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  • So Sad!

    Juliette was my favourite character from the beginning. She was no damsel in distress nor drama queen pondering on her bad luck and was prepared to face the hardships of being the significant other of a police officer.... But then comes along Adalind... Now I've read a lot of people blaming Nick for Juliette turning evil. But I think (just like her when Nick told him about being a Grimm) was flabbergasted and wasn't ready to accept it. I mean not was he only (in his eyes) changing completely Juliette's life because of him but also she was turning into the one Wessen he hates the most. And I would have been more than okay with Juliette being a Hexenbiest. Heck, it would have been awesome... If they did it correctly. Like her exploring her powers, She would have been more involved in Nick's world and not in complete disadvantage against Wessen opponents, Nick learning to accept them and stuff.

    But no, she has this WTF complete make-over character. In Headache you would think that she finds some humanity before killing Kelly but noooo. And it kinda looks bad for the entire series, because Nick is such a different Grimm because he sees the humanity in the Wessens and that's how he acts. Not because they look different they are evil. But then Juliette goes Wessen and now she's bad?

    And about Kelly's death.... Seasoned, bad ass, already-escaped-death-once Grimm goes without any background recognition, brings along the baby of doom (couldn't she find a nanny?) and dies in two minutes.

    1. Why did she bring the baby in the first place???? She knows that bay is better left hidden and that it would be of little help if Nick was indeed in danger. (And most surely after all if he was in danger it would be connected to that kid's affairs).

    2. Why didn't Diana, the all mighty one, do anything to save the one she considered her mother?

    3. WTF is wrong with Diana being that big? It wasn't even one year since she was born and she looks 3-4 years old?

    And the cherry on the top: Adalind pregnant with Nick's baby... they couldn't find a more soap-opera-ish turn could they? And making her all sympathetic and stuff... just nope.

    It didn't make any sense! A whole season of her only wanting her powers and she was ready to drink that potion.... WHAAAT? That was so OOC.

    I hope they put their act together for next season. They already turned my favourite female character onto some vindictive, over-the-top, cliche bitch. What else could go wrong?

    BTW is not hate (as a lot of people seem to suggest on people displeased with the last events) but it's more like feeling disappointed. I'm having a really hard time finding TV series that I actually like and keep watching on a regular basis. Grimm is one of them. Now I'll keep watching with hopes that it gets better. I understand things change and evolve. But this was just wrong.

    My rating would have had a way better rating if not for this last season.
  • What is going on?!

    Been my #1 fave show since pilot, have been a die-hard fan ever since. The fantastic and clever writing, solid acting, ensemble cast, settings, have made Grimm a standout IMO. But the last few episodes have marked a SHARP departure from the previous quality of the writing, which has suddenly become oversimplified. I also feel it was a bad idea to write Kelly and especially Juliet out of the show--although maybe Adalind is going to eat her heart and eyeballs next season so she can get her powers back, and Juliet will return! mwahahahaha! IDK, the writers seem to have lost their previous flair for subtle complexity that kept me glued to each new episode. It kinda feels "broken" and a bit too contrived now, to quote rhino4. But I'll be there next season, just hoping it gets its groove back, it's been such a great show.
  • Assassin's Creed!

    This season finale was AWESOME! Especially when Nick pulled out a hidden blade! I wonder if the Grimm Family worked with the Brotherhood in the past? Cause if they did, that would be AWESOME-SAUCE!
  • I want to see the vaguing of the Grimm!!!!!

    almost all characters can vague, but why not the grimm? it's 4 seasons now so maybe it's time to reveal some hidden powers of a grimm
  • Things are grimm, interpret that as you will

    While grimm has been a solid show, I wasnt a big fan of this season. I personally thought the whole making nick mortal thing at the beginning was stupid. It picked up with the wesenrien and Juliette becoming a hexenbiest sort of fell flat in my did love the finale because it was fun to see nick go for blood. Im willing to go back for 5 and see where this goes.
  • Great show, Ignorant viewers, Can't wait for Next Season!

    Cant understand why people are hating this show, It has been nothing but great, the suspense, thrill and creative ideas put in are just amazing. It keeps you hooked wanting more and more and the storyline is getting better and better by the minute. I'm sorry guys but this show did deliver, and like many other fans can't wait to see the next season! My advice is if you hate it then STOP WATCHING!
  • Round and Round she goes, where she stops nobody knows

    Not sure what the writers are up to but those of us that have grown attached to the characters are getting a pretty good bruising. The only thing that can see happening is nick's mom turning in to snow white and nick, woo, hank, Monroe, Troubl, Rosalie and Bud turn in to the 7 dwarfs. (Snow white is a Grimm fairy tale) Somehow someway prince charming appears and puts Kelly Burkhardt back together with a kiss. Then Juliette appears on the scene and Kelly takes her head. I just wonder who would be grumpy or sneezy. Just kidding of course.

