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  • Zzzzzz

    I couldn't get into it. I was bored halfway through the first episode.
  • Just Awful

    I was really looking forward to the first season of Grimm. I thought "finally, something edgy, original and slightly spooky on prime time TV". I was so disappointed! Even the names on this show are silly. No effort was put into being creative here. The whole "face change" stunt is so overused it has become boring. I wanted so much to love Grimm. It promised but didn't deliver.
  • Cancel this show!


    The main character is a moron. He kills the bee lady who is trying to help him so he can save the evil lady who tried to kill his Aunt. And then he is too stupid to kill the goat guy and lets him around other women knowing the effect he has on them. Obviously he will escape.

    I've given this show so many chances to not suck and yet, it just keeps getting worse.

  • One "M" too many!

    When I read the synopsis for this show, I was extremely dubious. It sounded contrived and unoriginal. When I did finally start watching it, and have done every week, it quickly became apparent that I was right. This show is boring in every aspect and clearly borrows inspiration from sources like "Constantine" and a million other done-to-death television shows.

    The leads are boring, the back story is unappealing and it just hasn't got the ingredients required to last, especially considering some of the far more entertaining shows that have been canned by the networks in the past.

  • sad for adults

    this has got to be a testimony to apathy and lost boys when Adults produce this kind of crap and truly expect any thin king adult, or child can see virtue in this.

    The end is, truyly high.
  • Zombie garbage

    My husband and I hated this last episode. We felt like we were watching Resident Evil. There was no story Zombies running around growling.
  • I have no idea why so many people are hating on this

    Well actually... I do sort of understand. The show has taken a drastic turn and I guess some people are too weak to take this. This show has been in an unending cycle of nothing really happening and now it is getting really exciting. I guess these old hags in the reviews can't handle this show anymore.
  • Hmmmm

    Ok so here we go...Grimm. Now this show, from what i've seen which is about half way through the season has a lot of potential but it just seems that it's lacking that certain je ne se quoi. For something like this where there delving into fairytales and having these creatures be alive you'd except a certain sense of darkness to the series, some suspense, edge of your seat stuff. Sadly there hasn't really been any of that except perhaps for the one episode, episode 5 i think? that managed to capture the 'dark side' as it were. And the actual Grimm himself? Wow what a load of hokum! There doesn't seem to be any character there whatsoever; no personality, no real emotions...just blah! Where's the back story? The sense of duty etc? And I mean dude he's meant to be like this badass hunter/slayer that all these creatures are afraid of and yet .................. we don't see any of that. He's just a cop who happens to see these creatures. And it comes a shock to him every time. You would think if your aunt left you a trailer full of stuff that ya know maybe you'd poke around and see what the hell is up! But nope. Only when the case requires it. That naivete is just grating. It also brings up the question of why he's even a Grimm? Why not just have him be a human who can see them or something? All we seem to see him do is read books when its necessary and then go and wave his gun around like a cowboy. Yes he's a cop but really? SORT IT OUT! I'm just hoping that the series gets better, that they at least try and make this good, try and do the stories justice. Cause really I've already given up. This series is just something to watch when there is literally nothing else on.

  • Zombie crap

    I really loved this show and was really excited for the new season. I saw the zombies and now I once was a Grimm fan. Very disappointed in the show now. Hopefully they get rid of the zombie crap. If not, there are other things to watch on cable.
  • Not good enough

    I watched 4 or 5 episodes of this because I like cop dramas and I liked the idea of a bit of fantasy thrown in. However, I got bored quite quickly - it's just like a mediocre cop drama with a bit of CGI. There doesn't seem to be enough emphasis placed on the supernatural part of the show. Also, there didn't seem to be enough back story going on to make me want to watch the next episode.

    So, with my limited viewing time I'd rather watch other programs. It's not that it's a bad show, just not good enough
  • A tad bit cheesy

    I found the idea of Grimm powers interesting but I also found the depiction of it in the episodes to be cheesy, i.e. when the face changes. If the writers didn't have such an amazing character (Monroe), I would've found it a lot more boring as a lot of the acting are cheesy and sometimes overdramatic. This series is a good way to pass time but I wouldn't recommend it to others as one of my "must watch" tv series.
  • Nick an Asshole

    Nick is piece of shit... an asshole... starting to dislike the show because of him...
  • This is what I think.....

    After watching this absolutely wonderful horror/fantasy show go from brilliant to HUH?, I get the feeling that the show has reached the end of the road. Original writers, I feel, have left for other realms and they are wrapping up this Season (5) because it will then go into syndication (you have to have 5, I think, for the syndication to go into effect). Unfortunately, the producers, directors, want to get the show over with. This is so sad, because this show was wonderful. I hate bringing the subject of Juliette up and keep beating the dead horse but, as a huge fan of the show, one of the critics stated so perfectly, she wasn't anything great in the beginning and she certainly isn't anything great in the end. They should have buried her character, gotten back some of the brilliant writers and gone back to the old Grimm stories and left the too personal stuff alone. Oh well, it really was a good show and I will miss it terribly, but I can't watch all this confusion and chaos, it's too grim. :-(

  • Grimm writers need a lesson or 3 from Supernatural

    I tried getting into it but it wasn't my cup of Joe. My only problem with it is only a few people are aware of supernatural creatures. Unlike supernatural, there are hunters and there plenty of hunters to kill creatures.

