Season 2 Episode 5

The Good Shepherd

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2012 on NBC

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  • The ending ruined it for me

    I enjoyed everything about this episode until the end. I liked the fact that Munroe continues to play a pivotal role in Nick's work. I also loved the way Hank is now "in the loop" so to speak. I even like the fact that Juliette, although still not able to remember Nick, is not giving up on her and Nick's relationship. Although, a little more frustration and anger on her part would be a nice touch. It'd help me believe she really felt like she lost a good thing by not remembering Nick. I'd think if someone had a fiance they couldn't remember, they'd be a little more angst ridden over not having those memories.

    That said, all of the above made this a good episode...until that infernal ending. The Reverend Calvin getting killed by his "flock" was justice I suppose, considering he did kill two of his parishoners. However, seeing both his accomplice Megan and the pregnant girl Harmony on the beach is what did it for me - and by "did it" I mean ruined it!

    Lets look at the facts. Fact #1 - Megan cheated on her husband, was an accessory to his murder, helped steal from her first church's parishoners, was an accomplice to Norman's murder, and helped steal from her second church's parishoners as well. Fact #2 - Harmony (the pregnant girl) has a boyfriend and cheated on him with the reverand. Yet somehow, the writers thought that them ending up on the beach with all the stolen money would be a good ending. WTF?!?!

    You have an adulteress/murder accomplice and a cheater who both get happy endings?! Megan should be doing hard time for both accessory to murder and theft/fraud, while Harmony should at least be forced to deal with the consequences of her actions. But no, instead they both end up with "wins".

    This sort of ending isn't even ironic, it's just pathetic. Grimm has delivered good episodes for the most part. I just completely disagree with giving the impression that somehow both the women were "innocent" or victims. They were both guilty of adultery/cheating at the least and should have to face some repercussions for their actions (including fraud/theft and murder in Megan's case).