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  • Grimm

    The season finale for grimm season 5 was AMAZING. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. If you people cause my show to be canceled with your negativity I will be so mad!! This show rules!! It is unlike any other show and I'm going to be dying until season 6 comes out later this year! Team Nick and adalind though, I like Juliette much better as Eve, she is such an an awesome ruthless character! please please keep going NBC this show has so much potential and I promise to watch every single episode! #teamgrimmforlife
  • Grimm is a GREAT SHOW!

    The season finale for season 5 was amazing. Can't wait for season 6

  • Trying to stay interested....

    But it's starting to seem more like an afternoon soap opera with monsters. I started to have my doubts when they got Adalind pregnant *again*. Throwing in a pregnancy always seems a bit desperate, and as for two, well.... And the ever-increasing list of subplots within subplots seems a bit "soapy" too.

    And a little peeve--I don't like what they've done with Renard. It seems inconsistent with the character of previous seasons, who seemed complicated and interesting. First they made him a bad guy, which I wasn't thrilled with, but at least he wasn't an idiot. But now they've made him a patsy, which is tiresome. He didn't used to seem that stupid.
  • Nadalind

    I juste love their relationship. I hope their little family will be okay at the end.
  • Season 5 missed the mark

    While there were some great scenes in some of the episodes this season, on the whole, season 5 turned out to be a bit of dud. Due mainly to the Nick and Adalind "relationship?" that the writers shoehorned into this season thereby creating a truly boring domestic debacle. Season 5 was also missing a clear and present bad guy, Black Claw while seemingly dangerous for some episodes turned out to be mainly "declawed" for much of the season, only now in episode 19 becoming a real threat with the introduction of the character Conrad Bonaparte. Also Hadrian's Wall, the good guys? not so effective, as the only member of that group we have seen to any degree is Eve and with the exception of that one scene in the restaurant we haven't really seen her unleash her super hexenbeist powers in any big way since. Hopefully the last three episodes of this season pull out all the stops and redeem the snooze fest that was season 5.

    make grimm a 22episode or more and keep at that stop mess with what works
  • All About Eve

    SPOILER ALERT! I have figured out where the "Eve" personality came from. The writers have played fair with us and provided clues. Read no further if you like clever plot twists. Juliette was mortally wounded. How could she have survived? The same way Sean Renard survived his wounds of course. When the captain was brought back by a spell he didn't come back alone. Eve is a spirit who returned from the afterlife to possess Juliette's body. The identity of this spirit is obvious if you examine her personality traits. She has an extremely intense dedication to the job at hand and a complete lack of social skills. Remind you of anyone? The clincher came when she threatened Adalind's life if she hurt Nick. What spirit would have been haunting the place where Juliette was shot? Kelly Burkhardt has returned. Of course she hasn't told Nick. She has all of Juliette's memories. How do you tell your son that you remember having sex with him. Talk about awkward.
  • I love Grimm

    I simply love Grimm in good times and not so good times, but this show is beyond likes and dislikes and take you to the source of life. I think it is much better to be aware ot this. Every single series even those with best possible ratings (which also Grimm had , I think at least 2 seasons got 100% on rotten have their ups and downs, but Grimm have something more, even when there is period of down, there is some divine beauty or you might call it transcendent aura, there to comfort you and because this show is blessed with divine grace it is beyond good and bad ! Those who hav eyes (of wisdom) will see ! So lets rather bless this show to deliver us at least 5 seasons more, cause I consider this show at middle age, there is tremendous energy there, just need to be chanelled properly so let us all who sincerely Love this show bless entire cast and tim to produce another magic 5 seasons. As said show is not dead, far from that, they just have their period of being in cocoon before being born again into something unimaginably beautiful ! We are truly lucky and blessed to live in this era of peace, at least on most of the earth and era of movies production have prospered so far, that tv show are getting even more popular than movies, and myself am extremely grateful for every day I am able to watch those supreme series for free and have such uplifitng entertainment, that I dont miss to get drunk and party at all thanks god ! So as mature audience let us be grateful and bless the show instead of immature rant (thats really soo immature) and send Blessings to this show, and you will see Grimm will give as back much more than we give it to Grimm, isnt that sign of Divine Grace ? Amen :-)
  • Wow! A weak episode.

