Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2012 on NBC

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  • muito bom

    aguentar o proximo ep at dia 28, no facil
  • Quill

    Quill was a perfect and intriguing episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because Juliette started to remember some interesting scenes from the past and coaxed information out of one of the friendly Wesen who was a part of them. The story was well written and it was nice to see more layers being added as Renard was informed by some one, whose name and position is yet to be revealed, about the families sending a Wesen for "The Key" which I assume is in Nick's possession. I also enjoyed how Monroe and Rosalee went on a picnic though it was ruined by a porcupine type Wesen. The Wesen sent by the families looked similar to a Hyena to me and I'm curious to learn more. I see Nick's secret being revealed to Juliette and I think it's nice that a group might be forming and every one can contribute. It was intriguing to see Renard looking up the Obituary for Nick's parents. I liked how every thing played out and I'm certainly looking forward to more episodes of this amazing, creative and awesome series!!!!!!!!!
  • Quill?

    Okay, first, this has become one of my top three shows to watch, so I am an avid fan. That being said, the writing in this one was below par and staggering. Only a few weeks ago, Hank was shooting at shadows and nearly not sleeping at all, and now it's "oh, is that another one those?"

    And the cure that works so quick when every other potion out of Rosalee's shop took some time and some doing? Sheesh!

    And of course the one infected Other who doesn't change in the middle of rage just happens to be the one who attack's Wu, someone who knows nothing about what's going on. Cheap, transparent, convenience writing that chickened out on the complication.

    Enough with lazy incongruities by example, and there were more... but the off the mark title is emblematic of all the problems. "Quill"... really now? How about...

    Fever... Pig Pox... A Kiss is not a Kiss... Forgotten But Not Lost... Accidental Secrets... Welcome to My World... To Wu and not to Woo... and on and on all off the cuff. I'm sure something better than these would be better,but the writers are getting lazy, and I don't want to see this show falter like this.
  • A bit of a letdown.

    The Quill episode just didn't grab me the way previous episodes did. I don't think it was in the writing...rather it was I suspect, in the directing. Don't know why but I kept looking at my watch which indicates I was somewhat bored.
  • Another Great Episode

    Loved this episode, fun watching Hank discover the world of a Grimm. :)