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  • good start. still very early to say. but we have a beautiful idea to bring all of the brother grimm tales to life.


    red riding hood was the first tale.

    we had nice special effect. we got a little info about who our main character is, who can actually act....and reminds me a little bit of superman. :)

    would have been better with a double featured episode to get sucked in a bit more.

    and i would loved to hear a little more about the story behind red riding hood and the whole wolf thing. like they do on supernatural....a little backstory to what you are hunting.

    all in all. good start. not perfect.

  • Interesting idea - catchy start - let's see how it continues


    First of all, I'm German, and always astouned, that American TV producers have millions to spend on a show, but now enough money to get one decent translator to be shipped to the set. Blutbad means bloodbath and the plural is Bludbäder, not Blutbaden. Leaving the fact aside, that there is no actual possible way this word will ever have a plural - beside you name fairytale big bad wolves after it. So far so good, all the monsters have German names and the show is about a guy, who's family tradition is the "gift" to see what lies beneath. They are called the Grimms, after the first people, the Brothers grimm, who had this gift. Their fairytales were fact, not fiction, or at least that's the plot and their books are a guide to all evil. There to help other "Grimms" fight the monsters.

    Overall, an interesting idea, with quite a few effective scares. Could easily become a good show - or just a stupid one. Let's see and find out.

    PS: Fairytale meets 21st century seems to bee the new Vampire shows. I also started watching "Once Upon A Time" tonight, which is of a similar kind and reminds me alot of Michael Ende's "The Neverending Story", a book which I read when I was a kid.

  • Standard CW fare...only this time on NBC.


    I watched Grimm for the first time tonight and wondered if I was watching the right channel....but nope, I checked and sure enough, I was watching NBC. Could have sworn I was watching the CW channel. Grimm is standard CW fare, and if you're in your teens or early twenties with a taste for Dungeons and Dragons and magic andsparkly vampires and such, Grimm was made for you. NBC must have been desperate to compete with and copythe CW style, because Grimm would be right at home there. The storyline of Grimmis juvenile and nothing special that you haven't seen before.

    Adult viewers can probably take a pass on Grimm, safe in the knowlege that they aren't missing much.

  • Grimm's Fairy Tales


    What an interesting and totally unique take on the supernatural and fairy tale idea.

    I am absolutely enjoying the show, and maybe it isn't perfect, but I think that it could go far. There are many fairy tales to pull from, and who says that it has to be well known fairy tales?

    I look forward to see more answers to some of these questions, and more amazing twists on something that we all know and love.

  • There are shows you fall in love with within the first five minutes of the pilot.


    Grimm is not one of those shows.That's not to say that it's bad, it isn't. It just takes a little while to find it's stride. Three episodes in, and Grimm finally seems to be doing just that.

    The 'case-of-the-week from the pilot might have been a little too predictable, but that helped balance out the heavier exposition side of the episode. Unfortunately, episode two followed with an equally weak, if not weaker, A-plot and the required 'loose end tying' of the Aunt Marie story line. Without any strong points, the episode felt rather lacking and dull compared to the pilot.

    With the third episode, Grimm seems to have settled into what the show is actually about. With the Aunt Marie/exposition stuff out of the way, we finally got a look at Nick going head to head against supernatural beings on his own, and it will be interesting to watch as he settles into his new role, and finds the right balance between Grimm and cop in his journeyfrom reluctant hero to full out ass kicker Grimm.

    Is it worth watching? Sure. It's still too early to tell, but the writing and performances have been consistently good so far. The only thing that's letting the show down at the moment is the CGI, but hopefully that will be improved!

  • This show has an amazing cast and well written episodes. It has captured my attention from the first 20 min. of the pilot and it shows a new take on how fairy tales evolve with the times. Once Upon a Time has nothing on Grimm! It's CSI meets fairy tales!!


    I would rather watch this show then Once Upon a Time, because this show has more potential then a show that seems like it was written from a book series! Grimm has a better cast then OPAT! It also has a more in depth of a plot and more of a creative writing staff! Lets keep this series going as long as we can!

  • Liking the show but something needs to give...