    First time I was bored with this show. Scenes with Nick and Adelind always work but to few. Watch out for the shark.
  • Grimm

    i hate when they leave us hanging for a whole week. This was a great show but like everything else on tv they change to much and it kinda ruins the show. Don't get me wrong I won't miss an episode but I sure hope it gets back to the same roots from the earlier seasons.
  • Getting harder and harder...

    The Juliet/Eve character was ok in the first two seasons. Now, I'm sorry to say, but I agree with some of the previous reviewers: it's getting harder and harder to watch her. She seems like a nice woman, in reality, but she's not a very good actress.

    I don't know if she's supposed to have become the super killing machine, cold as ice and strong as a rock but at the same time, there's still a chance that she ... dot dot dot. I'm sorry, I wish now that she leave the show, somehow.

    Also, a Wesen War??? To me, Grimm was a really original, pretty well written show based on old folk tales, oral tradition. Not that common nowadays for a major TV network to do. So, please, try to go back to the original idea, it was really much better than a silly Wesen war plot...
  • Change the name from Grimm to the Bitsie Tulloch Show

    I started watching this show because the concept seemed interesting. A cop who can see monsters that has to deal with a moral conflict of doing his job or following his family's legacy. Unfortunately this show has moved away from that concept too many times that I have to take a minute every episode to figure out what it's about.

    I think the biggest problem in the show is Juliette, Eve and they all lead to Bitsie Tulloch (there are numerous articles on the net that list her as one of the "worst actors on TV" to "the most cyberbullied actresses on TV" and many more). It amazes me that a show can stay this dedicated to an actress knowing that it just isn't working. If you review the show from the first season you can see that the writers tried everything to keep her in the show. So much so that they started changing the main concept of the show and including more relationship issues. While most fans (and myself) didn't care too much for the relationship issues with Nick and Juliette, it wasn't a deal breaker. After the relationship issues Juliette started doing inexcusable things burning the trailer and more importantly playing a part in Nick's mother's death. At this point fans rallied to the internet and were asking for Juliette's head so much so that the writers had to do it. Now it's past the midpoint of season 5 and bam look its Juliette again but she changed her name to Eve? Whatever they want to call her, its Bitsie Tulloch. If the writers wanted to introduce a kickass wesen killing machine, great I'm all for it but why make it Bitsie Tulloch with all the previous drama the character had? Do the writers think the fans won't notice Bitsie Tulloch because her name is Eve now?

    We all know Nick and Juliette are in a serious relationship off camera and I wish them the best but there has to be more of a reason that this actress plagues this show. I don't think anyone can say that she is a great actress or that fans want her on the show (especially after all that she has done) so what is it that makes these writers start writing the show around her?

    Here is a brief evolution of the Juliette character which in turn has changed the direction of the show numerous times:

    Juliette the unknowing girlfriend

    Juliette the nosey girlfriend

    Juliette the cheating girlfriend

    Juliette the evil b*tch

    Juliette the killing machine, oh wait its Eve with all of Juliette's memories?

    It's ridiculous to think that Nick won't have some feeling (whether good or bad) towards Juliette/Eve. Let's see, you cheated on me, you tried to kill me and my friends, you burned whatever family heirlooms I had in the trailer, you helped kill my mother but hey you changed your name so we'll let bygones be bygonesoh I love you!? Yeah that doesn't make sense, does it?

    The shows dedication to this actress and the fact that it has moved so far away from the original Grimm concept has made me lose my interest in it and now we have a government sanctioned wesen and Grimm dream team?

    Change the name from Grimm to the Bitsie Tulloch Show

  • From Lake Placid to Flacid

    This series started out as a great story teller. Great characters around a monster of the week, tucked away in the haunted forests of Portland. The formula of creepies and crawlies with a sense of humor to tie it all together worked. Now things are getting global and globally ridiculous. Trubel has turned into James Bond overnight. Her character was somewhat needless, beforehand, but now, magically transposed into someone smarter than everyone else involved. Juliet has turned into a fembot, some kind of emotionless, less than human, out of touch with her Hexen side, flat as her wig choices, drone. The global story line is nonsense that is threatening to prove that the writers have grown way too big for their pants.

    Thank goodness the core characters have remained true to their beginnings. The singular mystery/murder/monster of the week still stands as entertaining. Throw Wu or Monroe in the mix and it's actually funny, for all the right reasons.

