Season 2 Episode 12

Season of the Hexenbiest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on NBC

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  • 2x12 - Season of Adalind!

    This was a great episode in showing how badass and dangerous Adalind remains even without her hexenbeist powers. She's locked up in jail and is still making everyone dance to her tune. So far Nick's edge in going up against her was Monroe (and Hank knowing the truth!), I hope that continues into the next half of the season.

    I have hit the point where I want to be rid of Juliette. I've been holding out on that feeling because I hate to be the kind of viewer who wants to get rid of the lead love interest. But, OMG!, Juliette was so dumb this episode. I can't believe she gave up the info about the trailer without being even a little suspicious about why Adalind would want to know so badly. Then she gets mad at Nick for using her to arrest Adalind, who he tells her was under suspicion for murder and she's accusing him of using her. ARGH.

    I really enjoyed how they had Adalind cutting off the captain's support, which made me wonder if the man would end up having to turn to Nick. I mean, we all know that Renard had been looking out for Nick because he wants a Grimm in his pocket but we haven't actually seen him take steps in that direction.

    By the time the show went TBC I was groaning over it ending there. The tacked on 'Sorry' did manage to crack me up, though. So good move, show. Good move.
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