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  • love it

    Great show LOVE IT LOVE IT
  • Question, questions!

    Is Hank a grimm? Or maybe not only grimms can see wiesen? Is Julliet wiesen or grimm? Does captain lost his hexenbiest part,and now is just a human? Can a werewolf mate with werefox? :-)
  • Good Show

    Except for the girlfriend. No talent airhead. The rest of the cast is great. Watch out for those Hexen beasts.
  • Great Show!

    Grimm is an awesome show! Person of Interest and Grimm are my 2 favorite new shows. I really look forward to seeing the next episode. I usually don't like sc-fi even but Grimm is always great. The guy who plays Monroe's character is perfect for the part. Everything works, terrific show.
  • whats with the new Intro?

    I don't like the new intro. Please, Please come up with something better. soon.
  • Is the Lt. a Grimm?

    Is Lt. Hank Griffin (the black gentlemam) a Grimm that neither he or anyone else no about yet?,,,,,,,hhmmmmmmm
  • crabby

    I can't lay claim to living in Portland, but up the road about 168 miles, the big neighbor to the north--Seattle is home base.

    Grimm, decent writing, good character devlopment, interesting format, plus that Norfthwest Connection and no pitfalls like what happened to that other series, "Twin Peaks" which started out in a search looking for the killer of Laura Palmer....then it fell off the cliff. I hope such a fate doesn't befall this offering.

    By the way, a local regional bank is featuring the young couple, as customers in a commercial, who have the contract to produce the special effects that put the C in the creatures which populate the other world that exists in Portland. Great show!
  • I love Grimm however the new intro kinda reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's intro

    I know David Greenwalt was a producer on Angel but being connected to the Buffyverse doesn't mean you can do that! Plus, I liked the piece of narrative they used to show at the beginning from the story they were loosely using. Not gonna make me stop watching but annoying.
  • Awesome!

    This is one of my favorite shows now.
  • Grinn(ing)

    Maybe I'm biased since this show is set, and actually filmed, in my home town, but I enjoyed the Season One story arc. Especially delightful is the relationship between Nick ("The Grimm"), and his unofficial sidekick, Monroe the watch-repair-guy and reformed werewolf (or something). The girlfriend is a bit bland, but maybe she'll come around once she accepts what's going on. Let's hope we get to see that in Season Two.
  • A tad bit cheesy

    I found the idea of Grimm powers interesting but I also found the depiction of it in the episodes to be cheesy, i.e. when the face changes. If the writers didn't have such an amazing character (Monroe), I would've found it a lot more boring as a lot of the acting are cheesy and sometimes overdramatic. This series is a good way to pass time but I wouldn't recommend it to others as one of my "must watch" tv series.
  • More seasons please great show

    Love your show.Great cast.Looking to see more,cannot wait.Hank is the shows sexual chocolate.
  • It's great, takes itself a lil too seriously

    I really want to give Grimm a 10 because I emotionally love the premise and the characters, but as a show, I would say about an 8. It can be slow on story arcs, but every time, it is interesting. Grimm is a great show, and even its cheesiness is endearing, even if it does seem to take itself a little bit to seriously at times.
  • Why is Grimm worth watching ?

    Why is Grimm worth watching ?

    1. It has Monroe

    2. Monroe is a blutbad (aka a werewolf)

    3. but he doesn't eat meat

    4. His favourite colour is red.

    5. He plays cello and he likes yoga

    6. He drinks wine.

    7. He can fix clocks and he knows all kinds of artifacts.

    8. He is the most reliable Survival Guide if you live in Grimm's world. He can mark his territory to keep angry dogs away.

