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  • Zzzzzz

    I couldn't get into it. I was bored halfway through the first episode.
  • Just Awful

    I was really looking forward to the first season of Grimm. I thought "finally, something edgy, original and slightly spooky on prime time TV". I was so disappointed! Even the names on this show are silly. No effort was put into being creative here. The whole "face change" stunt is so overused it has become boring. I wanted so much to love Grimm. It promised but didn't deliver.
  • Cancel this show!


    The main character is a moron. He kills the bee lady who is trying to help him so he can save the evil lady who tried to kill his Aunt. And then he is too stupid to kill the goat guy and lets him around other women knowing the effect he has on them. Obviously he will escape.

    I've given this show so many chances to not suck and yet, it just keeps getting worse.

  • One "M" too many!

    When I read the synopsis for this show, I was extremely dubious. It sounded contrived and unoriginal. When I did finally start watching it, and have done every week, it quickly became apparent that I was right. This show is boring in every aspect and clearly borrows inspiration from sources like "Constantine" and a million other done-to-death television shows.

    The leads are boring, the back story is unappealing and it just hasn't got the ingredients required to last, especially considering some of the far more entertaining shows that have been canned by the networks in the past.

  • sad for adults

    this has got to be a testimony to apathy and lost boys when Adults produce this kind of crap and truly expect any thin king adult, or child can see virtue in this.

    The end is, truyly high.
  • Zombie garbage

    My husband and I hated this last episode. We felt like we were watching Resident Evil. There was no story Zombies running around growling.
  • Hmmmm

    Ok so here we go...Grimm. Now this show, from what i've seen which is about half way through the season has a lot of potential but it just seems that it's lacking that certain je ne se quoi. For something like this where there delving into fairytales and having these creatures be alive you'd except a certain sense of darkness to the series, some suspense, edge of your seat stuff. Sadly there hasn't really been any of that except perhaps for the one episode, episode 5 i think? that managed to capture the 'dark side' as it were. And the actual Grimm himself? Wow what a load of hokum! There doesn't seem to be any character there whatsoever; no personality, no real emotions...just blah! Where's the back story? The sense of duty etc? And I mean dude he's meant to be like this badass hunter/slayer that all these creatures are afraid of and yet .................. we don't see any of that. He's just a cop who happens to see these creatures. And it comes a shock to him every time. You would think if your aunt left you a trailer full of stuff that ya know maybe you'd poke around and see what the hell is up! But nope. Only when the case requires it. That naivete is just grating. It also brings up the question of why he's even a Grimm? Why not just have him be a human who can see them or something? All we seem to see him do is read books when its necessary and then go and wave his gun around like a cowboy. Yes he's a cop but really? SORT IT OUT! I'm just hoping that the series gets better, that they at least try and make this good, try and do the stories justice. Cause really I've already given up. This series is just something to watch when there is literally nothing else on.

  • Zombie crap

    I really loved this show and was really excited for the new season. I saw the zombies and now I once was a Grimm fan. Very disappointed in the show now. Hopefully they get rid of the zombie crap. If not, there are other things to watch on cable.
  • Not good enough

    I watched 4 or 5 episodes of this because I like cop dramas and I liked the idea of a bit of fantasy thrown in. However, I got bored quite quickly - it's just like a mediocre cop drama with a bit of CGI. There doesn't seem to be enough emphasis placed on the supernatural part of the show. Also, there didn't seem to be enough back story going on to make me want to watch the next episode.

    So, with my limited viewing time I'd rather watch other programs. It's not that it's a bad show, just not good enough
  • A tad bit cheesy

    I found the idea of Grimm powers interesting but I also found the depiction of it in the episodes to be cheesy, i.e. when the face changes. If the writers didn't have such an amazing character (Monroe), I would've found it a lot more boring as a lot of the acting are cheesy and sometimes overdramatic. This series is a good way to pass time but I wouldn't recommend it to others as one of my "must watch" tv series.
  • Grimm's most annoying character.

    I don't know who writes Juliette's scenario but he is a fucking moron. I hate her in Grimm , she's so annoying at season 2 episode 15-20 that i was so close to stop watching the show... fix that stupid frog or make her die. (everything else is superb in Grimm :) )
  • Smallville much?

    This show has one major failing. The lead actor, or at least the character he is given to play. Dull as dishwater and sooo forgetable. Just like Smallville. It's peripheral characters outclass him in acting ability, they're far more complex and interesting than the show's hero. Nick is boring as hell and most of his dialogue is bland and lazy. Wish they would take a page out of Joss Whedon's playbook. Supernatural, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow or even the Blacklist. Fascinating and well developed characters. I was hoping 'Trouble' would be a permanent fixture to offset/replace Nick's terminally banal temperament. Sgt Wu and Monroe are always a delight but Nick is a trial.

    Nothing personal but they should change him or replace him.
  • I've tried to be loyal but the show is bad

    I've really tried to hang in there with Grimm. First seasons can be rough but I love the premise and felt they did a good job overall. But as of Season 2 it's like everything started to fall apart. The Royal subplot if you actually look at it by itself hasn't actually gone anywhere. There was some excitement for a second with Adelinde and her baby but really it's just a looooong drawn out tease that is now literally going in circles with Adelinde tripping on a brownie and chasing herself around the dungeon. Then we have Juliet who is very obviously a character that needs to be cut or reduced altogether. Rosalee is awesome and her family bit was moving but she is pretty much just reduced to relationship dynamics with Monroe. Infact the whole show has basically become about relationships first and Grimm action secondary. I don't have a problem with that but it's inconsistent. Pick a path and stick with it. Finally Wu should have been in on the whole thing AGES AGO. Again like the rest he is just hanging around not being utilized properly.