    In Grimm, the mc is forced to conceal his identity or every creature will kill him. Wouldn't it be better if he could be known without getting killed and have help too?

    At least in Supernatural the Winchesters boys could form packs and hunt together, and creatures were not functioning member of society.
  • All About Eve

    SPOILER ALERT! I have figured out where the "Eve" personality came from. The writers have played fair with us and provided clues. Read no further if you like clever plot twists. Juliette was mortally wounded. How could she have survived? The same way Sean Renard survived his wounds of course. When the captain was brought back by a spell he didn't come back alone. Eve is a spirit who returned from the afterlife to possess Juliette's body. The identity of this spirit is obvious if you examine her personality traits. She has an extremely intense dedication to the job at hand and a complete lack of social skills. Remind you of anyone? The clincher came when she threatened Adalind's life if she hurt Nick. What spirit would have been haunting the place where Juliette was shot? Kelly Burkhardt has returned. Of course she hasn't told Nick. She has all of Juliette's memories. How do you tell your son that you remember having sex with him. Talk about awkward.
  • Wow! A weak episode.

    First time I was bored with this show. Scenes with Nick and Adelind always work but to few. Watch out for the shark.
  • Last one for me too!

    The actors can thank the sorry writers for destroying a great show! I've been sick of the stupid baby search crap but even more sick of how weak they made Nick. The left tie entire concept of the show making him weaker each week. A Grimm is nothing now so you need to change the name to Wimp!
  • Baby Diana

    Ok have been a fan since day one but are you people serious about baby Diana missing her mother. Her mother is Adalind who they stole from her and gave her to a woman who abandon her own son. I'm so happy she got killed off and think of how pissed she's going to be when she finds out the truth that she was stolen from her real mother. 24 -episodes come-on I'm totally bored with this show. Juliette was a bad ass and get's killed off just when her character becomes entertaining, Can you please shorten the episodes it's just to many and it's well getting boring.
  • Let's get the Grimm power started already!


    Ok I get it,he can see the monsters and kept bugging that poor wolf for answers. I'm ready to see more of what he can do supernaturally. They need to bring more bad ass grimms to the mixed so I'm not bored of what the main characters can't do. Hanging on by a thread and want to like this show more! The main character needs to be more cool and acting less like a chick.

  • Standard CW fare...only this time on NBC.


    I watched Grimm for the first time tonight and wondered if I was watching the right channel....but nope, I checked and sure enough, I was watching NBC. Could have sworn I was watching the CW channel. Grimm is standard CW fare, and if you're in your teens or early twenties with a taste for Dungeons and Dragons and magic andsparkly vampires and such, Grimm was made for you. NBC must have been desperate to compete with and copythe CW style, because Grimm would be right at home there. The storyline of Grimmis juvenile and nothing special that you haven't seen before.

    Adult viewers can probably take a pass on Grimm, safe in the knowlege that they aren't missing much.

  • Season 5 missed the mark

    While there were some great scenes in some of the episodes this season, on the whole, season 5 turned out to be a bit of dud. Due mainly to the Nick and Adalind "relationship?" that the writers shoehorned into this season thereby creating a truly boring domestic debacle. Season 5 was also missing a clear and present bad guy, Black Claw while seemingly dangerous for some episodes turned out to be mainly "declawed" for much of the season, only now in episode 19 becoming a real threat with the introduction of the character Conrad Bonaparte. Also Hadrian's Wall, the good guys? not so effective, as the only member of that group we have seen to any degree is Eve and with the exception of that one scene in the restaurant we haven't really seen her unleash her super hexenbeist powers in any big way since. Hopefully the last three episodes of this season pull out all the stops and redeem the snooze fest that was season 5.
  • Smallville much?

    This show has one major failing. The lead actor, or at least the character he is given to play. Dull as dishwater and sooo forgetable. Just like Smallville. It's peripheral characters outclass him in acting ability, they're far more complex and interesting than the show's hero. Nick is boring as hell and most of his dialogue is bland and lazy. Wish they would take a page out of Joss Whedon's playbook. Supernatural, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow or even the Blacklist. Fascinating and well developed characters. I was hoping 'Trouble' would be a permanent fixture to offset/replace Nick's terminally banal temperament. Sgt Wu and Monroe are always a delight but Nick is a trial.