    Get rid of the men in black story line. The government branch that doesn't . It's maddening in the literal sense and I'm almost ready to stop watching. Sorry Silas, I'll miss you the most.
  • Key Count ?????

    Previous episodes said seven keys (seven Knights Templars) existed. The Royals had four. Nick now has two. With the three just found, Nick has five. How can the Royals have four?

  • Grimm latest episode


    I can see that the producers are making every effort to include all of the Grimm characters in the 42 minute running show for each single episode. That's commendable.

    The latest episode started of with a new twist regarding the Grimm book. It was a "hmmm" moment.

    Then we obviously have the Grimm aspect of the show and the police procedural aspect of the show quiet neatly blending into one another.

    We have Munroe, who is one of the few comic relief in the show, getting all emotional and violent. (Ah! Hasn't it been a while since we saw the handsome wolfman now.. :) )

    There was a nice intro on 'the on-off new couple of the town' inviting their friends over for dinner. Although it was a bit of 'blink and go ahead miss it' moment.

    Another nice addition was the simple talk between Adelaide and Nick, although I had a twisted disappointed face when they were discussing late mothers and date of births???. Now that we are testing the waters about the relation between Nick and Adelaide, I believe a little bit of a more romantic factor should be added. I mean through words or looks. It'll give the viewers a good topic to wonder. I mean Juliette aka Eve clearly cares a damn. Maybe, maybe not. But it will be wonderful to see Nick get completely thrown out of his comfort zone. Maybe it's something up the writers sleeve for later.

    Excellent ending regarding the sudden attaining of three new Grimm keys. And the plot to go to the black forest. Wonder what the writers are coming up on regarding that.

    Captain Sean Renard, hmm.. I'm going to be honest here. This is my personal train of thought. His 2 minutes of screen space campaigning for the the new Mayor of Portland. Why do I have this creepy feeling, he's just laying out the carpet for the leader of the Black Claw to rule over Portland?.. I truly don't believe his scenes are a waste of time. There's something brewing in that 2 minutes of Mayor scene.

    One question I do have for the writers of Grimm. We clearly know that the King and Diane had been in a chopper that has Meissner in it. So we know that Meissner has Diane. Why has he not given the child back to Adelaide. What's the game there?

    The show has its own ups and downs but frankly I've never been vbored of it. Unlike The Vampire Diaries, which is way overdue it's exit time, I still have good reason to believe that Grimm can keep it's viewers mystified and curious.

    Can we see some hexenbeisty/ grimmy surprise super power from Kelly plz!!!!
  • This is what I think.....

    After watching this absolutely wonderful horror/fantasy show go from brilliant to HUH?, I get the feeling that the show has reached the end of the road. Original writers, I feel, have left for other realms and they are wrapping up this Season (5) because it will then go into syndication (you have to have 5, I think, for the syndication to go into effect). Unfortunately, the producers, directors, want to get the show over with. This is so sad, because this show was wonderful. I hate bringing the subject of Juliette up and keep beating the dead horse but, as a huge fan of the show, one of the critics stated so perfectly, she wasn't anything great in the beginning and she certainly isn't anything great in the end. They should have buried her character, gotten back some of the brilliant writers and gone back to the old Grimm stories and left the too personal stuff alone. Oh well, it really was a good show and I will miss it terribly, but I can't watch all this confusion and chaos, it's too grim. :-(

  • Grimm goes all Young and the Restless!!

    This is the biggest mistake they've made with the show since the voiceover intro for Season 2!!

    We've just watched S5 E7 and can't believe what they've done to its' filming technique! It looked as if they'd spent loads of money to film this episode in UltraHD but decided (as such) to lower the everything else to the standard of a really poor daytime soap (sorry for naming TYATR, but it was the only example I could think of!!).

    The action scenes were poor (as was any movement across the screen) and became blurry/ghosting at times. The start of a lot of the scenes seemed to be too staged - no flow to them as there used to be - with the thought going through my head that the editing was really poor. The acting seemed too 'plasticky'... as if (sometimes) they were too aware that this was a new filming technique for the show. The storyline we just couldn't follow as we were so 'engrossed' with the terrible videoing style.

    I don't think we can blame the actors at all as they've been doing the show for 5 years now so someone else must've made (or had their arms twisted by a really bad Wesen) to make really unnecessary and standard-lowering changes to the way the show is filmed now. All you have to do is compare E6 & E7 and you can see so clearly that there is no continuity in the video department!!