    9. He knows all the good people in this world

    10. He says no when you asked for help but in the end he will come and help you, at the risk of losing his head.

    11. He knows how to decorate his house when Christmas comes and he loves Christmas.

    12. You can only find such a wonderful werewolf in Grimm.
  • More forests to the people

    I needed a TV crush after Chuck ended. I searched and I searched and stumbled upon Grimm. First, when I read about it, I was like "naaah" but I forced myself to watch the pilot and after that I was like "hmmmm" and now after 21 episode I'm like "OMFG this is the best since The X-files!!!" Seriously, I had forgotten how much I love the "evil forest" (although it's not evil to me, I live in it :) and the atmosphere it creates on a show. I think some of X-files' greatness was that it was shot in Vancouver and that helped to get the right feeling to it. (When they move the show to LA, it all fell apart)

    Personally, I'm very thankful that the mythology of this show is growing slowly. And don't know about you kids, but I'm from that age when it took a couple of seasons before you really understood everything. I really hope that Grimm will run many seasons because it definitely has the potential for it.

    I really liked Moonlight and I was so sad when it got cancelled because it's mythology was just about to blossom when it got cancelled. Somehow I feel that David Greenwalt is taking Grimm where he couldn't take Moonlight because there is a lot of similarities between the mythologies of the shows. A secret supernatural world among the ordinary and a feeling that a war within the Wesen-world is coming and that the ordinary world will be drawn into that war and the protagonist will be inbetween. It's so awesome! Can't wait!

    And a BIG plus to Grimm: german is the new "it-language". It really is the coolest language. ;) Alles hat ein Ende, aber die Wrst hat zwei. Word up! :)
  • Crazy as a bat ...sly as a fox

    Grimm is the most plausible of the "make believe" stories! Nick could be your neighbor and who has not known a "Monroe" at some point? Other fable based series are such baloney. Grimm writers are brilliant and the actors talented!!! Hope the "average bear" grasps the ingenuity of this clever series.
  • Big Fan

    I love Grimm! Monroe makes me laugh. Can't wait for it to hit the stores. Episode 5 is my favorite.
  • Hmmmm

    Ok so here we go...Grimm. Now this show, from what i've seen which is about half way through the season has a lot of potential but it just seems that it's lacking that certain je ne se quoi. For something like this where there delving into fairytales and having these creatures be alive you'd except a certain sense of darkness to the series, some suspense, edge of your seat stuff. Sadly there hasn't really been any of that except perhaps for the one episode, episode 5 i think? that managed to capture the 'dark side' as it were. And the actual Grimm himself? Wow what a load of hokum! There doesn't seem to be any character there whatsoever; no personality, no real emotions...just blah! Where's the back story? The sense of duty etc? And I mean dude he's meant to be like this badass hunter/slayer that all these creatures are afraid of and yet .................. we don't see any of that. He's just a cop who happens to see these creatures. And it comes a shock to him every time. You would think if your aunt left you a trailer full of stuff that ya know maybe you'd poke around and see what the hell is up! But nope. Only when the case requires it. That naivete is just grating. It also brings up the question of why he's even a Grimm? Why not just have him be a human who can see them or something? All we seem to see him do is read books when its necessary and then go and wave his gun around like a cowboy. Yes he's a cop but really? SORT IT OUT! I'm just hoping that the series gets better, that they at least try and make this good, try and do the stories justice. Cause really I've already given up. This series is just something to watch when there is literally nothing else on.

  • SO GREAT!!!

    I love mysteries of nearly any kind. fantacy types also intreige me. So for some who r not into these, i cant speak for them, but would be surprised if they did not also get hooked, it is a very fun edge of ur seat never really know whats coming nxt great setting great cast gotta watch type of show. I completely LOVE it! if it gets canceled i may just show up on set with a mob revolting the cancelation of this awesome show!
  • Really creative

    This is a really creative show. It's totally different from the Grimm story book. However, it is really good because the new stories are impressing and attractive. I really enjoy watching it.
  • Love it but..

    Well I want to start off saying I've never read a Grimm book and never watched a Grimm movie. Never really into fantasy things like this and hate reading. Find things like this boring.

    BUT, and it's a big but.

