to tune in next week. Maybe this is just because I have done my fair share of online gaming so I found their representation of it torturing; maybe it was the occasionally jarringly bad acting of the main victim and killer... not to mention completely a ridiculous plot line even by Grimm's standards.

    Once again, the episode wasn't bad, it just was a little disappointing after what has been an excellent second season.
  • Nameless

    Nameless was a superb episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because the story had some intriguing elements of mystery and horror. It was interesting to see a game company create a game called Black Forest. Juliette starts seeing something and seeks help at the spice shop. It was great how various story lines are interweaving. I liked how things were revealed and how events unfolded. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!