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    GRIMM is the best show of the week. I'm disabled now and it's the only thing that makes Friday nights in bearable. Why are you ending it? Hopefully someone in their right mind, HULU, AMAZON, etc, will pick it up.
  • Don't Cancel! Grimm is Great!

    This is the perfect friday night show! Specially in a family like mine where we can't find shows that suit ages 13-42. It's teen friendly and is well written! This show deserves a longer run. Please don't cancel! Please give a second thought for all those Grimm Fans out there! You're Grimm Lover, Ella M.
  • Should or Should Not?

    Why Do They need to stop Making more episodes on grimm is it because their lazy?
  • Grimm

    Pleeeeez do not take Grimm off. It's the PERFECT Friday night show! The cast is perfect and the story lines are always great! The make up is FANTASTIC! Pleeeeezzzz rethink your decision. I cannot believe the ratings are not good enough to keep this show. At the very least I hope another station picks it up and continues.
  • plz dont stop Grimm know

    Grimm is the best show i have ever seen on NBC,Why does it have to stop on season keep it going don disapoint 6 million every show has its ups and downs that doesnt make it bad,please dont stop a season 6
  • pleeeeeeeeeeeease make more of this show we LOVE IT

    dont ever think about cancelling this show, if anime eps continue till they're at seasons 12 plus. great shows like GRIMM should be more,

    i knew about this show late last year and i watched with excitement all 5 seasons in just month and a half, i love the characters, how things develope, and the conclusion that we all i guess have noticed, that no one is really bad, great show indeed make alot more of it.

    and just why we have to wait till fall!!!!! thats not fair :/ <3 anyway nick and the rest are great keep the hard work guys and come back to us soon! <3 we love u
  • Since Season 1.1

    I have been a season ticket holder for Grimm since day numero uno! I like Sci-Fi & Fantasy so this fits right in to my tastes. I even watch reruns; bingeing on my days off. For those who disparage this show, I say "watch something The writing, production and character development are exceptional. Yeah, there may be some stretching of character identities throughout, but let's give the writers/produces a break to evolve the story. Not every episode will be great, but what show has that? To you in control: keep the story line flowing & growing. Don't forget the path of the river lest you run into a waterfall.
  • Grimm

    The season finale for grimm season 5 was AMAZING. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. If you people cause my show to be canceled with your negativity I will be so mad!! This show rules!! It is unlike any other show and I'm going to be dying until season 6 comes out later this year! Team Nick and adalind though, I like Juliette much better as Eve, she is such an an awesome ruthless character! please please keep going NBC this show has so much potential and I promise to watch every single episode! #teamgrimmforlife
  • Grimm is a GREAT SHOW!

    The season finale for season 5 was amazing. Can't wait for season 6
  • Nadalind

    I juste love their relationship. I hope their little family will be okay at the end.

    make grimm a 22episode or more and keep at that stop mess with what works
  • I love Grimm

    I simply love Grimm in good times and not so good times, but this show is beyond likes and dislikes and take you to the source of life. I think it is much better to be aware ot this. Every single series even those with best possible ratings (which also Grimm had , I think at least 2 seasons got 100% on rotten have their ups and downs, but Grimm have something more, even when there is period of down, there is some divine beauty or you might call it transcendent aura, there to comfort you and because this show is blessed with divine grace it is beyond good and bad ! Those who hav eyes (of wisdom) will see ! So lets rather bless this show to deliver us at least 5 seasons more, cause I consider this show at middle age, there is tremendous energy there, just need to be chanelled properly so let us all who sincerely Love this show bless entire cast and tim to produce another magic 5 seasons. As said show is not dead, far from that, they just have their period of being in cocoon before being born again into something unimaginably beautiful ! We are truly lucky and blessed to live in this era of peace, at least on most of the earth and era of movies production have prospered so far, that tv show are getting even more popular than movies, and myself am extremely grateful for every day I am able to watch those supreme series for free and have such uplifitng entertainment, that I dont miss to get drunk and party at all thanks god ! So as mature audience let us be grateful and bless the show instead of immature rant (thats really soo immature) and send Blessings to this show, and you will see Grimm will give as back much more than we give it to Grimm, isnt that sign of Divine Grace ? Amen :-)
  • Show!

    This TV Serie really make me have a really good and please go on with this.

    Yea, what happended last didn't show a new episode???

    Please this has just been waiting for this for a long do not stop it now.