    The show is going ok so far. But if they dont show us the supposed "ability" that he has that his aunt mentioned before she died, then i may have to stop watching. We saw his aunt doing all those super fighting moves and using all those crazy weapons. Now he's just a regular cop....lame. They aren't even giving us a signal that he MIGHT develop something else. I'm really enjoying the show at them moment, but I'm becoming more and more disappointed at the lack of development of the main storyline.....just a hint that something is coming would be nice.

  • Too much competition... just not gonna cut it.


    It's really not that bad! Honestly... But... I've been watching 'Supernatural' for years now, am an immidiate 'once upon a time' fan, I'm hooked to all that is syfy and what not... And it's just not slim pickins anymore! There's too much good stuff out there for this fairly good idea to come to a happy ending.

    Sorry for that, 'cause a few years back I might've watched it.

    I'm just very, very spoiled with my series...

  • I watched the show Grimm season 1 episode 4 today to see the timeless horrors of childhood fables brought to life. Since I don't know the whole background story of the how and why in this series my review might be off in regards to character motivations.


    This episode was called Lonely Hearts. The two male leads are clean looking types that appear comfortable together but will probably click as a team better with ten more episodes. The dialogue needed fuller personality impact because I didn't feel interested in what they said or did right away.

    The delusions of the victim and ability of those detectives to see what others couldn't acted like sign posts to the fantasy aspect and that anything could happen. There is another character they get help from who also understands the situation and seems to be a regular asset like an informant. I liked the background music fluttering sounds. The story itself was a cautionary tale about physical attraction without rational thought by way of strong influences and what hides behind it. I think Grimm melds the real and unreal fairly well. Only once did it go into contrived territory with a fake (or it sure appeared to be) blue butterfly. There was one violent scene.

    I want to watch and see if the ham sandwich will morph into visual literature on a sharp stick.

  • Let's get the Grimm power started already!


    Ok I get it,he can see the monsters and kept bugging that poor wolf for answers. I'm ready to see more of what he can do supernaturally. They need to bring more bad ass grimms to the mixed so I'm not bored of what the main characters can't do. Hanging on by a thread and want to like this show more! The main character needs to be more cool and acting less like a chick.

  • Cancel this show!


    The main character is a moron. He kills the bee lady who is trying to help him so he can save the evil lady who tried to kill his Aunt. And then he is too stupid to kill the goat guy and lets him around other women knowing the effect he has on them. Obviously he will escape.

    I've given this show so many chances to not suck and yet, it just keeps getting worse.

  • Bored as hell.


    I watched lots TV shows of different genre and no prejudice to any one. In the pilot epsiode of Grimm, its interesting opening andbackground drewmeto keep watching it. However, I found it was getting boring and boring, no matter its storyline, characters or plots. If the characters did not have their faces change into original monster looks, it would be just another crime drama.

    Maybe I was misled by the title Grimm, I was expecting too much on fairy tale style things. But the show really disappointed me. I strongly recommended this show to be cancelled.

  • One "M" too many!

    When I read the synopsis for this show, I was extremely dubious. It sounded contrived and unoriginal. When I did finally start watching it, and have done every week, it quickly became apparent that I was right. This show is boring in every aspect and clearly borrows inspiration from sources like "Constantine" and a million other done-to-death television shows.

    The leads are boring, the back story is unappealing and it just hasn't got the ingredients required to last, especially considering some of the far more entertaining shows that have been canned by the networks in the past.

  • Rapunzel Is A Werewolf. Who Knew?

    NBC has been going out of its way to try and promote its newest fantasy/mystery/cop drama, Grimm. After seven episodes (all of which I've seen), I think I'm in a pretty decent position to render judgment on this undoubtedly unique show. So what do I think? Well, I'm still on the fence to be honest.

    It's usually pretty evident when a show is good or bad at the outset. After watching the pilot, I was hopeful that I would warm up to the characters. The current situation presents a mixed bag of sorts, with many elements both good and bad. Let us carry out a dissection of sorts, shall we?


