Season 2 Episode 14

Natural Born Wesen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2013 on NBC

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  • In the criminal justice system, wesen are represented by two separate but equally important groups...

    the Grimm who investigate crimes, and the Royal who prosecute the offenders. These are, well, should've been, their stories. And, hopefully, will be again once the tension within the department is gone. In the meantime, however, wesen will be wesen and Monroe will be in the middle of a bank robbery in which the masks they wear are human. As their own ancestors did, once upon a time.
  • Great masks for robbing banks

    This was no where near a favorite episode overall but still good. It started with Nick recovering from the love potion cure and the second part of the cure being given to Juliette and Captain Renard. Shortly after Monroe happens to be in a bank which is being robbed by three creatures using their secret Wesen identities as very realistic disguises. The story revolves around these three bank robbers and how they are violating the laws of the Wesen. In between the main story line we find Juliette dealing with a surrealistic experience alone in her house while attempting to remember more of her life with Nick prior to being scratched by the poisoned cat. Ultimately Nick deals with the Wesen bank robbers to resolve the primary plot. Again, a decent episode but nowhere near the best.
  • Natural Born Wesen

    Natural Born Wesen was a superb and very entertaining episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because the character growth and plot development was fantastic. This could be a classic turning point in the series as a whole as Nick, Captain Renard and Hank start working together. The story was intriguing and the introduction of The Wesen Council was awesome. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!