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  • Why is Grimm worth watching ?

    Why is Grimm worth watching ?

    1. It has Monroe

    2. Monroe is a blutbad (aka a werewolf)

    3. but he doesn't eat meat

    4. His favourite colour is red.

    5. He plays cello and he likes yoga

    6. He drinks wine.

    7. He can fix clocks and he knows all kinds of artifacts.

    8. He is the most reliable Survival Guide if you live in Grimm's world. He can mark his territory to keep angry dogs away.

    9. He knows all the good people in this world

    10. He says no when you asked for help but in the end he will come and help you, at the risk of losing his head.

    11. He knows how to decorate his house when Christmas comes and he loves Christmas.

    12. You can only find such a wonderful werewolf in Grimm.

    This show is a winner! I'm wondering when Nick's Mother will show back up. Hopefully next season. Awesome finally. I love the character Monroe and he is the break-out star in this show. When Nick found out that it was his Chief who was seeing Juliette I just sat with my mouth open. Looking forward to Season 3. They better NOT ever think of cancelling this show.
  • Grinn(ing)

    Maybe I'm biased since this show is set, and actually filmed, in my home town, but I enjoyed the Season One story arc. Especially delightful is the relationship between Nick ("The Grimm"), and his unofficial sidekick, Monroe the watch-repair-guy and reformed werewolf (or something). The girlfriend is a bit bland, but maybe she'll come around once she accepts what's going on. Let's hope we get to see that in Season Two.
  • More forests to the people

    I needed a TV crush after Chuck ended. I searched and I searched and stumbled upon Grimm. First, when I read about it, I was like "naaah" but I forced myself to watch the pilot and after that I was like "hmmmm" and now after 21 episode I'm like "OMFG this is the best since The X-files!!!" Seriously, I had forgotten how much I love the "evil forest" (although it's not evil to me, I live in it :) and the atmosphere it creates on a show. I think some of X-files' greatness was that it was shot in Vancouver and that helped to get the right feeling to it. (When they move the show to LA, it all fell apart)

    Personally, I'm very thankful that the mythology of this show is growing slowly. And don't know about you kids, but I'm from that age when it took a couple of seasons before you really understood everything. I really hope that Grimm will run many seasons because it definitely has the potential for it.

    I really liked Moonlight and I was so sad when it got cancelled because it's mythology was just about to blossom when it got cancelled. Somehow I feel that David Greenwalt is taking Grimm where he couldn't take Moonlight because there is a lot of similarities between the mythologies of the shows. A secret supernatural world among the ordinary and a feeling that a war within the Wesen-world is coming and that the ordinary world will be drawn into that war and the protagonist will be inbetween. It's so awesome! Can't wait!

    And a BIG plus to Grimm: german is the new "it-language". It really is the coolest language. ;) Alles hat ein Ende, aber die Wrst hat zwei. Word up! :)
  • Great show!

    First - excuse my bad grammar and spelling. English isn't my native language.

    Phantastic creatures without the supernatural demon-devil/angel angle is refreshing. The hero is not out to get them all and most things have a reasonable explanation. All characters are believable and well played. Nick is cute, sexy and semi-naive, Monroe is adorable quirky and excited, Hank is a great loyal support, Renard is darkly handsome, Rosalee is intelligent and helpful and Juliette is finally in the loop and not afraid to jump into the fray. The mix of phantasy and crime goes well and I wait every week for the next episode.

    There are always things that could been done better, but they could have done much worse.

    The shows gotten better with each season, adding depth to the characters, their background, development and the storyline with hints of more and bigger things to come. Of course there are also what one would call filler episodes, only there to fill up the season, but that's ok, because they are not that bad and there's at last always one scene connecting it to the red thread.

    I hope Wu gets over his mental breakdown soon.

    I dunno what will happen to Adalind, now that she has gotten her powers back. Judging from her character she is very much a selfcentered person. Maybe becoming a mother mellows her, maybe not. When she first realized that she was pregnant, she didn't seem much interested in the child. Also there's still the contract with Stefania and who knows what the slimy concoction she used on her belly really did to the child.

    I really hope this show lasts for a few more seasons.

    Favourite characters: Nick, Monroe, Renard, Wu (sanity please)

  • A clever title goes here!

    I love this show. It is great.
  • 12 Episode Was Kickass

    OMG season 2 ep 12 was f@@@ing awesome :) and to be specific i loved it in the end that nick learns that it was hes chief the guy that Juliet seeing and in the end that the guy was out of his trailer, i cant wait to see what is gonna happen anyone knows when the new season gonna released?
  • Can't wait for the Next Season!

    you are obviously the only one who thinks that, this show has been nothing but great, the suspense, thrill and creative ideas put in are just amazing. It keeps you hooked wanting more and more and the storyline is getting better and better by the minute. I'm sorry my friend but this show did deliver, and i like many other fans can't wait to see the next season!
  • Out of this world!

    This show is beyond fantastic! The plot, characters, they are all great! :D
  • I love this show!!!!!

    It takes me away from all my stress and gives me something else to focus on. Some of the history I remember from my college days in mythology. I love Bree Turner and her character, she is a great actress. I really look forward to seeing the top 5 characters, I am not a fan of Juliette Silverton, I find her boring!!!!!! The writers are great on this show. Please keep going~~~~
  • Love it!!!