    Call me old fashioned, but if a show has any hope of making it big on primetime TV, the main character needs to be likeable, and he should have a freakin' personality! Nick Burkhardt possesses neither of those qualities. David Giuntoli is wooden and completely unremarkable as the supposedly scary hunter of supernatural forces. If Grimm (the show) is going to brave the tide, we need to connect with the characters, and at the moment, I don't give a rat's ass if Nick Burkhardt gets mauled by a Jagerbar (that's Grimm speak for bear).

    On the other end of the spectrum, let's talk about Monroe, the friendliest Blutbad (apparently call Wieder Blutbads because of their abstinence from eating humans, as opposed to normal Blutbads, who eat humans), in Portland, played by the talented Silas Weir Mitchell. The SOLE reason I tune in every week is to see if Monroe would get more screen time. His dialogue is sharp and witty in stark contrast to Nick, who could be speaking Croatian and it wouldn't make a difference.

    Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin (Nick's partner) does a decent enough job. No complaints from my side as far as he's concerned. I actually wouldn't have minded if Hank was the Grimm with Monroe as his sidekick. The show would have been WAY better.

    A special mention for Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard. Having seen him in a wide variety of shows, it's good to finally see him cast as a regular character in this one. I know he was in Caprica, but I've never seen it, so there.


    The idea is actually a unique one. With the fantasy genre having a rebirth of sorts, clubbing The Brothers Grimms' Fairy Tales with the modern day criminal procedural is a brilliant idea. But all brilliant ideas have to be implemented properly, and that's where this show is yet to score.

    Bear with me on this. If Grimms are the alleged scourges of the supernatural world, shouldn't you expect them to have special abilities beyond just spotting the ugly mug of a well concealed monster? So Nick is basically a grown up Haley Joel Osment who can spot monsters instead of dead people. Remember the pilot where Nick's aunt had crazy wicked jujitsu moves?? Nick got his ass handed to him by a female Blutbad last week. Not very interesting to watch, folks.

    The reason why shows like Supernatural (hell yeah!) have such a die hard fan base (myself included) is because the cast is brilliant, the stories are engaging and the entire package just works. I know we've only seen seven episodes, but I honestly don't see Grimm achieving cult status or even remotely heading in a similar direction. Not unless a few changes are made. The stories are interesting without a doubt, but a connection between the viewers and the characters needs to be established. And that hasn't happened yet.


    - Clear something up for me. Is Wu (Reggie Lee) a sergeant or an officer?? The detectives called him Sgt. Wu in a previous episode (which makes him their superior), but he became Officer Wu in episode 7 (which makes him a rank below them). Either Wu got demoted big time or I'm missing something.

    - Nick Burkhardt has done nothing remarkable or Grimm-like since he found out he was a Grimm. Chop off a few monster heads, dude. Do something to make me root for you!!

    - Hey what did happen to Haley Joel Osment??

    For the time being, I will continue to watch and see if things change. The stories are still 'out of the box' representations of The Grimms' Fairy Tales and I'm not ashamed to admit the idea still sounds very appealing.
  • i loved it

    i am such a huge fan of grimm and i love the character monroe. you really got to see another more tender nurturing side of him in this episode. i love it. i do like the main character nick but i think they need to add more subsistence to his character. i hope this show lasts a full season and goes on for more than 1 season
  • Needs a Tune Up

    After reading some other reviews I have to say I agree with the 6-7 ratings. I really want to like Grimm and do watch it every week, but I am not in love with it. Nick needs to develop his skills, just being a cop is boring. The continuing story needs to get more juicy. Kill off the girl friend or something or have her be a monster. Nick is soo milk toast. He is like Clark Kent. I don't think he cusses, drinks or has even lost his virginity yet. He also sort of reminds me of Luke pre-Yoda. Better start his training soon or the audience (me) is going to get bored. I think this show could be really good, but it just isn't quite there. Silas Weir Mitchell is doing a great job and IMO is nearly carrying the show. Love the cinematography. They need to show the Portland bumper sticker "Keep Portland Weird" in one of the episodes for sure.
  • Buffy's cousin

    So Grimm is from the creator of buffy. I like the show, its easy, funny and entertaining. I wish there was a little more depth to his mothers story and that she was alive to train him a bit better and that was a bit stronger story line throughout the show.

