Season 2 Episode 12

Season of the Hexenbiest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on NBC

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  • A good one.

    Actually strongly disliked Juliette in this one (the character, actress played her well). Like you're 'cheating' on whatever you have with Nick, which we know you think because of how you're torn up about it. The bed is Nick's too, it is his house and he's been nothing but supportive, sleeping on the couch is respectful of him sure. But when he says he's sick of the couch she snaps at him.. like why don't you get out of bed and respect him for being nice to you and let him have his own damn bed, you're the one cheating.

    He comes to arrest Adalind and you tell him off like he's going against you intentionally, nothing to do with the fact that (realistically) she is a suspect in Hank's assault and her mothers murder... justifiably.

    Anyway, good episode though. I'm glad that Sean's secret is finally coming out, i liked that it wasn't too soon in the series like some reveals are, but it wasn't so far away that we just don't care anymore.

    Love me some Adalind, and hate her too. She really is witchy! Poor girl is just a bit too naive and gets used a bit too easily by people though. But I'm sorry Juliette how is it not suspicious to you when someone who's practically a stranger, your friends ex, is drilling you about a trailer.. like how she got to talk about the trailer was smooth, but once she was on it, it was a bit obvious ha.

    Liked Monroe here too, always fun seeing him get in on things, and walking away with the murder weapon.
  • Loved this!

    I just loved how action-packed this episode was. It really brought everything to a head, very neatly, and even with all of the action, I was never confused about what was happening or why. Everything flowed perfectly, and left me very, very anxious for the next episode (for which, I then had to wait 4 months!)
  • Beauty and the [Hexen]Biest

    Once Upon a Time, a dashing Prince lost his father at a young age because his mother's heritage threaten to divide the kingdom. Since royals were aiming for blood, the wesen mother hid her Prince in Portland, in the care of an evil hexenbiest who tried to seduce him as soon as he became a Police Captain, when he refused, Adalind cursed him with the chance to seek his innermost heart's desire, without the power to have it. For nothing was more dangerous than betraying a Grimm, the last chance wesen had for peaceful coexistance.

    And so, the Prince went to a Spice shop, hoping that the merchant would grant him release from this condition, if not for him then at leat for the veterinarian he fell in love with. The merchant was upset and did not accept these terms. See, the Grimm is his best friend and the blutbad couldn't help out the vet . Belle begins to feel guilty about breaking her promise to the [Hexen]Biest and uses honesty to see him back at his castle. Telling her boyfriend that she has feelings for another man, Juliette gets dumped and Nick released. Upon returning, Belle will find the [Hexen]Biest, for neither one cares whether or not the curse is broken, their love is no longer a betrayal to the Grimm.
  • Great Show, Least Fav Episode...

    Maybe, perhaps, ummm... it's just me but, wasn't the writing off track just a tad? This has got to be one of my favorite shows on TV this season, however, this episode's writing - screenplay, was adumbrated somewhat. The characters lines, for the most part, were qwerky and written as if by a rookie who just stepped into the studio arena for the first time. Now... the overall plot and theme met my expectations to the hilt... thanks for that. Come on... don't let me down again writing staff, make the characters shine like they should... give them decent lines to act out. Watch it again to see if i'm off the mark... or not. Ahhhh!
  • Romeo & Juliette must die!

    First off, love the episode for the fast pacing, bring a head to quite a few story arcs, but hate a lot of the characters interactions (read Nick and Juliette!). Else, I would have given it a higher score. Next bit is my personal rants about the development of the show and the Juliette character.

    Frankly, I like Ms. Tulloch's portrayal of Juliette in season 1, nothing really special but still ok. In season 2, probably due to the story-line, the character of Juliette seems all over the place and highly inconsistent. She seems to cycle from quirky, neurotic, confused to downright idiotic in some situations. I especially dislike her naivety in this episode and the sudden out-of-character outburst in "La Llorona". Whatever goodwill I have towards Juliette went completely out the windows after this episode.