    Great SFX, great story, good acting interesting and captivating plot.

    I was acting all prejudice, just thinking what is this show now ? this is not what we need..i don't want to watch cheap effects blah blah..And it took for a while for me to give a chance to this show. It`s been 15episode, none of the episodes was boring and each episode it is getting better and better..I was not so sure about David Giuntoli but i got used to him..Silas Weir Mitchell is fantastic as usual..Give a chance, you will like it.


    Not bad gets better with each episode
  • Needs a Tune Up

    After reading some other reviews I have to say I agree with the 6-7 ratings. I really want to like Grimm and do watch it every week, but I am not in love with it. Nick needs to develop his skills, just being a cop is boring. The continuing story needs to get more juicy. Kill off the girl friend or something or have her be a monster. Nick is soo milk toast. He is like Clark Kent. I don't think he cusses, drinks or has even lost his virginity yet. He also sort of reminds me of Luke pre-Yoda. Better start his training soon or the audience (me) is going to get bored. I think this show could be really good, but it just isn't quite there. Silas Weir Mitchell is doing a great job and IMO is nearly carrying the show. Love the cinematography. They need to show the Portland bumper sticker "Keep Portland Weird" in one of the episodes for sure.
  • Come on March 20, 2015.

    Can't wait until the next round. This is my favorite show besides Constantine.
  • When's the next season coming out?

    I want season 4 and i want it now
  • Best TV show ever!

    I just hope they make loads more and keep it clean not like all the other tv shows where they start killing the best people off!xx

    I love Grimm, it just keeps on getting better, look forward to more seasons of this creative fantastic Show!!!

    filled with mystery, magic and adventure. this kick ass series is worth watching. From wesen, to love , its bound to keep u entertained. Grimm is a show for fantasy and you would be missing out !!!!!
  • I like it!

    Great acting and plot twists.
  • whats with the new Intro?

    I don't like the new intro. Please, Please come up with something better. soon.
  • More seasons please great show

    Love your show.Great cast.Looking to see more,cannot wait.Hank is the shows sexual chocolate.
  • SO GREAT!!!

    I love mysteries of nearly any kind. fantacy types also intreige me. So for some who r not into these, i cant speak for them, but would be surprised if they did not also get hooked, it is a very fun edge of ur seat never really know whats coming nxt great setting great cast gotta watch type of show. I completely LOVE it! if it gets canceled i may just show up on set with a mob revolting the cancelation of this awesome show!
  • Really creative

    This is a really creative show. It's totally different from the Grimm story book. However, it is really good because the new stories are impressing and attractive. I really enjoy watching it.
  • Great and Different Shows

    I love this show it has everything... action, humor, suspense, crime solving I hope that it stays on a long time.. I enjoy the twist on the fairy tales and how they are about real people...they say legend and old tales are based in fact!!!!! Everyone who enjoys being entertained without all the crap and is sick of the same old situations on TV really need to see Grimm...Keep them coming
  • hmmmmmmmmmm

    for now i am reviewing my previous review...
  • Grimm

    Have just watched episode 3 of grimm and I am enjoying it very much, also like the thought of a werewolf being a side kick to the grimm
  • This is HOT ( in more way's than one )

    Greetings friends

    As with our Elementary review this is for the most recent episode so if you have not seen the episode of Grimm "Trial by fire" then you might want to before you read any further

    Ok now we have that said and done on with the review.

    This episode was a little confusing to us and we thought after seeing it, the choice for the wesen in this weeks offering was maybe a little too close to another past wesen/monster/whatever, as it can't have escaped your notice that this guy bears a striking resemblance to Volcanalis when he is woged with the exception that this fire-starter projects flames from his body as opposed to being just super molten hot.

    We did have our reservations about him but still we did find it to be an interesting way to bring in an old character from a previous season, we of course mean the arson investigator who was convicted for killing Monroe's old friends, and this was a bit of a wake up call to remind us that there is still the blood feud between blutbaden and bowerschwien, that had been referenced in previous seasons the acting was spot on for both Orson and Monroe.

    But we have to say the highlight of the episode for us personally was the throwdown between Juliette And Adalind, over the course of the episode we saw that the two were going to meet eventually but we were just praying they were not going to To Be Continued... this scene as we desperately wanted to see it right then and there.

    The show did not disappoint from the start we put our money on Juliette, and we were screaming at the screen "GO ON KILL THE BITCH" we were sooo into this, and ok fellas lets be honest right here and now just between us, you got a bit turned on didn't you ???........... what do you mean NO, well we are a red blooded man and we say with no shame that this fight was sexy as all hell and totally badass, but the best moment was when Adalind retracted her woge and we saw her eye's the fear there was absolutely perfect.

    This was topped off with Nick's reaction to the truth all we can say is we expect more juicy episodes like this in the future.

  • Grimm

    A little corny with the head-morphing-into-ridiculous-creatures thing, but otherwise a great show with great actors.
  • I love Grimm however the new intro kinda reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's intro

    I know David Greenwalt was a producer on Angel but being connected to the Buffyverse doesn't mean you can do that! Plus, I liked the piece of narrative they used to show at the beginning from the story they were loosely using. Not gonna make me stop watching but annoying.
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