    I seen the advert on here for the show and though ah well Smallville has finished misewell watch something new.

    So started watching it when they got aired over and here and ever since then I've been hooked. Literally hooked.

    I love the show, the cast is perfect and the geussing for the next episodes not revealing alot is perfect.

    The actors are perfect for each role set and the show is just overal amazing. I've recommened it to a few people and all who have taken time to watch it, are also hooked and enjoy it as much as me.

    Some things could be changed, like Nick telling his partner Hank and his girlfriend that he is a Grimm and what he does, also telling them about Eddie aswell. Would also Renard to come clean to Nick about who he is, but leaving some vital information out about his plans, just only telling Nick about who he really is, and maybe lie to him or tell him the truth so a little hanger there...

    Eddie is amazing and his relationship with Nick is good but I would like to see them become like best friends more as I like Eddie and I like Renard to I just hope his intentions turn out to be good you know.

    Wu is also a great part in the show, maybe he over hears a conversation between Nick and Eddie or some other creature and wants to know what a Grimm really is, and decide to team up on the Grimms side with Nick and Eddie. Wu is a cool guy

    Anyway, the show is amazing, cast is perfect and the overall of geussing it right on the spot.

    I would love to be an extra or something in this show, would be amazing and you can garuntea me an about 11 other people as fans.

    I stopped watching Supernatual at the end of Season 2 as it bored me but this I will not stop watching as I am really into this show.

    Keep up the good work.

    I was acting all prejudice, just thinking what is this show now ? this is not what we need..i don't want to watch cheap effects blah blah..And it took for a while for me to give a chance to this show. It`s been 15episode, none of the episodes was boring and each episode it is getting better and better..I was not so sure about David Giuntoli but i got used to him..Silas Weir Mitchell is fantastic as usual..Give a chance, you will like it.

  • Grimm

    Grimm is by far my favorite show at the moment. I don't care what people say, it is so much better than Once Upon A Time. Grimm is so suspenseful, and yet at the same time, each episode has great humor, and intrigue, and every episode completely draws you emotionally in. I've been trying to find a replacement for Lost ever since it ended, and Grimm is the closest thing I have found. Luckily, each episode stands by itself. But at the same time, it is masterful the way all of the character developments and side plots are seamlessly woven in.
  • Old school Supernatural

    If one can overlook the cheese parts this is reminiscent of the old school Supernatural(before the over the top stuff).
  • Enjoyed the Earlier Episodes Most

    I really liked the first two episodes, because they were based on actual Grimm stories. Problem for the writers is, most people are unfamiliar with the rest of the Grimm tales, so they've had to revert to "monster of the week", which isn't necessarily bad. But I didn't like the recent episode in which the cop's wife was kidnapped - it's such a crashing bore when cop shows insist on having family members involved, just so our hero can go all clench-jawed - because now it's personal!! But it's hard for me to miss this show, because I love Silas Mitchell Weir as the yuppy werewolf. He's terrific!
  • Grimm

    Have just watched episode 3 of grimm and I am enjoying it very much, also like the thought of a werewolf being a side kick to the grimm

    Not bad gets better with each episode
  • make up..

    What's with all the heavy duty makeup the female actors have in this show? It looks like it was put onwith a trowel. A little more natural look wuld be better. Otherwise, love the show.
  • A lot of potential

    For me I think its to early to give a concrete rating but based how I feel now I give it a 9/10. Im writing this in the 1st season, Nick is what you call a grimm a monster hunter I believe. Still a lot is not clear about what hey truly are. Nick goes around investigating crimes that most likely involve fairytale characters that are bad and sometimes good. Nick can see their true nature and they can sense that at times. Most of the monsters know that Nick is a grimm, we can see what hey look like. But, most of the time I want to see what he monsters see, like when they look at Nick. This is a very beginning stages and very slow right now in development in the story. But, the show has a lot of potential and hope to see what else happens in this great series.

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