    One character that has been quiet has been Diana and I don't think that she will take too kindly to this new family arrangement. Kelly has been her momma for a while and she will no doubt miss her. We do know the kid has powers and has already shown the ability to make things move, disappear and reappear. The Royals may have gotten a whole lot more than they bargained for, when Diana realizes her momma is not returning.

  • 1 last chance to fix season

    I have no idea of what happened to the writers of this show after X-Mass this year. They wasted a chance to use Juliette in a positive, exciting direction. Instead, the writers chose to send her down the path of almost pure evil. Julitte is now being shown as selfish and callous as any corporate . This coupled with a string of idiotic Wesson has almost destroyed this show. Now, the last 2 episodes have taken some steps in the right direction. Nick almost has his backbone again and the captain was healed. The death of Nick's mom however, was just stupid. She survived by being cunning and careful. Now we are to belive that she would blindly walk into that trap of the royals. Also, Diana was able to use illusions to aid people to escape as an infant. Now, there are some ways to repair the damage the show has inflicted on itself. For example, if Nick's mom and the captain's mom were able to deceive the royals with a fake death and child. The child shown in the show seemed to be at least 2 years old. That conflicts with the pregnancy timeline of Adiland. Yes the child could be aging faster, but that would only be another foolish idea of the show. This special child who could cause earth tremors as an infant, did nothing to aid Nick's mom. I still hold out hope that the show takes this last chance to redeem itself. Allowing Nick's mom, Diana and the captain's mom to have tricked the royals would be a good start.
  • I have no idea why so many people are hating on this

    Well actually... I do sort of understand. The show has taken a drastic turn and I guess some people are too weak to take this. This show has been in an unending cycle of nothing really happening and now it is getting really exciting. I guess these old hags in the reviews can't handle this show anymore.
  • Are the writers afraid of POWERFUL women???

    So, another horrible episode of GRIMM! I am with the others who say it is time to say goodbye to the whole lot of them. First, Nick should have been cool with Juliette becoming a hexenbeest. After everything they had done to her, he should have simply accepted her and her POWERS! What an awesome team of crime fighters they could have become if the now very-powerful Juliette could be used to stop Vessen crime. Then, they bring back Adelaide and try to make her sympathetic and nice - no, no, no. Then they bring in Henrietta, whom I was looking forward to get to know as another powerful woman, only to kill her off. Then, they kill off the Grimm Mother, another powerful woman who could have been a great ally! All because Nick was too much of a weenie to see the change in Juliette as a positive one. Instead, he acted just like Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie and Darrin Stevens in Bewitched back in the 60s. Just like him, their woman had special and very helpful powers that their men COULDN'T handle, so the men tried to control the women themselves. Juliette could have become a much stronger character and they could have moved things forward. I like Juliette as a hexenbeest and I am very, very angry at the writers for what they have done to wreck the show. Now its just boring and stupid, with disposable women - oh BTW, who cares that Sean Renard killed a bunch of hookers, he's still the captain so they get no justice at all and neither does Henrietta. Stupid mistake.
  • Last one for me too!

    The actors can thank the sorry writers for destroying a great show! I've been sick of the stupid baby search crap but even more sick of how weak they made Nick. The left tie entire concept of the show making him weaker each week. A Grimm is nothing now so you need to change the name to Wimp!
  • Goodbye Grimm... down the toilet you go

    Very disappointing and it just gets worse every Friday. Agree with most reviewers/ fans that the writers just totally killed this awesome show. Nick's mom gone?? this is it for me.
  • Is this Ross and Rachel from Friends? This is my last season....

    I can't believe they ruined this show. I watched this show from episode 1 and loved the characters. Monroe being my favorite, but now, I'm so tired of Juliette and the dragging on between her and Adelaide's baby! These guys used up an ENTIRE SEASON with these two problems not being resolved! I feel like I got nothing out of this season. It's worse than Rachel and Ross for Pete's sake! I'm more frustrated that I was hoping progress would be made, but nothing at all changed. From the first episode of the season to the last episode of the season (yes I know there's a few more but something tells me we'll still be at the same situation), I feel like I got stuck in a time loop. Almost like the writers had nothing to write about and decided to see how many episodes they could repeat, leaving the same issues hanging (ie: bullet holes on Renaud, Adelaide's baby, and that annoying character that I never even liked from the beginning - Juliette! She's so irritating!) I think they should kill her character off by the end of this season. It's tiring, as is this show. Every episode this season has left me upset, not happy. I felt miserable every time I watched an episode from this season. Sorry guys - I probably won't pick this up again in September. It was a good run up until this season.
  • Juliette has GOT to go!

