Season 3 Episode 6

Stories We Tell Our Young

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2013 on NBC

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  • Enter Damien

    Good episode, a cross between the exorcist and the omen. Rosalee has done down to the bottom of the nice list for snitching to the council knowing they would try to kill the boy. I don't like her now :|
  • Shades of the Exorcist except...

    there was actually no demonic possession at all. This was an interesting episode with a story plot with the problem itself removed the Wessen mythology. The beginning was quite good with the boy's parents taking him for the exorcism and I was wondering what the cause of his possession was. Of course Nick and Hank think it has Wessen roots and Rosalee and Monroe have their own theory. But in the end it is Juliette's veterinary experience that solves the problem, different for sure. In the back ground there is the continuing story of Renard's old family and old world connections back in Europe as he takes a trip to start settling them. This is a nice way to have unique episodes while continuing the back story arc as well. A very good episode, my only gripe would be I like it when they deal with new Wessen and this didn't actually do that but did what it did nicely.
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