Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2012 on NBC

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  • Spiderweb

    It was an ok episode for me not a whole lot going on, a spider woman seduces men and kills them partly to stay living. Nick and Hank go out an investigate who did, no twist, no wow moments just point a to point b.
  • Calkwalk

    Overall there wasn't anything wrong with this episode; there just wasn't anything right about it. The most interesting part was the main character's interaction with the "others" who've been uncovered in the neighborhood. But he (or rather the writers) failed to even address the fact that warning off the few won't change anything. Nor did he (or rather the writers) continue as in previous episodes to try to establish (or begin) a neutral, peaceful standing or understanding... and these were some of the most benign others, living an integrated existence, that he has ever run into.

    As to the interaction with this episode's "antagonist," whatever sympathy was coaxed from the audience was wasted. There was no effort to even ask the most obvious questions, like "isn't there any other food source these beings can live on... and if not, why not?" Until that was answered, sympathy is tentative, and there were at least a dozen other questions. Not all could be answered in one episode, but compared to the writing in "Let Your Hair Down," this episode was so lazy it was cowardly. Not only was there no attempt rise, it was so timid as to be seen afraid to fall and fail. And so it did in another way for me.

    I'm sick of the books of the monster hunter playing contradiction to the actual world of the protagonist, who seems to be less than he was with every episode, inch by inch. As to all the hints of an uberplot, conspiracies, etc., that we've seen only briefly so far... who cares? I can count at least three, maybe four, some of which don't fit together and all of which in less than a full season that have vanished. Instead, we just get more special effects to punch the reptile brain, stimulating that fight or flight response so we don't THINK about what's happeing. Cheap and easy vs. an actual effort for story... and it doesn't work on me.

    Someone go into the pit and wake the writers up! Better yet, fire them and find someone with a backbone... and put the lead writer who wrote "Let Your Hair Down" in control.
  • Tarantella

    Tarantella was a perfect, fun, and very entertaining episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it featured Amy Acker as Lena, who is a "Black Widow" of sorts, and Nick finds out the sad and ugly truth of these spiders's existence. I loved the action, the cinematography, and the acting. This episode was so much fun to watch, and it really had high quality story progression, character development, and some great character interactions. Nick confronts the harmless creatures who have been watching him, his house and Juliet out of curiosity. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Really good show

    I found this episode to be suspenseful and imaginative. To me, it is one of the best Grinm's so far.