Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2014 on NBC

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  • Grimm: Diana Whose Baby Are You?

    10/08/16 11:40p Grimm: ''Synchronicity'' Season 3 /Ep 17/ 4/04/14 NBC Kelly Burkhardt Nicks Mom helps Adalind have her 'Diana' deep in the Woods of Austria and Meisner actually delivers baby 'Diana' he has powerful .allies. Kelly and Meisner are a two person Special Force!
  • Nicks mom asks Nick and Juliette to protect Adalind

    Nicks mom asks Nick and Juliette to protect Adalind and the baby, but Adalind sneaks off and runs to Renard.
  • Languages

    Great that they have an episode without the Wesen of the week for once.

    It was nice for the viewer that he knew who Adalind's rescuer was and Adalind didn't. This made for some tense moments and the viewer waiting for all of the relationships and secrets to be revealed and getting the fun out of the reactions of the participating persons.

    I can't decide whether I still dislike Adalind as much as before. She gets more "humanized" by the love for her baby. The writers kind of forget to explain why she is suddenly all loving mother, when she essentially sold her baby. Perhaps she never intended to really give over the baby and it was all a ruse, or she just changed her mind when she saw the baby for the first time.

    And is Renard really the father or did she just say that, so that he will protect her, because I thought that Renard's brother was also a candidate?

    It also never gets explained why a baby with "royal blood" is so important. Renard has royal blood and his family mostly tried to kill him as a child.

    And even in the middle of the third series it is bugging me, that they can't pronounce one of the most important words they use right. They still mangle the word "Wesen". It hurts me every time I hear it, as the first "e" is supposed to be long not short. What they actually say is the German word for "whose", which is written "wessen". I know this is picky. But I also have to listen to actors playing Swiss people trying to speak German, who definitely only learned this as a foreign language. I am only happy that my French is not good enough to know how good Renard's French really is. This kind of pulls you out of the fantasitic world the series wants you to believe in.

    Also, what happened to the consequences to Nick essentially dying at the beginning of series three? He had all kinds of symptoms like looking dead at times, better strength and not drowning when being under water for long. But this storyline seems to have vanished into thin air.