    I already didn't like her character and once they turned her, I thought she might finally get cool but they have made her a selfish vindictive bitch and I hate her even more. Plus, now Nick has turned into a weak character, which is stupid since he's a Grimm. Time to get rid of Juliette!! If the show doesn't improve within 2 or 3 more episodes, I'm done watching. Just waste an hour every Friday that I could be watching something else. Maybe they will have Nick's Mom kill Juliette of and we can finally be done with her!!
  • Why has Grimm gotten so stupid?

    The writers have decided to ruin a great show. A little bit of "soap opera" back story can help a series remain interesting but to destroy your main characters with a piss poor plot line is criminal. My wife and I have been avid viewers since the pilot but the past 4 episodes have destroyed the series for us. We are sad about what has been done to the characters that we have grown to love. It is too painful to watch a promising series destroyed by the writers' lack of imagination. It is always harder to write something great than to scribble down trash. Lazy, formulated and pathetic. Too bad that garbage has won. Good Bye Grimm.
  • Now It Is Broken

    Too bad we cannot rate the writers instead of the show. I would give them a minus number. This show worked, even with the occasional soap bubble. Now they have gone too far, thinking angst is good writing. It is not. The Grimm premise worked, especially when the team was fully formed, Nick, his partner and Woo, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee. That had rhythm, and a nice humorous snap. This soap opera pap doesn't even deserve a YouTube channel. I'm done. Grimm is off the selection list.
  • i am unsatisfied

    i am telling you that the writers are making juliette a total asshole and i hate her character! i am so mad that they turned uer like that! and that Nick now has a baby with Adalind? wow these writers really want more viewers and are trying hard to ruin the show with evil Juliette and the reinassance and Nicks mom now thinking nick is actually in trouble! i am now really mad that they did that! i understand that other people like the new juliette but i honestly liked it better when she was a innocent person. i hate the new juliette! i am being honest and straight forward! i hate her and her attitude! sorry but i am being honest! i can't stand watching this show anymore! i am sorry writers but i am being honest. can we have the old juliette back?
  • Talk about putting a show in the toilet!!!!!!

    I guess the writers think that day time drama, soaps, are the way to kill a previously clever show and drop a loyal audience. So, a sweet girlfriend dumps her love of many years and on that same day screws her boyfriend's boss, burns down a treasured archive, allows the "pathetic royals" to kill anyone they want, and then sets up the ex-mom for death and puts a child in jeopardy. Of course, she will then try to kill her best friends at the spice shop since this is what you do when writers think they are soooooo smart and clever. What dropped on your head other than a pile of stupid? Thanks for ruining my favorite show. Now you get how dumb you are, I am the demographic you would want- adult woman.

    I have a great idea, since you are sooo clever, next you can have Rosalie get pregnant by Woo, dump Monroe, her true love, and make Woo a mythical beast. Now you have the best stupid show and will continue to loose more of your audience. Do not worry, there are so many people who are actually mourning the death of day time soaps, so perhaps you found your new niche.

    Better yet, you can be even smarter and have Juliette in the shower and have her tell Nick the weird dream she just had and make the entire year a joke, alla Dallas.
  • Grimm with Juliette

    I'm sick of Juliette and Nick's relationship. It's always drama. Kill her off and bring back the young Grimm and let her stay with Nick. She can help with Nick and Rosales's baby. Get back to basis of the killing the Wesens!!!!

  • The Path to self destruction

    Wow I cannot believe how hard the writers are trying to make Nick look like a complete and utter fool. It is getting to the point where Nick is surviving because of plot convenience. (Hard to have a show called Grimm if the Grimm is

    Watching the trailer go up in smoke this week my only thought was now I will have my question answered, in the age of portable scanning technology did Nick back up the books against just such an event. Make a bet with everyone - given Nick appears to be an absolute idiot I am betting the answer is no... At which point it strike one.

    Now Juliette, what can I say about Juliette, instead of exercising the opportunity of exercising the possibility of some truly mind bending and entertaining character development with Juliette the writers went with the unimaginative and frankly tiresome raging beast. Super powerful and has done absolutely NOTHING to develop or advance the story line and if anything has damaged the story line possibly beyond repair. This could be the beginning of the slow fall into confused and stupid.

    Also by the writers own mythos I wonder if they have realized they have sentenced the character of Juliette to death, with no chance of reprieve other than her defending herself and if they take her powers away the only way she lives is plot convenience. What did she do? She has been flashing her powers and woging in PUBLIC - remember the bar. The Wesen council has a VERY firm stance on that kid of thing. The offender dies. Case in point they sent an assassin into the FREAKING POLICE STATION to kill two offenders. A psyco hexenbiest on the war path would definitely have to be put down period. (and don't tell me that someone in that bar didn't film and post For that matter dealing with the oh so trust worthy Royals. Juliette is dead hexinbiest walking in her current state, sadly in her current state she would be no loss to the show as she has done nothing for story advancement.

