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  • When's the next season coming out?

    I want season 4 and i want it now
  • NEVER AGAIN!!! (spoiler alert!)

    if you have just started watching Grimm this is a warning... never ever! ever! ever! watch the last episode of the season until the next season starts. if you're like me you are only going to get pissed off. Grimm always ends its Seasons with a cliffhanger. Season 01, Juliet Faints and a mysterious girl is called MOM!? Season 02, Nick gets kidnapped and now Season 03, Nick loses his Grimm powers. next season, ill be better prepared! bwahahahaha
  • great show

    i have only just started watching this near the end of season one. this show should have a higher profile, from what i have seen it looks great and i can see the many different avenues it can go with the storytelling.
  • Fantastic show ever !!!

    Great TV show !!! Waiting for Season 4 !!!! Every Character is fantastic , Great Job 10+ !!
  • Love that they have introduce girl Grimm

    I think you need to fix wed sight
  • Out of this world!

    This show is beyond fantastic! The plot, characters, they are all great! :D
  • Best TV show ever!

    I just hope they make loads more and keep it clean not like all the other tv shows where they start killing the best people off!xx
  • Best show ever

    Best and most smart supernatural show I ever seen. Amazing casting and great plot.

    I love Grimm, it just keeps on getting better, look forward to more seasons of this creative fantastic Show!!!
  • Great show!

    First - excuse my bad grammar and spelling. English isn't my native language.

    Phantastic creatures without the supernatural demon-devil/angel angle is refreshing. The hero is not out to get them all and most things have a reasonable explanation. All characters are believable and well played. Nick is cute, sexy and semi-naive, Monroe is adorable quirky and excited, Hank is a great loyal support, Renard is darkly handsome, Rosalee is intelligent and helpful and Juliette is finally in the loop and not afraid to jump into the fray. The mix of phantasy and crime goes well and I wait every week for the next episode.

    There are always things that could been done better, but they could have done much worse.

    The shows gotten better with each season, adding depth to the characters, their background, development and the storyline with hints of more and bigger things to come. Of course there are also what one would call filler episodes, only there to fill up the season, but that's ok, because they are not that bad and there's at last always one scene connecting it to the red thread.

    I hope Wu gets over his mental breakdown soon.

    I dunno what will happen to Adalind, now that she has gotten her powers back. Judging from her character she is very much a selfcentered person. Maybe becoming a mother mellows her, maybe not. When she first realized that she was pregnant, she didn't seem much interested in the child. Also there's still the contract with Stefania and who knows what the slimy concoction she used on her belly really did to the child.

    I really hope this show lasts for a few more seasons.

    Favourite characters: Nick, Monroe, Renard, Wu (sanity please)

  • I love this show!!!!!

    It takes me away from all my stress and gives me something else to focus on. Some of the history I remember from my college days in mythology. I love Bree Turner and her character, she is a great actress. I really look forward to seeing the top 5 characters, I am not a fan of Juliette Silverton, I find her boring!!!!!! The writers are great on this show. Please keep going~~~~
  • Buzz Kill

    Two hours of Dateline, that should kill the Grimm audience.

    NBC, Not Being Clever.
  • I nominate Juliette for best TV girlfriend

    Seriously, she's just the best.
  • captain renard

    When did Renard tell Nick and crew he was hexin beast

    Me and My husband love this show we have been watching from the very beginning #1in my home keep up the good work
  • Great show gets stronger each season

    Nick's character gets more complex and engaging with each new episode. Love the fact that his scooby gain now includes Julia, hank and the Captain.
  • good show

    it wasn't "zombie garbage" as you may name it, it was completely different from zombies as you can see it in the walking dead. It was based on "voodoo", not brain-eating zombies like we can see everywhere now... So it still fits to the show. Moreover this storyline brings a new dimension to the main character, something darker and more interesting to watch than a "good boy" kicking asses as Nick was in the previous seasons.
  • Love this show!

    I love this show. I hope it stays around! Love the lead characters!
  • Pretty please! :)

    C'mon people! Give Grimm a chance! Alright, there have been around 3(?)ish episodes with zombies, but its far from being a resident evil or walking dead! Out of 47+ episodes there has been these few episodes about zombies. I think it makes a more interesting story bringing along all aspects of monsters, even zombie-like creatures.

    xxx . English is not my main language.
  • Zombie garbage

    My husband and I hated this last episode. We felt like we were watching Resident Evil. There was no story Zombies running around growling.
  • grimm episode error (S3 - Ep 22) -->

    should be last episode for season 2, not end of season 3...

    Episode Guide

    S 3 : Ep 22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm Aired 5/21/13
  • Zombie crap

    I really loved this show and was really excited for the new season. I saw the zombies and now I once was a Grimm fan. Very disappointed in the show now. Hopefully they get rid of the zombie crap. If not, there are other things to watch on cable.
  • Suspenseful and Intriguing

    Grimm is currently one of the best shows Television has to offer.
  • season 4

    premier October 25
  • new format

    Why hasn't Grimm got a new page like many of the other shows on I saw a preview article of season 3 I wanted to post; it talked about a marriage between Rosalee and Monroe and some other teasers.
  • Cool Show

    Ok.. by the end of Season 2, we now have basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Scooby Gang .. but it's a fun ride and season 3 should be even better! :) Anyways, let's hope for many more seasons to come.
  • 9.0
    I must admit that the first few episodes didn't sit well with me but I grew to love the characters and the story. I just love Monroe and he is such a great character. One of my favorite up the good work.
  • Better and Better

    I've enjoyed this show since the first episode, but it just keeps getting better and better. This last episode was the best yet!
  • Show must continue!!

    I love, love, love acting, plots and I get to see

    filled with mystery, magic and adventure. this kick ass series is worth watching. From wesen, to love , its bound to keep u entertained. Grimm is a show for fantasy and you would be missing out !!!!!
  • Keeps getting better and better!

    I really love this show. Season 1 was good, and I was happy that they were able to continue. I'm now in the middle of season 2, and i'm so happy that they did, because it is even way better than season 1!

    If you love mystery, intrigue, romance and action, you're gonna love Grimm!

    And Monroe is one of my favorite sidekick characters of all time!
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