    Sometimes, I really wonder if the writers are out to purposefully screw with the viewers or the actors (maybe both)? By making an already "thin" character like Juliette goes through the whole "Star-cross lovers" kitsch with Nick, it feels as though they are out to makes her totally unlikable! I personally feel that it is totally unfair to the character and I rather they kill her off so as to inject some needed dynamism and darkness into the show and perhaps Nick's psyche. Frankly, I feel that might make the show more interesting and Nick into a better (and darker, harder... like his mom) Grimm.
  • 2x12 - Season of Adalind!

    This was a great episode in showing how badass and dangerous Adalind remains even without her hexenbeist powers. She's locked up in jail and is still making everyone dance to her tune. So far Nick's edge in going up against her was Monroe (and Hank knowing the truth!), I hope that continues into the next half of the season.

    I have hit the point where I want to be rid of Juliette. I've been holding out on that feeling because I hate to be the kind of viewer who wants to get rid of the lead love interest. But, OMG!, Juliette was so dumb this episode. I can't believe she gave up the info about the trailer without being even a little suspicious about why Adalind would want to know so badly. Then she gets mad at Nick for using her to arrest Adalind, who he tells her was under suspicion for murder and she's accusing him of using her. ARGH.

    I really enjoyed how they had Adalind cutting off the captain's support, which made me wonder if the man would end up having to turn to Nick. I mean, we all know that Renard had been looking out for Nick because he wants a Grimm in his pocket but we haven't actually seen him take steps in that direction.

    By the time the show went TBC I was groaning over it ending there. The tacked on 'Sorry' did manage to crack me up, though. So good move, show. Good move.
  • Grimm 3 minus Juliette ya?

    Never liked Juliette and her "Like A Virgin" prose with Nick. Even if she were under the curse, anyone with so much positive supporting facts about a partner once lost, would jump to reacquaint with someone so mature, brave, gentlemanly patient, loving and man, handsome, like Nick. And geez, the naivete and stupidity of Juliette in giving out info so easily to Adalind, someone that she hardly knew b4. Writers, please get Juliette killed off next season ya or like Trump would say, You're both fired!

    PS: Love love love Monroe!
  • Boo-Juliette-team

    I'm sorry but now I'm officially with the Juliette is stupid group. She revealed EVERYTHING really easily. Even though she's usually really suspicious of people and runs away. We get Nick NOT wanting to know who the other guy was, like seriously just before she was about to say it. I hate this show for going there but not really going there, they drag it too much. Learn from other shows such as Homeland (altho they didn't drag enough), a show can reveal stuff too quickly but can still be great.

    Also, Juliette's being such a bitch to Nick!! Before he even had a chance to ask her what she told Adalind.. And Adalind's a bitch anyway, but that's what she's supposed to be anyway, well played! Really, for those who argue that Juliette has no clue what's going on, every time she DOES kinda get somewhere she runs away. She used to be kind of cool, with her theories and suspicions about the Sasquatch thing, and she held her own a couple of times. But she just undid all that for me. She's just obsolete, please writers kill her off.. or at least make her remember and better make her ten times cooler and be on team Grimm! We need some more kick-ass females in this show. That aren't supernatural.

    Monroe and his 'I think the time for being careful is over Nick', was so exciting! Yayayea go Monroe, got get 'em! Fetch Monroe fetch!! Rip em to shreds! Too bad we didn't get to see some Blutbat action. And Monroe hiding the big ol' murder weapon behind his back was just hilarious. I wonder what the captain's ultimate goal is, is he a bad guy or a good guy? Or an anti-hero kind of guy? No clue, wonder what he wants.

    Btw the 'auf Wiedersehen' detail in the cafe was nice. Also the to be continued... sorry, at the end, very funny. All in all, great episode. frustrating yet great.
  • Season of the Hexenbiest

    Season of the Hexenbeast was a great episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because the character development was rich, deep and meaningful. It was intriguing to see Juliette caught in an awkward position along with some one else close to Nick. It was interesting to see the return of Adalind and to see her minions do her dirty work. I liked that some things were revealed or almost revealed. I couldn't believe how easily Juliette gave in.I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching the next season!!!!!!!!!