    I love truble great asset to the show do not kill her off. Juliette would be great if she came back as a spirit of some kind she was or is great, love her. I love all the men they are easy to look at very easy. I LOVE GRIMM I WILL BUY ALL THE SEASONS KEEP WRITING.
  • Assassin's Creed!

    This season finale was AWESOME! Especially when Nick pulled out a hidden blade! I wonder if the Grimm Family worked with the Brotherhood in the past? Cause if they did, that would be AWESOME-SAUCE!
  • I want to see the vaguing of the Grimm!!!!!

    almost all characters can vague, but why not the grimm? it's 4 seasons now so maybe it's time to reveal some hidden powers of a grimm
  • Great show, Ignorant viewers, Can't wait for Next Season!

    Cant understand why people are hating this show, It has been nothing but great, the suspense, thrill and creative ideas put in are just amazing. It keeps you hooked wanting more and more and the storyline is getting better and better by the minute. I'm sorry guys but this show did deliver, and like many other fans can't wait to see the next season! My advice is if you hate it then STOP WATCHING!
  • Round and Round she goes, where she stops nobody knows

    Not sure what the writers are up to but those of us that have grown attached to the characters are getting a pretty good bruising. The only thing that can see happening is nick's mom turning in to snow white and nick, woo, hank, Monroe, Troubl, Rosalie and Bud turn in to the 7 dwarfs. (Snow white is a Grimm fairy tale) Somehow someway prince charming appears and puts Kelly Burkhardt back together with a kiss. Then Juliette appears on the scene and Kelly takes her head. I just wonder who would be grumpy or sneezy. Just kidding of course.

    One character that has been quiet has been Diana and I don't think that she will take too kindly to this new family arrangement. Kelly has been her momma for a while and she will no doubt miss her. We do know the kid has powers and has already shown the ability to make things move, disappear and reappear. The Royals may have gotten a whole lot more than they bargained for, when Diana realizes her momma is not returning.

  • I have no idea why so many people are hating on this

    Well actually... I do sort of understand. The show has taken a drastic turn and I guess some people are too weak to take this. This show has been in an unending cycle of nothing really happening and now it is getting really exciting. I guess these old hags in the reviews can't handle this show anymore.
  • grimm

    Think this is a very entertaining show. Love the interaction among the characters. Hope they keep juliette a hexenbeist. Makes the show much more interesting and let's her have a more fun character to play. She really can kick it! Keep it going. Also we have not seen some of the powers from Nick recently that he acquired from some of the wesen he has encountered. Would like to see him start using these. Makes him more special than a normal person - which as a grimm he SHOULD be.
  • Juliette and Renard for life!

    I love Grimm. I just discovered it a week ago, and binge watched the entire series in 5 days. Plus the newest episode tonight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's so interesting, original, hilarious, romantic and crazy drama filled! I ship Juliette and Renard so much. I hope they end up together and Nick can find someone more like him. Perfect show, perfect characters, and amazing story line so far. The Adalind thing going on... OMG crazy. I cannot wait for more. I hope this goes on for many more seasons.
  • lovin it

    absolutely loving grimm right now, with new twist and hexanbease
  • Come on March 20, 2015.

    Can't wait until the next round. This is my favorite show besides Constantine.
  • A great episode

    A great episode, however, everyone on this board forgot one important thing. Adalind and Royal clans doesn't have a clue about Nick being the Grimm again. Remember before the fight Adalind told Juliet that she should be thank her for making Nick normal. I can't wait to see the look on Royals clans face, when they realize the zombie grimm is back, along with to other grimm, Juliet the Hexenbiest and the grimm team.

  • Favorite Show

    Love this series, but really hope the royal plot have a much faster progress.
  • great program

    love the character, and the stories

  • Wu Wu Wu - Boo Hoo Hoo

    I absolutely love Grimm and have been a fan since it are they going to down play Wu - his character has gotten to be so annoying and can't stand watching when he is on - his character is weak and pathetic
  • For the Writers

    I love this show .The last was the best so far .I would like to see this show go on for a very long time.
  • grimm episodes are so cool

    Grimm is an excellent tv show, keep up, i just enjoy all the episodes, waiting for continue of the show excitedly. thanks
  • The title of the show is GRIMM NOT Used to be a GRIMM

    I don't like this story line where detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) loses his power. I love the show BECAUSE he has Grimm powers. NBC needs to get off this story line -- - - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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