    I have watched Ep1-7 and at the end of each episode i felt i was wanting more to come from this. I enjoy the little back and forth with the mains and supports but i think that they are letting to much cop drama into the show and not focusing on the "supernatural." I kept on watching in high hopes that i would get to see some of the Grimm come out of nick but alas he just kinda keeps on "seeing" as if that is his only supernatural ability. but to hear the way his aunt was talking about it and to see her in action during Ep 1! Man what a let down.. he gets his ass beat every time you turn around. At this point i think the Blutbaad would make a better grim at least he has a concept of who he is. The main character has no drive to better himself he only reads from the books when he has a problem he can't solve and at this rate i think that i am going to wind up just watching "SUPERNATURAL" reruns because of the hefty let down i feel after the end of every show. I think there is a terrific amount of room for this television show and the back story for it is even better but by the time they actually let Nick realize he has some extra awesomeness in his back pocket. I fear that a significant amount of viewers will just quit watching... anyways My take on it is that it is an awesome show with great room for improvement. I just think that they need to focus more on the main in this story...
  • Great and Different Shows

    I love this show it has everything... action, humor, suspense, crime solving I hope that it stays on a long time.. I enjoy the twist on the fairy tales and how they are about real people...they say legend and old tales are based in fact!!!!! Everyone who enjoys being entertained without all the crap and is sick of the same old situations on TV really need to see Grimm...Keep them coming
  • Nice twist to those stories

    It's nice to have something different to watch on regular TV. Love it
  • A Surprise

    I DO like this show which is really a surprise to me. I don't like all the vampire shows out there, or the books. For some reason, this show appeals to me. The writing is good and so are the actors. I'll keep watching.

  • A lot of potential

    For me I think its to early to give a concrete rating but based how I feel now I give it a 9/10. Im writing this in the 1st season, Nick is what you call a grimm a monster hunter I believe. Still a lot is not clear about what hey truly are. Nick goes around investigating crimes that most likely involve fairytale characters that are bad and sometimes good. Nick can see their true nature and they can sense that at times. Most of the monsters know that Nick is a grimm, we can see what hey look like. But, most of the time I want to see what he monsters see, like when they look at Nick. This is a very beginning stages and very slow right now in development in the story. But, the show has a lot of potential and hope to see what else happens in this great series.
  • make up..

    What's with all the heavy duty makeup the female actors have in this show? It looks like it was put onwith a trowel. A little more natural look wuld be better. Otherwise, love the show.

    Not bad gets better with each episode
  • Grimm

    Have just watched episode 3 of grimm and I am enjoying it very much, also like the thought of a werewolf being a side kick to the grimm
  • Enjoyed the Earlier Episodes Most

    I really liked the first two episodes, because they were based on actual Grimm stories. Problem for the writers is, most people are unfamiliar with the rest of the Grimm tales, so they've had to revert to "monster of the week", which isn't necessarily bad. But I didn't like the recent episode in which the cop's wife was kidnapped - it's such a crashing bore when cop shows insist on having family members involved, just so our hero can go all clench-jawed - because now it's personal!! But it's hard for me to miss this show, because I love Silas Mitchell Weir as the yuppy werewolf. He's terrific!
  • Old school Supernatural

    If one can overlook the cheese parts this is reminiscent of the old school Supernatural(before the over the top stuff).
  • Grimm

    Grimm is by far my favorite show at the moment. I don't care what people say, it is so much better than Once Upon A Time. Grimm is so suspenseful, and yet at the same time, each episode has great humor, and intrigue, and every episode completely draws you emotionally in. I've been trying to find a replacement for Lost ever since it ended, and Grimm is the closest thing I have found. Luckily, each episode stands by itself. But at the same time, it is masterful the way all of the character developments and side plots are seamlessly woven in.

    I was acting all prejudice, just thinking what is this show now ? this is not what we need..i don't want to watch cheap effects blah blah..And it took for a while for me to give a chance to this show. It`s been 15episode, none of the episodes was boring and each episode it is getting better and better..I was not so sure about David Giuntoli but i got used to him..Silas Weir Mitchell is fantastic as usual..Give a chance, you will like it.

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