Season 2 Episode 6

Over My Dead Body

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • Would be a really good episode, but for one small problem...

    This episode was fun, engaging, it was nice to see emotion in Nick and the Hank/Monroe scenes were fantastic. It was emotional and not boring. It was a good episode.

    It just suffered from one... little... plot... hole.

    Ok... what exactly was the plan???!!! The reason I ask is, the one thing that they knew going in, was that somebody had hired a middle-man to hire Angelina to kill Monroe. And they knew that the reason was to send a message to other Wesen, that being friends with a Grimm was bad for your health. They knew this, because the middle-man said so, in so many words.

    But here's the thing... to actually send a message using somebody's death, you kind of need to keep the body, so as to show it off in some way. "Yes, there was this Wesen named Monroe, and he was friends with a Grimm, and I had him killed. Where's the body? Oh, never mind that, I just left it to the person who I hired to kill him," is not much of a message.

    When Nick sent the Head Reaper the heads of his reapers, now THAT was a message. But for that, you need to keep the body. The entire, "pretend to be dead so they stop trying to kill me," plan was never going to work, because anyone interested in using Monroe's corpse to send a message was of course going to take Monroe's corpse with them! And probably cut off his head to show it to the other Wesen.

    So... what exactly did Monroe hope to accomplish by playing dead? I'd really like to know.
  • My third episode and it is so good

    I had heard of this show but never had time to watch it until just last month. Well I can say it is loads of fun after three episodes. Being a big fan of the Dresden novels this obviously should make me happy. The supernatural detective based on fantasy characters living in our world is a fantastic development. This episode really used that background well. The various people/creatures really were written perfectly. And not knowing much of the background yet I still was able to fairly well figure out how the characters were related. There was also the emotions that developed, particularly with Monroe and Angelina. And still not knowing what happened with Juliette and Nick it was nice seeing them starting to come together again. And finally I realized the Captain is dealing with his own problems along these lines as well. I am definitely looking forward to future episodes while I will try to catch up on old ones when I can.
  • Over My Dead Body

    Over My Dead Body was a perfect episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character development as Juliette tried to get to know Nick now. It was also interesting to learn there was a hit out on Monroe and the person hired to kill him ended up becoming someone from his past. It was great how the story unfolded and I liked how it all played out. It was intriguing to see someone close to Renard in his territory causing trouble. There were some sad moments as well. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Over my dead body

    This episode was great and I am sad that Angelina died. I wonder what Monroe cooked for Rosalee and his date. I am glad we now got confirmation about why humans cannot see them. I also love Juliette and Nick progress and cannot wait to see what happen on the next episode which is centered around the kiss