    Renard, fix him or kill him but end the pointless bullshit. The way his storyline is tracking it is just dragged out and annoying. Like soooo many other subplots in the last four seasons.

    The one and only truly bright light in this show is the attention showed to Munroe and Rosalee, if they writers had been as competent with the rest of the characters as these two this show would have had a remarkable season.

    Instead the season is devolving into 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag.

    Adelind... oh Adelind, I am strangely intrigued by the possibilities here and I am not fond of this character but there is real potential here. But given the recent track record of the writers I am predicting more of the mundane and predictable. Oh joy more daytime soap opera writing. Frak me...

    So my hope is the writers grow a pair and actually work on developing the fraking story. This stagnation and mile long list of unanswered questions from four years. I am beginning to believe that the writers are incapable of completing a storyline any more complicated then a harilquinn romance...

    In case the writers are wondering what a good story can do, there exists a show that is over 50 years old, has to date over 800 episodes made and for those who watch it is about the quality of Story. Always has been.

    I hope I am wrong because I would miss this show, but until the writers shoot for more then predictable and expected and develop an advancing story line again I believe we are seeing Grimms beginning of it's first steps on it's Path to Self Destruction...

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to read.

    And it is with heavy heart I sign off...
  • Going Dark

    I am totally appalled with the way Juliette is behaving. She is completely self-centered and vindictive. Burning the trailer and the lore collected over centuries--all gone and irreplaceable. I don't see any hope of Juliette and Nick getting back together as this is an unforgivable act. And how could Juliette ever accept Nick having a baby with Adeland. Nick did not give Juliette the acceptance and love she needed, but that is no excuse to become so vindictive. Both Juliette and Nick have been thrown under the bus. This series has become a horror show instead of an interesting and amusing sci-fi show with lovable characters. I also don't understand all the fans who think all of this is OK. Do I want to keep watching a show that is just one long trail of misery? Probably not
  • whip some tail nick

    I like the show a lot we record them all but I do hope they get nick and juliett back together and make nick accept her for what and who she is now they have her not working how is she supporting her self. sincerely virginia
  • Nick an Asshole

    Nick is piece of shit... an asshole... starting to dislike the show because of him...
  • grimm

    Think this is a very entertaining show. Love the interaction among the characters. Hope they keep juliette a hexenbeist. Makes the show much more interesting and let's her have a more fun character to play. She really can kick it! Keep it going. Also we have not seen some of the powers from Nick recently that he acquired from some of the wesen he has encountered. Would like to see him start using these. Makes him more special than a normal person - which as a grimm he SHOULD be.
  • Grimm Discombobulation

    My favorite show is circling down the drain.

    They take a few week break and come up with this? "Hibernaculum" has a disjointed, hurried, lazy excuse for a script.

    Why the cast didn't refuse to do this one after reading this crap is beyond my understanding.

    The heat orgy scenes were repulsive, played poorly and the entire premise was laboriously forced and real-world "consequences" non-existent.


    Grade: F
  • last nights episode was ridiculous

    hope the writers get this train back on the track and stop with these ridiculous wessen that freeze people or start fires or are not even cool
  • Juliette and Renard for life!

    I love Grimm. I just discovered it a week ago, and binge watched the entire series in 5 days. Plus the newest episode tonight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's so interesting, original, hilarious, romantic and crazy drama filled! I ship Juliette and Renard so much. I hope they end up together and Nick can find someone more like him. Perfect show, perfect characters, and amazing story line so far. The Adalind thing going on... OMG crazy. I cannot wait for more. I hope this goes on for many more seasons.
  • She has grown!

    Grimm is the only show I am really following and enjoying right now. I have really enjoyed how much Juliette has grown as a character! Her being a vet has been way, way, WAY under valued and used in the plot lines!! Vets are extremely tough, intelligent and strong people who deal with life and death situations daily. Ever watched a vet team put together a dog or cat that's been the victim of a fight or run over by a vehicle???? Juliette kicking ass and defending herself is EXACTLY what I expect of her and so very glad somebody who is writing her parts finally got some sense. Yeah, who ever was writing her parts those first couple of seasons needed to get on down the road and let someone else do the writing. So glad it looks like Juliette has finally found her stride, she is now my favorite character. And, has anyone else figured out that Grimms are wesson, too??? It's a genetic thing, they look/act normal until they become active... sounds just like how Monroe described first having a vouge experience and his parents explaining. Ourladyofthehedges
  • lovin it

    absolutely loving grimm right now, with new twist and hexanbease
  • hmmmmmmmmmm

    for now i am reviewing my previous review...
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