Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2013 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Monroe: You got something?
      Nick: Dead body.
      Monroe: That'll take your mind off (Juliette).
      Bud: Takes my mind off--off her.

    • Nick: But... he's Wesen.
      Renard: Who isn't these days?

    • Nick: Where should we put this?
      Juliette: In the trash.
      Nick: This--this is my Elvis lamp. I got it in Mexico.
      Juliette: I see that, and that doesn't make it any more valuable.
      Nick: I had to drink a lot of mesquale and eat a worm for this thing.
      Juliette: Nick, you just have to ask yourself one question. Who do you love more? (Nick considers it and puts it away) I am going to get you a beer to celebrate your break-up.
      Nick: Please do.

    • Renard: You think we should read him his rights?
      Nick: Yeah. Last rites.

    • Nick: Well, what have we got?
      Wu: Well, the first part's normal. Victim is Jill Prembrey, a geologist at Eon Industries. Was supposed to pick up Ronnie Sanchez, co-worker, for dinner. When she didn't show, Sanchez tried to call, they came over, called 911.
      Nick: What's the not-normal part?
      Wu: Everything else.

  • Notes

    • Russell Hornsby received a real-life injury, damage to his Achilles' tendon, which forced him to leave the show for a couple of weeks. He goes on vacation in this episode, and is only seen seated.

    • The episode was originally scheduled to air on 4/19/13 under the name "Ring of Fire," but was preempted for coverage of the capture of one of the terrorists in the Boston Marathon bombing.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: April 19, 2013 on CTV
      Australia: April 21, 2013 on FOX8

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