    Fact is this show is trying to be Buffy and not be Buffy at the same time. They need to just suck it up and go with what works with Buffy, Supernatural and other Whedon-inspired shows - GET EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE! They need to be a team with secrets out fighting against the Royals and baddie of the week, with personal stories and relationships woven through. Wu is my favorite character and it's sooo frustrating to watch him putter around for 3 seasons when he clearly needs to know about the Vesen world. At this point I don't see the show recovering. It is a lesson though in just how little it takes to satisfy some folks. Personally, this show is a huge waste of potential.
  • Let's get the Grimm power started already!


    Ok I get it,he can see the monsters and kept bugging that poor wolf for answers. I'm ready to see more of what he can do supernaturally. They need to bring more bad ass grimms to the mixed so I'm not bored of what the main characters can't do. Hanging on by a thread and want to like this show more! The main character needs to be more cool and acting less like a chick.

  • Standard CW fare...only this time on NBC.


    I watched Grimm for the first time tonight and wondered if I was watching the right channel....but nope, I checked and sure enough, I was watching NBC. Could have sworn I was watching the CW channel. Grimm is standard CW fare, and if you're in your teens or early twenties with a taste for Dungeons and Dragons and magic andsparkly vampires and such, Grimm was made for you. NBC must have been desperate to compete with and copythe CW style, because Grimm would be right at home there. The storyline of Grimmis juvenile and nothing special that you haven't seen before.

    Adult viewers can probably take a pass on Grimm, safe in the knowlege that they aren't missing much.

  • Season 1 was so much better than Season 4

    Okay, the season is not done yet, but going back to season one really feels different. I liked when Hank and Nick used detective reasoning, Nick was able to size people up and the story was intriguing. I really hope dumping Hank is not the path the writers are going down. Hank and Nick had a really strong partnership going and I noticed they are not pairing them up as much.
  • Wu Wu Wu - Boo Hoo Hoo

    I absolutely love Grimm and have been a fan since it are they going to down play Wu - his character has gotten to be so annoying and can't stand watching when he is on - his character is weak and pathetic
  • Entitled and self-important much?

    No show in its infancy gets to take a three and a half month break halfway through the second season. I don't even remember the first half, and frankly I don't care enough to re-watch before episode 13 airs. I live in Portland, I've loved Grimm since day one, but this is going beyond the pale. I'm over it.
  • Bored as hell.


    I watched lots TV shows of different genre and no prejudice to any one. In the pilot epsiode of Grimm, its interesting opening andbackground drewmeto keep watching it. However, I found it was getting boring and boring, no matter its storyline, characters or plots. If the characters did not have their faces change into original monster looks, it would be just another crime drama.

    Maybe I was misled by the title Grimm, I was expecting too much on fairy tale style things. But the show really disappointed me. I strongly recommended this show to be cancelled.

  • grimm episode error (S3 - Ep 22) -->

    should be last episode for season 2, not end of season 3...

    Episode Guide

    S 3 : Ep 22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm Aired 5/21/13
  • Is the Lt. a Grimm?

    Is Lt. Hank Griffin (the black gentlemam) a Grimm that neither he or anyone else no about yet?,,,,,,,hhmmmmmmm
  • Progressing

    I like how Nick is getting more powerful, better trained etc.

    It would be nice if he would move his arsenal in some safer place, and he could also start looking for new powerful weapons not only depending on stuff left by his aunt.

  • Enjoyed the Earlier Episodes Most

    I really liked the first two episodes, because they were based on actual Grimm stories. Problem for the writers is, most people are unfamiliar with the rest of the Grimm tales, so they've had to revert to "monster of the week", which isn't necessarily bad. But I didn't like the recent episode in which the cop's wife was kidnapped - it's such a crashing bore when cop shows insist on having family members involved, just so our hero can go all clench-jawed - because now it's personal!! But it's hard for me to miss this show, because I love Silas Mitchell Weir as the yuppy werewolf. He's terrific!
  • make up..

    What's with all the heavy duty makeup the female actors have in this show? It looks like it was put onwith a trowel. A little more natural look wuld be better. Otherwise, love the show.
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  • Question, questions!

    Is Hank a grimm? Or maybe not only grimms can see wiesen? Is Julliet wiesen or grimm? Does captain lost his hexenbiest part,and now is just a human? Can a werewolf mate with werefox? :-)
  • The main character does not seem very strong

    Sorry, but Nick is becoming the weakest hero. Why not have him look more like a super hero when he goes up against the bad guys? After all he is supposed to be a GRIMM. Munroe has more courage, etc. than he does. He should at least have some way of looking stronger than human by now. I used to like him, but he's becoming more like a girl. His girlfriend has more strength.
  • I used to love this show. Now we have Trubel. And Nick isn't a Grimm? This turned into Buffy.

    This show has turned into a power chick show. I don't mind that, but there are toil many of them all ready. I don't need a second rate version of Buffy here.
  • Nick needs his powers back

    The show is boring now and losing focus give Nick his Grimm powers back
  • Nick needs his mojo back

    Or the trouble with Trubels. Lets get the show back on . It's losing its focus.
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