    Nothing personal but they should change him or replace him.
  • Round and Round she goes, where she stops nobody knows

    Not sure what the writers are up to but those of us that have grown attached to the characters are getting a pretty good bruising. The only thing that can see happening is nick's mom turning in to snow white and nick, woo, hank, Monroe, Troubl, Rosalie and Bud turn in to the 7 dwarfs. (Snow white is a Grimm fairy tale) Somehow someway prince charming appears and puts Kelly Burkhardt back together with a kiss. Then Juliette appears on the scene and Kelly takes her head. I just wonder who would be grumpy or sneezy. Just kidding of course.

    One character that has been quiet has been Diana and I don't think that she will take too kindly to this new family arrangement. Kelly has been her momma for a while and she will no doubt miss her. We do know the kid has powers and has already shown the ability to make things move, disappear and reappear. The Royals may have gotten a whole lot more than they bargained for, when Diana realizes her momma is not returning.

  • Wu Wu Wu - Boo Hoo Hoo

    I absolutely love Grimm and have been a fan since it are they going to down play Wu - his character has gotten to be so annoying and can't stand watching when he is on - his character is weak and pathetic
  • Entitled and self-important much?

    No show in its infancy gets to take a three and a half month break halfway through the second season. I don't even remember the first half, and frankly I don't care enough to re-watch before episode 13 airs. I live in Portland, I've loved Grimm since day one, but this is going beyond the pale. I'm over it.
  • WORST show ever

    I just started to watch this show online. And I was so intrigued by the concept. In fact I liked the first season but by end of second season am simply rolling my eyes and jumping off the scenes. There are so many plot holes. And Bitsie is MOST HORRIBLE actress. EVER. She needs to learn to deliver better emotions and her dialogue delivery is horrible.

    At one episode she asks Nick, if wessan was or was not scared of him. Like seriously??? Are the writers so stupid to write such horrible dialogue for her. They simply spoiled the whole concept by bringing her memories back and she asking all the wessan's to show their voga or whatever that phase is called. At one point, I really felt like slapping her. If they want to show the power of woman there are better way to deliver it. But show starting off as Nick being the Grimm and then slowly moving to Bitsie feels like she desperate for some screen time and want audience to like her.

    I don't understand why is she so important in the show? From the GRIMM the show moved to a relationship concept. I get it that both the actors are dating in real life but that doesn't mean they should focus on this particular character, trying to make her so likable. It does feel like the writers were forced by the actors or producers to keep stupid bitsie on show just becoz they are dating in real life. Rather than watching such badly written show better to read Stephen king books. By third season episode 6 - I was done with this show. she is a huge turnoff. From being a vet she became what a doctor (trying to evaluate the child's condition? It is a basic protocol every pediatrician follows to ask the patient's parents when the changes begin. Which is a very common question asked by every doctor during case history So obvi. Nick don't need Bitsie's help to figure that out. Writers are trying to fit this WOMAN in the show for no good reason .

    I must say they are now more focused on Bitsie and the Grimm then the main concept. I barely see any of the Grimm thing and Nick has turned into a extremely weak character. I like sci - fi and fantasy but with this show am just disappointed. Only season I loved the most was season one.

    Now it is all about the bitsie. She can start her own kardashian show if she is so desperate for attention. Anyways. Season 3 episode 6 was my last. I couldn't waste anymore time on it.

    Worst show ever.
  • Grimm Discombobulation

    My favorite show is circling down the drain.

    They take a few week break and come up with this? "Hibernaculum" has a disjointed, hurried, lazy excuse for a script.

    Why the cast didn't refuse to do this one after reading this crap is beyond my understanding.

    The heat orgy scenes were repulsive, played poorly and the entire premise was laboriously forced and real-world "consequences" non-existent.


    Grade: F
  • last nights episode was ridiculous

    hope the writers get this train back on the track and stop with these ridiculous wessen that freeze people or start fires or are not even cool
  • Bored as hell.


    I watched lots TV shows of different genre and no prejudice to any one. In the pilot epsiode of Grimm, its interesting opening andbackground drewmeto keep watching it. However, I found it was getting boring and boring, no matter its storyline, characters or plots. If the characters did not have their faces change into original monster looks, it would be just another crime drama.

    Maybe I was misled by the title Grimm, I was expecting too much on fairy tale style things. But the show really disappointed me. I strongly recommended this show to be cancelled.

  • i am unsatisfied

    i am telling you that the writers are making juliette a total asshole and i hate her character! i am so mad that they turned uer like that! and that Nick now has a baby with Adalind? wow these writers really want more viewers and are trying hard to ruin the show with evil Juliette and the reinassance and Nicks mom now thinking nick is actually in trouble! i am now really mad that they did that! i understand that other people like the new juliette but i honestly liked it better when she was a innocent person. i hate the new juliette! i am being honest and straight forward! i hate her and her attitude! sorry but i am being honest! i can't stand watching this show anymore! i am sorry writers but i am being honest. can we have the old juliette back?
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