    Please, please, PLEASE!!.... bring back the old style of filming... acting... EVERYTHING!!! It worked so well and helped build up the atmosphere as each episode went along. If it carries on being like this for the rest of the season it will be a massive mistake and lose so many loyal fans.
  • Grimm s5 ep7

    I couldn't believe what I was watching, the production of the show went from cinematic to cheap Australian soap opera and somehow the actors' lines seemed corny! I was embarrassed for them. And Nick getting it on with Adalind? The woman who singlehandedly almost destroyed his life? It's insane! Do they have new writers? Iv watched Grimm since the pilot and it's my favourite show, but I'll stop watching it if it doesn't improve. And Juliette died. End of story. Her appearance is completely ridiculous. And I never cared for her character, or her taste in clothes . Change it or bin it.
  • What's happened to Grimm? episode 7

    We were eagerly awaiting the return of season 5 but episode 7 was laughable. The production standards have gone to hell. It looked like a cheap '80s daytime soap, think Falcon Crest, Far too many close ups and long pointless one to ones. The dialogue was puerile. The actors looked embarrassed to be spouting this rubbish. If it doesn't get back to it's usual high standard I'm afraid it will lose two previously avid viewers.
  • Grimm filming changes

    I love this programme but I hope this new filming method is a trial because I found it unbearable to watch , it's awful . I will stop watching it because it hurts my eyes , it's juddery and wierd .... not nice ! Sort it out please .
  • Bad filming on Grimm series 5 EP 7?

    What happened to the filming of the latest Grimm episode? It looks cheap and tacky more like a soap opera or hand filmed HD camera. For those of you with a good Sony flatscreen TV you may recognise this as the effect of motion flow on the highest setting. This causes all programmes and movies to look the same, plastic, almost fake even, its smoothness makes it look unrealistic and very very cheap. I have that feature turned off on my tv as I'm not a fan of it. Not sure what happened to the filming of this but hope it was a mistake or just testing the water as it was difficult to watch and not enjoyable what so ever. The sound is also terrible, seemed very forced and the separation on the surround system had very little effect, only sund to be really heard was the center speaker. I've bought all seasons so far on blu-ray but if they start looking like this I won't be buying any more.
  • You're ruining it

    Whatever you've done with the new series, please stop. The new filming techniques and sound track are making it like watching a cheap and cheerful c grade under budget remake. There's no excitement with the new layout and it's positively off putting to someone who has watched avidly since the first episode of season 1. What made it goods gone so please go back to the old layout before I can't stand it any longer and stop watching.
  • Cheap TV Now

    I watched the latest episode, (S5 Ep7) and it was like watching an American TV soap, cheap acting, dialogue and sets and appears to have benn done with video tape. What a comedown from what was a great series. I had to watch this episode in 2 parts because I gave up half way through. Bring back the way it was made in the past then maybe I will believe in the series again.
  • Till s4 it was good but after fifth man it hit the the skies unfortunately those were skies of hell....

    Rubbish mean nicks girl was dedicated for her for so long... even in effects of potion she didn't had any sex with the captain... and he goes and take side for the protection of hexinbitch; ) and that chance child with her man if i were any vexin i'd kill him for the crime of being
  • Grimm season 5

    What's happened the quality is terrible was the budget cut, the filming quality is terrible and the sound is ametuer at best really awful? ????????
  • Awah this is rubbish

    What have they done s 5 ep 7 and it feels all weird like I am watching home and away in 1980s. What has changed are they now on a limited budget ?
  • Juliet needs Justice!!

    I loved the show till season 4 and started to dislike it when they spoiled the character of Juliet. everyone in the show has gotten away with everything in the name of being possessed including Nick, Captain, Hank; leave alone the -born-bitch-characters like Adalind. Juliet was the only one who had a decent life and got into the mess because of Nick.

    Nick refused to kiss her after she became hexnbeast, left her on her own, and he is still the "hero". Aladalind who is the bitch of all the bitches, gets to be the mother of the hero. Nick, kisses Adalind (who is still an hexnbeast and is the one who is responsible for everything).

    I think its time to say goodbye to this show
  • Great Show To Watch!

    Love the Cast ! Mixing it up with comedy,action,drama,suspense and thriller ! Really enjoy this show ! I hope that they stick around for more seasons !!
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