Season 2 Episode 12

Season of the Hexenbiest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on NBC

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  • Romeo & Juliette must die!

    First off, love the episode for the fast pacing, bring a head to quite a few story arcs, but hate a lot of the characters interactions (read Nick and Juliette!). Else, I would have given it a higher score. Next bit is my personal rants about the development of the show and the Juliette character.

    Frankly, I like Ms. Tulloch's portrayal of Juliette in season 1, nothing really special but still ok. In season 2, probably due to the story-line, the character of Juliette seems all over the place and highly inconsistent. She seems to cycle from quirky, neurotic, confused to downright idiotic in some situations. I especially dislike her naivety in this episode and the sudden out-of-character outburst in "La Llorona". Whatever goodwill I have towards Juliette went completely out the windows after this episode.

    Sometimes, I really wonder if the writers are out to purposefully screw with the viewers or the actors (maybe both)? By making an already "thin" character like Juliette goes through the whole "Star-cross lovers" kitsch with Nick, it feels as though they are out to makes her totally unlikable! I personally feel that it is totally unfair to the character and I rather they kill her off so as to inject some needed dynamism and darkness into the show and perhaps Nick's psyche. Frankly, I feel that might make the show more interesting and Nick into a better (and darker, harder... like his mom) Grimm.
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